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Happy Wednesday my gorgeous friends!

White, all white, white outfit, this can all put panic in the minds and faces of many of us, lol, and I totally understand why because it can be quite intimidating to wear white for a number of reasons. 


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Happy Tuesday my beautiful friends!

As the weather begins or continues to (it's been rather inconsistent for us here in Connecticut) warm up, we find ourselves reaching for our easy breezy pieces, though some aren't so easy to reach for, one of which are shorts. Finding a great pair shorts should be easy though, right?! Unfortunately, that's not often the case, like with jeans, there are things to consider when shopping to ensure a flattering fit and I'm sure you're nodding with agreement having had a struggle in finding the perfect pair, I'm with you in that and because I know a thing or two about works and what doesn't, I figured I'd share some, what I'd like to believe, helpful tips with you to make the search that much easier. 



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Happy Memorial Day Monday my dear friends!

Hopefully you're enjoying your extended weekend and have some yummy BBQ's lined up for today! Eddie had to work, but will be getting out early, so we have some plans to grill, which I'm so looking forward to :) 

Today's outfit is not what I'd call patriotic, lol, though chic! If you're looking for some Memorial Day themed outfits, feel free to check out some of my recent and previous outfits from years past hereherehere, & here


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