• Spring Ruffles & Florals

    May 23, 2018

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    Happy Wednesday my beautiful friends!

    Today I'm styling a top I received courtesy of MY Fashion Crate this past weekend. If you watched my unboxing video this past weekend, it's the piece I wasn't sure was a top or dress. Though I loved the print when I first saw it in the package, I honestly wasn't expecting the beautiful ruffle details on the arms, which makes it that much more beautiful! I absolutely love it and might wear it to a baby shower I'll be attending this upcoming weekend. 

    As we know, there's nothing groundbreaking about floral prints for spring, it's certainly expected, which makes shopping for them a bit more challenging, as you may feel the need to look for pieces that feature the pattern, but in a much more fresh and inspiring way. At least I do. I like to look for unique color combinations, as well as different florals, too (remember this post?). I also love details that make the piece that much more special, such as ruffles or perhaps a lace-up detail. 

    Ruffles are one of my favorite details though because I love the dimension and movement it adds to an outfit and it can certainly be flattering. I know when some of us think of ruffles, we think of overwhelming styles that are froo froo and look a bit gaudy. You want to look for pieces that have the detail, but have it layered in a way that's not overwhelming by either having it in only some areas of the piece or just balanced out visually (like this top I styled not too long ago). 

    You may also want to be mindful with how it flatters your particular figure. For example, if you have fuller hips, a floral printed blouse with ruffle details would be a great option for balancing out your curves in a flattering way. If, on the other hand, you're busty and wish to avoid placing additional volume in the area, you can opt for a floral printed maxi with ruffle details. 

    What are some ways you like to wear florals? Are there any specific details you look for when shopping for them?

    I hope you found some inspiration for wearing florals and ruffles this season in a way that's fresh, flattering and far less boring! Thanks so much for stopping by, my friends, and I look forward to seeing you all again on Friday!



  • How to Wear Mustard Yellow in the Spring

    May 21, 2018


    Happy Monday my beautiful friends!

    After a full week of what seemed to be non-stop rain and cool temps, I'm so happy to be starting off the week with some warmer weather again! When it's nice out, I've been reaching for these Franco Sarto mules. They're incredibly comfortable and go with just about everything in my wardrobe. What I love is that they effortlessly dress up any outfit, so I feel more put together when strolling around with Aviah in the most simple outfit. 


  • 6 Ways to Wear Blush & Millennial Pink: Spring & Summer Edition

    May 18, 2018


    Happy Friday my sweet friends!

    First, I'd like to thank all of you for your incredibly kind words on last week's Mother's Day post. I loved reading how some of you other mamas could relate to what I've experienced so far and the support all of you in general showed. I also want to briefly mention that I'm trying to get pack on track with my regular posting schedule starting next week. I mentioned in this post that we found out my mother-in-law has stage 3 stomach cancer. Since that post, she's been in and out of the hospital (mostly in) and has undergone quite a few surgeries. We've all been taking turns in spending time with her in the hospital, which has of course effected my availability in scheduling content for the blog. Things seem to be somewhat improving, which will enable me to work on content and interact with you all once again. 


  • Mother's Day 2018

    May 11, 2018

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    Happy Friday my sweet friends! 

    With Mother's Day being this Sunday, I thought it would be the perfect time to feature Aviah on the blog. She's only made an appearances a handful of times and as promised, I'm featuring her again. You guys, doesn't it feel just like yesterday I was sporting a bump? She's 10 months old and I still sit here scratching my head wondering how and when did this all happen, it's crazy! 


  • Influenster Vox Box Review: OleHenriksen Truth C-Rush Brighening Gel Creme

    May 07, 2018

    Happy Monday my beautiful friends!

    As many of you know, I've been testing a few moisturizers for the past several months and for the most part, I've been quite satisfied with the results I've noticed with each moisturizer I've tried. As I was nearing the end of the one I've been recently using, though I loved that moisturizer, I was thinking about testing another brand, but I didn't know which one should be next, so I kept holding off. I typically like stock up on a product when I notice I'm nearing the end, so that I don't run out and have absolutely nothing to use. I still had some time to think about which product I'd like to try, so when I received the Influenster Vox Box with the OleHenriksen C-Rush Brightening Gel Creme to test out, I was very excited and eager to try. So much so that I didn't both finishing the one I'd been using, instead keeping it on stand by should this one not work out for me. 


  • A Pop of Pink

    Apr 30, 2018






    Happy Monday my beautiful friends!

    Though the weather has been up and down since the start of spring, it seems as though the extremely frigid temps are gone, leaving us with chilly early spring/fall-like temps every couple of days. On those days, I've been reaching for my cozy cardigans and leather jackets, which I must admit, I've missed. I'm thankful that I no longer have to wear my puffer or wool coats and can play around with light layering. 


  • One Way to Personalize a Trend

    Apr 26, 2018

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    Happy Friday my beautiful friends!

    I have to say that for the past few seasons, I've been pretty content with the practicality of the most popular trends we've been seeing. From colors, such as red, yellow and purple dominating the scene, along with transparent clothing/accessories, basket bags and ankle socks, these trends are bold as they are doable for the everyday woman like you and me. 


  • Aveda Pramasana Scalp Treatment Duo Review

    Apr 25, 2018




    Happy Wednesday my lovely friends! 

    Today I'm sharing my thoughts on two products I received back when I was a few months pregnant with Aviah from Aveda's Pramasana collection. I didn't use them while pregnant because I was super paranoid about trying new products. I began using them a few weeks postpartum and they've been staples in my haircare routine ever since. I tend to use them at least once a week becasue my hair is fine and oily by nature, so the fact that they provide a deep cleaning to the scalp is perfect for me. 


  • Elevate Your Casual Outfit with This One Piece

    Apr 23, 2018



    Happy Monday my sweet friends!

    I actually got inspired to put together this outfit from this look I came across on Pinterest. Though my pieces are very different, the vibe is very much similar in that it's both feminine and edgy. What sparked my interest in wanting to recreate it was the statement shoes the girl was wearing; they really made the look (and I loved the way the black looked with the olive green and white). I began thinking of statement shoes I already own that could create the same eye caching effect and immediately thought of these favorites of mine


  • 7 Ways to Wear Red This Spring & Summer

    Apr 16, 2018


    Happy Monday my sweet friends!

    Since I've been taking the time to spend with loved ones, I haven't had the chance to take outfit photos, but thought it would be a great idea to share some red outfits from the archives in hopes of inspiring you in wearing the trending color. Though purple is the color of year, red is still going strong as a trending color this spring and summer. It's a color that looks great on everyone, as it comes in various shades and hues that are sure to flatter any skin tone, cool, warm or in between. I actually touched upon that exact topic in this blog post back when I was pregnant and rediscovering my love for the color. I'm sure you'll find the tips I've shared in the post helpful! 


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