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Happy Friday friends!

In Wednesday's post, I mentioned that there would be another post yesterday, but a family emergency arose (thank God everything is okay :) but that's the reason I wasn't able to share a post, in case you were wondering. Also, I received such a positive response on my thoughts on social media, many of you feel the same way and it was nice and encouraging to read your thoughts and feelings on the topic and society culture. 


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Happy Wednesday my sweet friends!

I have to first start off by saying that I was so close to not sharing this look with you guys today. It's not because I no longer love the outfit, but the photos are a bit blurry and well, we were only able to get one full body shot. It was SO cold when we were taking them because it was my genius idea to shoot at this location, which is literally across from a little reservoir. Smart, I know. The wind was crazy and the camera wasn't focusing too well. Then I read Helena of Brooklyn Blonde's post. She's been one of my favorite bloggers for years now, not only is it because she's beautiful, an uber stylish mommy (AND she's from Brooklyn, duh!) she's also very relatable. In her post, she opened up a little about feeling a little stressed with her Instagram growth, amongst some other things, something I can certainly relate to. 


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Happy Tuesday my gorgeous friends!

As the weather begins to get nicer and we no longer need the bulky wool coats to keep us warm, we often look for lighter jackets that we can wear that will serve us well on those often chilly spring (and fall) mornings; a perfect option in such case is a trench coat. What inspired me to write this post was the conversations some of you and I had on a recent post of me styling a trench coat. Some of you were unsure as to which styles would be flattering for your particular body shape as well as what color to get. Hopefully after reading this post, some of your uncertainties will be made certain, so you can shop with confidence for a style that will meet your particular needs! 


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