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Happy Friday my dear friends!

This is the outfit I wore for my birthday dinner last weekend with just Eddie and myself. He had been raving about this Italian restaurant for several months, boasting that it would be the best Italian food I've ever had in my life. So I had high hopes, haha, and to be honest, indeed it was! The name is Angelo's Ristorante and it's in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Ah, you have to go if you're in the area, you won't regret it!  


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Happy Thursday friends

Today is an EXTRA special Thursday for me because it's my birthday, woohoo! As mentioned on Monday, Eddie and I celebrated over dinner on Saturday night and we have plans to do so again, but this time with my mom and mother-in-law this weekend, which I'm pretty excited about! 

Moving right along...

Last week, we officially entered boot season! Shopping for boots, unless you know exactly what you're looking for, can be a little overwhelming with so many options to choose from. I've been browsing some sites lately in search of a pair of velvet over the knee boots, very specific! I've read numerous comments on fashion sites and stores of women sharing that they've had such a hard and negative experience shopping for boots, other than ankle styles, that work for their thinner legs and calves without constantly falling down. This gave me the idea for this post, which I hope you find helpful, if you're in the same boat. I really hate the thought of you feeling as though you can't wear taller  boots entirely, when there are styles that could perhaps work; here are my 3 suggestions:

1. I'd suggest a high-low style, like the one I'm wearing in the above photo. Though mine is not as distinguished, I'd suggest a more noticeable style, if you wish to achieve the over the knee (OTK) look, but without worrying they'll fall down, like this one. 

2. Another option would be to look for an OTK boot that has an adjustable string in the back so you can tighten them to fit your calf/leg size, like this pair. 

3. If you just wish to add more fullness to your calves, then I'd suggest slouchy styles, like these, because they add dimension with the extra layered material. 



QUICK TIP: Leather (genuine or faux) is more structured and less likely to fall down your calves than suede or other textiles. 

I hope you found this post helpful and that it made finding your perfect pair of boots that much easier! Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have the most amazing day! 



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Happy Hump Day my gorgeous friends

Do I look a little uncomfortable in these photos because I'm not gunna lie, I totally was. You guys, I'm so bad at hiding my emotions, I definitely don't have a "poker face."

Okay, so I scored this vintage leather shirt jacket at the beginning of the summer. I instantly fell in love with it, I mean, it's so unique and gorgeous! I love the concept and the chevron pattern at the waist, which is super flattering. Plus, it's 1970s vintage from Finland, 'common, you have to know that it was coming home with me, haha. 


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Happy Tuesday friends!

There has been a jacket/coat detail that has been gaining a lot of momentum in recent years, thanks to more minimalistic styles and trends, and that's the waterfall. What exactly is this? It's a specific style in which the lapels of a jacket are large and unattached to the jacket (like large flaps) and because of this, it can either have a casual or dressed-up vibe, depending on you style the rest of your look. I have a couple of jackets that have this detail (seen here & here). 


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Happy Monday my beautiful friends!

How was your weekend, did you do anything exciting for the first fall weekend?! Eddie and I celebrated my birthday on Saturday night with a nice dinner. We decided to celebrate it just the two of us because late Sunday night, we picked up my mother-in-law from the airport, who's visiting from Guatemala and will be staying with us for about a month. You may remember me talking about it all in this post, in which you were all so VERY supportive! The plan is that she'll be staying with all of her kids for one month each, so she'll be making her rounds, haha. 


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Happy Friday my gorgeous friends!

We've made it to the end of the week, woohoo! Any fun weekend plans? 

As mentioned earlier this week, though we're officially in autumn, the temperatures are still high and so, I've been opting for practical pieces in fall colors. If you remember, during the start of the spring season, I shared a post discussing how yellow and a few other spice-like colors were trending. Well, those colors couldn't be more perfect for fall as well! 


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Hey gorgeous girlies! 

One of my fall must have layering pieces is a faux fur vest or as my UK babes call it, a gilet! Since I'm from the States, I love when I interact with all of you outside the U.S. and learn the different names you have for clothing. I've learnt for example, whenever I got to the UK, not to compliment someone on their pants, instead they're trousers, otherwise they may give me a look and think you pervert you, haha! Though I'm sure they'd know what I'm talking about, right?


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Happy Hump Day friends!

How's your week going so far? 

Today I'm demonstrating what I mentioned in the Make Your Monochrome Outfit Come to Life This Fall with Velvet post. If you remember, I stated that velvet (a huge trend this season) is a great way to add texture to a look, specifically a monochrome pairing, while still flattering your curves. 


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Hey my gorgeous friends!

Many, if not most of us, know that serenity blue was named one of this year's colors of the year by Pantone and because of that, we've seen such a huge influx of clothing and accessories appear everywhere in the color. If you're one who is either into trendy fashion or just happen to love blue in its many shades, then chances are you've added a piece (or two) in the color to your wardrobe at some point...


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Happy Monday beauties! 

When it comes to stripe dresses, specifically tube styles that are more form fitting, it can be tricky to wear when all the stripes are horizontal, as they can perfectly widen (visually) areas you wish, while doing the same to areas you may not wish, haha. 


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