About Jalisa


Hi everyone and welcome to my blog, The Style Contour, formerly Jalisa's Fashion Files, where I share my fashion tips and much more!

I consider my blog to be unique because while I do share the typical outfit of the day, I also make suggestions on how you can recreate my look for your specific body shape. I accidentally found this little niché when I decided to record a YouTube video series on identifying the four main body shapes and how to style each. Little did I know that people would really take interest in what I had to say and value my input! Those five videos lead to many more videos and blog posts that addressed styling and selecting pieces such as: bathing suits, shorts, and denim, to name a few. I was receiving such a vast amount of requests from women all over the world to discuss and share my knowledge on styling various pieces or creating outfits all centered around body shapes, that I decided to stick with it and allow it to become my trademark. One may ask, "how did you learn what works best for each shape?" Years ago, I worked for Ann Taylor Loft where I learned a lot about styling and helping women address their style concerns, which tied in with determining their body shapes for the best fit pant. If you're familiar with Ann Taylor, you know that they have quite a selection of pants, each fitting and complimenting a different shape best. This is where I accredit much of my knowledge. I also learned a lot through extensive research, since I developed such a passion in this area.

Now, I don't want you to interpret this concept as me restricting you to what you should and shouldn't wear, but the reality is that not everything looks great on everyone and you know what?! That's okay! I believe in today's society, we've been made to feel as though our bodies need to look a certain way in order to look great in the clothes we want to wear, when in fact the clothes need to look great on our fabulous bodies, regardless of shape or size! There is such a liberating power and self awareness that comes along with knowing and truly loving your body and shape. Embrace it by styling it in a way that will compliment and flatter it, which will have you feeling and looking your best; I'm here to help with that! So don't be a stranger, make this your home away from home, where you can come for outfit inspiration and receive tips that'll make you feel confident in getting dressed tomorrow! If you ever have specific requests, don't hesitate to comment or drop a note, I love reading your ideas!

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Thank you so much for stopping by and reading a little about me and I hope you come again real soon!

With love & appreciation of your time,