• Ruffled

    Nov 22, 2017

    Blouse c/o Jeans | Belt | Boots: Similar | Bag: Louis Vuitton


    Happy Wednesday my gorgeous friends!

    Are you all ready for Thanksgiving tomorrow? If you've been a reader for some time now, then you may remember that I've mentioned that I do all the cooking on Thanksgiving and Eddie takes over on Christmas. I've got everything ready to go. I'm super excited about the holiday season this year, since it'll be the first season for Aviah! I feel that the holidays are all the more special with kids and I'm looking forward to starting traditions with her. She's already getting used to being in the kitchen with me every night when I cook dinner; I love to cook and I hope she will, too! 

    I wore this shirt a couple of weekends back, it's quickly become one of my favorites because of the beautiful color combinations and the ruffle details. It's from a company called Sofyee that specializes in both apparel and lingerie. They have some really cute, trendy, and unique pieces and the quality is quite good, much like H&M. I decided to style it with a pair of skinny jeans, but I think it would look super cute with a pair of high waisted mom jeans for a trendier outfit. 

    Another thing I love about the top is that the ruffles continue from the chest to the shoulders and arms, which create volume and movement, perfect for pear (like myself) and rectangular shaped ladies who wish to add some more dimension to balance out their figure. 

    I hope you have a wonderful time spent with your family and friends tomorrow, try to live in the moment and enjoy every minute of the festivities! 

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  • My Favorite Face Masks at the Moment

    Nov 21, 2017


    Happy Tuesday my sweet friends!

    Since having Aviah, I don't usually have much time to do my makeup as I once did, which has resulted in me in paying more mind to my skin care regimen. This routine doesn't take forever to do, so it's perfect for a new mom, like myself, who doesn't have much extra time on her hands. I'm not going to discuss my entire routine step-by-step in this post, though if you're interested, I can in another. Today, I'm specifically narrowing in on the face masks that I've been using for quite a few months and that I absolutely adore. 

    I apply masks at least twice a week. On Sundays, I like to apply a clay mask to purge my skin and feel refreshed for the upcoming week. Mid-week, I apply a sheet mask to help freshen my tired skin and help get me through the rest of the week. 

    Let's start off with the two clay masks I'm currently loving and have been using for at least three months now.

    TruSelf Organics Detoxifying MaskI discovered this mask when TruSelf reached out to me to collaborate and try it out back in August. I mentioned on Instagram back then, that I'd be testing it out and would let you all know how I liked it and I genuinely love it. What made me agree to collaborate was the fact that it's organic and all natural. It contains different clays that are supposed to work together to help minimize pores, reduce scars, discoloration, and claims to prevent and diminish wrinkles. While I can't vouch for the latter, since I don't have any wrinkles, I can say that I've noticed a difference in the reduction of discoloration. Prior to using this mask, I'd get very red around my nose, but now it's hardly visible. The only downsides are that there's an extra step in having to mix the powder with filtered water and it works best when you leave it on for at least 20 minutes, so it's best to use when you have more time on your hands. 

    Vichy Pore Purifying Clay MaskThis is yet another mask I discovered through a collaboration. Back in April, I agreed to test out Vichy's new Mineral Masque collection and ended up favoring this one the most in the long run. I won't get into details about the mask, since I did in the initial review (you can read it here), but I will say is that I've come to love it even more now that I'm a mom. Not only is it great at purging the skin, but it's time effective. Since it has a mirrored lid, I'm able to apply it in the shower and leave it on while I bathe and rinse before I'm out the shower. Since it's a clay mask, it does tend to try out your face, even more so than the TruSelf one, but I still love it. 


    Now onto the sheet masks...

    I absolutely LOVE this brand's face mask. I discovered them back at the start of spring when they first launched at CVS. They're said to be the drugstore line for a well known Korean skincare line, Peach & Lily and are sold exclusively at CVS, but you can also purchase them from their website. What intrigued me was that they contain no artificial fragrance, alcohol, parabens, mineral oil, dyes, formaldehyde, sulfates, and they're cruelty free to boot! They're around $2.50 a packet, but you get so much product and the masks are quite large. I first tried out the brightening and loved it. In fact, it's the face mask I did the day before I went into labor, lol. I've tried a number of drug store face masks and these are definitely my number one favorites I'd 100% recommend you try!

    Miss Spa Deep Clean Sheet MaskI also discovered this mask at CVS. The manager at my local CVS knows me fairly well, since I'm always shopping there and saw that I was looking in the face mask section (adding the Peach Slices to my cart) and she said that these Miss Spa masks were on clearance for .38¢. There were only six left, so I snagged them all, I mean how could I not at that price, right?! As you can see, it's also free of parabens, dyes, and sulfates. I actually received so many compliments from you all both here and on Instagram about how my skin looked glowy and it was the day after I had used this mask! After my Peach Slices, this would be my next favorite drug store brand for sheet masks. 

    As I mentioned at the start of this post, I don't have much time these days to apply a full face of makeup. I do, however, have enough time to run around the house trying to get as much done while Aviah naps with these masks on my face and it makes such a difference in the way my skin looks and feels. I feel much more confident leaving the house without anything on my skin as a result and would highly suggest you check out these brands. Thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to seeing you in tomorrow's post!


  • Restyled

    Nov 20, 2017

    Leather Shirt: Vintage find (similar here| Turtleneck: Similar Jeans | Bag c/o | Boots: Similar




    Happy Monday my beautiful friends!

    Does this leather shirt look familiar to you? I'm sure it does because it's quite an original, lol. I know that this may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I was instantly drawn to it when I snagged it at a thrift shop in NYC over a year ago. I first styled it here. As you can see, I wasn't too thrilled with the way the outfit came together, haha. I asked you all to weigh in on how I should style it next and the most popular suggestion was to pair with all black, as I've done today. 

    I have to say that although I wasn't crazy about the way I had styled it in the original post, that post was my all time favorite because I received so much feedback from all of you and I loved how you all interacted with one another in the comments; it really felt like a community! 

    I honestly didn't think to pair it with all black initially, but I love the way it looks. I think it really allows for the brown chevron pattern to stand out. I'm a huge fan of chevron when done in clothing, particularly around the waistline because it's super flattering. 

    What do you all think of the way the look came together? If you have any other suggestions on how to wear it, I'd love to know! It's such a unique piece that can be challenging to style because of its strong vintage vibe.  

    Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful start to your week, my friends!



  • Influenster Vox Box Review

    Nov 17, 2017





    Happy Friday my sweet friends!

    About a month ago, Influenster sent me a vox box filled with some goodies to test out. I always look forward to being selected by them for their vox boxes because I've discovered some great brands and products through those boxes. Since having Aviah, though, I've been more selective about my skincare and products I'm willing to try. When I was pregnant, my entire skincare regimen changed and since then, I've continued to restrict my products to mostly all natural, organic, and paraben free. Since I'm nursing, I'm super paranoid about chemicals being absorbed through my skin. This isn't to say that I only use these kind of products, but 90% off my makeup and beauty collection is. 

    I preface this to say that I, unfortunately, wasn't able to test out all of these products myself. Instead, my mom was kind enough to sample the ones I didn't, which quite frankly were nearly all of them, haha. The only products I tested myself were the Amika texturizing spray and hair mask.



    Texturizing Spray- I have to admit, I wasn't crazy about this product and it's not because it isn't any good. I don't tend to use texturizing sprays because quite frankly, I don't really style my hair much other than leaving it out, a ponytail, or top knot. The times I tested this out on my hair left loose and it provided a wild undone, untamed look, which was cool. I prefer products that smooth out my hair, since it's curly and tends to do its own thing, but if you're looking for a product that will enhance that undone tousled look, I think you'll like it! Plus, it's free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates and how cool is the packaging?!

    Hair mask- I honestly really wanted to like this mask, but it didn't do it for me, unfortunately. I love the smell and the interesting ingredient list, which consists of vitamins A, E, and C, as well as super fruit sea buckthorn berry, which I've never heard of before! I tried it a few times and I didn't notice anything different in terms of texture and finish after styling my hair. It didn't leave a negative look, but it didn't do anything either. I'm going to continue using this to see if anything changes. Have you ever tried a product at first and didn't like it only to end up loving it later on? I kind of feel like that will be the case with this mask. 


    Now, let's begin where my mom took over...

    Grande Lips Hydrating Lip PlumperShe said she that she didn't notice any dramatic changes in her lip size. She felt a tingling sensation and her lips felt very hydrated, but didn't look noticably larger. The reviews on Sephora seem to back up what my mom said, so I don't think this is worth a try. If it were advertised as a lip balm, it would be worth looking into, but since it's labeled a plumper and not many have expereinced it, my mom suggests you pass. 


    Needles No More, No More Baggage- My mom really liked this product! She said it made a significant difference in the way her under-eye looked, plumping the area. She's in her early 50s, so she said this would work noticeably for mature skin.


    Erno Laszlo Firmarine Face Mask- I'm saving the best for last, according to my mom; she loved these masks! As you can see, it's a two step process in which you mix the powder and cream to form a blue paste to apply on your face. Once it's ready, you peel it off. She said she noticed immediate results in her skin looking more plump and youthful. Again, she said that this would be a product that those with more mature skin would benefit and notice best results with. I, personally, have been reading so many positive reviews on this brand. The box didn't say that it was natural and paraben free, but I'd like to look into the vitamin c line that I've read is quite amazing and see if it is. 


    I hope you enjoyed this post, my dear friends! It's quite different than my other beauty posts and reviews, since I've included the results and options of someone other than myself testing these products. As mentioned, my mom is in her early 50s and has combination/oily skin and quite honestly, has very few wrinkles, which makes everyone believe she's my sister. Yes, she loves to get that reaction, lol. Mom of two with three grandchildren and she loves to be mistaken as the third sister. 

    Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by, I hope you all have an amazing weekend and I look forward to seeing you in Monday's blog post! 



  • Leather Weather

    Nov 15, 2017

    Jacket: Similar | Turtleneck: Similar | Jeans: Similar Bag c/o Shoes c/o


    Happy Wednesday my sweet friends!

    It kind of went from fall to winter here in Connecticut and to be honest, I'm not all too happy about it. I love getting the most out of every season and so when one seems to end abruptly, I'm bummed. This is supposed to be the time of year that the leaves reach their peak here in the northeast, but most of the leaves are dead or have fallen. Boo.

    I wore this outfit the other day when it wasn't too cold and it made for a more practical combination. When fall rolls around, I look forward to breaking out all of my leather pieces. Along with faux fur, it's one of my fall obsessions, as well as blanket scarves, as mentioned in Friday's post

    Though they're one of my favorite pieces, I must admit that finding one that ticks all the right boxes can be quite the challenge. You may have a set budget, prefer faux or genuine, color, shape, length, fit, details, etc. I will say that a black one is more practical for most people's wardrobe, regardless of personal style. When it comes to moto or a more tailored fit, you should consider when and where you'll be wearing it most. If it's for more casual looks and settings, then a moto would be a great option and they're quite easy to find, since they're one of the most popular styles.

    However, with the moto styles comes a risk of bulkiness, since the lapels tend to be large and wide, though this isn't always the case. If you happen to come across one you love that is and you feel it makes you appear bustier than you'd like as a result, then I'd suggest you opt for a longer style that isn't cropped, falling around the hip bone. Other than that, when it comes to black moto jackets, I think everyone can embrace them as opposed to other colors in the style. As we know, black visually slims, so there's not much of a difference when done with textures, such as leather. 

    If you'd like to read more on what I have to say about leather jackets, check out my Fall Essential: Leather Jackets post, in case you've missed it!

    I hope you're all having a great start so far and I look forward to chatting with you again in Friday's post!



  • One of My Falltime Casual Outit Formulas

    Nov 10, 2017

    Sweater | Scarf: Similar | Jeans: Similar | Belt | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Shoes c/o

    Happy Friday my gorgeous friends!

    When fall rolls around, I have quite a few essentials I'm guaranteed to reach for, one of which is a blanket scarf. It was one of the pieces I shared in my Fall Essentials series a few months back. On the weekends when I'm going for a more relaxed, casual, and comfortable outfit, I almost always pair it with a cozy oversized sweater. I used to prefer fitted sweaters, but in recent years I've come to embrace the cozier feel that the oversized fit offers. The one I'm wearing is a purchase from the Nsale a couple of years ago. It's still available, but no longer in this green shade; I'm thinking about getting the grey one. It's incredibly soft and cozy and though it may look itchy, I assure you it's not.

    Now that I have Aviah, I find myself reaching for comfier shoes as well. Prior to becoming a mom, I didn't really own many flats or sneakers, aside from the ones I wore to workout. During the summer, I stocked up on quite a few sandals, since I knew I'd be reaching for them a lot during my final stages of pregnancy at the start of summer. Now, I'm looking to add cute and comfy sneakers for the fall and winter months. 

    If you've been reading along for a few months now, you may remember me sharing my love for Vionic shoes. It's a brand I've truly come to love and admire. I've featured their shoes countless times here on the blog (last seen here and here). Their innovative shoe designs that merge comfort and style are very much appreciated, even gaining the likes of Oprah. Yes, Oprah is loving the brand, specifically these slip on sneakers I'm wearing today! They come in five easy to wear and style colors. What I love about them is their eyelet details, perfect for when it's not incredibly cold, but you can still wear liner socks, which is what I'm wearing and you can't even notice. They do run a bit large in width, so if you have narrow feet like me, I'd suggest sizing down half a size. They may feel snug, but they're leather, so it'll stretch out with continual wear. Keep an eye out for them in the December issue of O Magazine listed in Oprah's Favorite things! 

    Well my friends, we've finally made it to the end of the week. This week dragged on by for me. I've been trying to train Aviah to sleep in her crib, which hasn't been gong well at all. She'll fall asleep during her feeding, I'll wait about 15 minutes to try and put her in her crib and as soon as I lay her down, within 2 minutes, she's screaming. She's been sleeping in her bassinet beside me in her room up until this point, but she's pretty much outgrown it; she's so long! She's in the 70% percentile for her length, so she's going to be tall. If any of you mamas have any suggestions on how to train a baby to sleep in their crib, please leave them in the comment's section. Aside from letting her cry it out because that doesn't work for my little mama, nope. Tried that and this little one will cry for hours on end, so that won't work, lol.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my gorgeous friends, and I hope you have the most amazing weekend ahead!


    Thanks Vionic for sponsoring this post and thank you readers of The Style Contour for supporting brands that make this blog possible.


  • How to Do Fall Monochrome

    Nov 08, 2017

    Sweater: Similar | Pants: Similar |Boots: Similar Rings c/o | Bracelet c/o

    Happy Wednesday my beautiful friends!

    If there's one styling technique that's sure to look amazing on everyone, is super easy, and can be done all year long, it's monochrome! Though it's such an easy technique, it can be done in a couple of ways. The first would be wearing an outfit comprised of the exact same shade of the color you choose or to work with various hues of the color. Come fall, I think a great way to work monochrome would be the latter. 

    By combining colors that are richly saturated, such as jewel tones, with pastels or lighter hues, allows for the more saturated color to truly POP! It adds a more moody vibe that's perfect for the season. As you can see, I've done this with today's outfit. Since, burgundy isn't a primary color and neither is pink, they'd work great paired with red, since they're both within that color spectrum, allowing them to work perfectly together, too. 

    The way I decided to finish off the look was to add in a pair of burgundy lace up booties. You can either opt for nude or neutral colored shoes or opt for the same (or similar) colored shoe as your bottoms. This will help to extend the the visual length of your body, making you appear that much more taller. Monochrome is known to create this effect, so you'll still achieve it even if you were to opt for neutral footwear, but adding shoes in the same color as your bottoms would further enhance it. 

    Do YOU like wearing monochrome outfits? What's a color you love or would love to create a monochrome outfit with? 

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have a wonderful day!



  • Charming Charlie x The Style Contour Part II

    Nov 06, 2017

    Sweater: Similar | Jeans: Similar | Ring | Bag (on sale!) Boots c/o 

    Happy Monday my dear friends!

    I'm starting off the week with the final part in my two look series with Charming Charlie. I shared the first look I on Friday, which featured a super cute and trendy gingham sleeve sweatshirt. Today, I'm styling a pair of leopard printed booties, which I'm so excited about. I've been wanting a pair of leopard booties for the longest while, but I haven't been able to find a pair I loved, since I'm so particular about the color and scale of the print. I have a pair of pumps, flats, and wanted to add a pair of booties to complete my leopard shoe collection; I'm glad to say I've found a pair I love that are super affordable, under $40! 

    They're quite comfy and are made of a fabric, which is interesting. I'm used to seeing either real or faux fur fabrics, so the fact that these are composed of a softer fabric made these more unique. I also love the fact that they're pointed toe. Most of the leopard booties I've seen are rounded and I prefer either pointed or almond toe boots, which was another plus. 

    Very rarely do I see leopard styled with navy, so I wanted to showcase how elegant the two can be, even when done in a more casual look like I'm wearing. I think the two are a great way for those of you who like the idea of leopard, but feel it's a bit too funky for your style. For fall, it really makes for a nice seasonal and professional combination with saturated colors, such as emerald or hunter green, burgundy, and navy as mentioned. 

    When putting together this outfit, I wanted to pair the sweater with a lighter denim wash because I love the way navy looks paired with light denim in particular. Considering that these jeans have a lot of lighter patches in the thigh and hip region, the pointed toe leopard boots helped to create a more flattering effect to the legs, even though they're printed. A pointed-toe can truly do wonders for the legs! 

    Style Tip: Combining rounded toe shoes with lighter denim rinses can make the legs appear shorter and fuller. This may or may not be something you wish to achieve, so you may want to consider the effects when creating your outfit, especially when taking photos. 

    I hope you all loved the outfits I've created with Charming Charlie, both are printed pieces perfect for the season and I hope I encouraged you all to give them a try or at least inspired you to experiment with them one way or another. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a wonderful week ahead, my dear friends!



  • Charming Charlie x The Style Contour Part 1

    Nov 03, 2017

    Sweatshirtc/o Jeans | Boots: Similar Bag (on sale!) 




    Happy Friday my dear friends!

    Today's look is brought to you by Charming Charlie, the first of a two part series; I'll be sharing the second look on Monday! I was so excited when the opportunity to collaborate with them was presented to me because I've been a fan of their jewelry and unique color coordinated interior design concept from the very beginning. If you've been a longtime reader of The Style Contour, from back when it was Jalisa's Fashion Files, you may remember that most of the statement jewelry I wore here on the blog and on my YouTube channel, when I was uploading videos, was from them! I used to always get asked on YouTube where my necklaces were from and they were almost always from Charming Charlie

    Aside from jewelry, the only other piece I've tried is a scarf. In fact, it's the leopard printed scarf I tend to wear a lot during the fall, last seen here. I was curious about their clothing, so I chose to style this super trendy gingham sleeve sweatshirt. Gingham was such a huge trend this past summer, so I love the fact that it was incorporated in a warmer piece that's more seasonally appropriate. The sweatshirt part in the center is quite soft and comfy and the sleeves feel like that of a dress shirt. I love the ruching details, which help to exaggerate the volume of sleeves. I ordered a size small and it fits true to size. If you want a more oversized fit, I'd suggest you size up. 

    Another thing I love about this sweatshirt is that it's quite slimming. Since it's all black in the center in the front and back, all of the attention is placed on the sleeves and since they're slightly oversized with ruching, they won't make your arms look big. This is such a great way to wear the trending pattern, if you haven't found a piece that worked for your body shape. 

    I hope you love the way I've styled the sweatshirt in today's post! Don't forget to come back on Monday to see the other piece I've styled and I hope you have the most amazing weekend ahead, my gorgeous friends!




  • How I Lost All My Pregnancy Weight in One Month

    Nov 01, 2017


    Happy Wednesday my dear friends!

    After having Aviah, my most requested blog post has been on how I lost my pregnancy weight so fast. One week after giving birth, I returned to blogging (see my first post here) and in that post, I had already lost 16 of the 26 pounds I gained throughout my pregnancy. I'll be sectioning off this post for you to easily skim and read what you're most interested in, if you don't have the time to read the entire post, which I'll try to keep as short and to the point as I can, without leaving out anything you might want to know. 

    Before we get started, I just want to put out a disclaimer that I'm not a trained professional in weight loss, so I suggest you consult your doctor prior to starting or changing your diet and workout regimen. 

    Get active before pregnancy if planning

    Prior to conceiving, I had been actively working out for 10 years. My workouts consisted mostly of weight training because I would lose too much weight in a short amount of time whenever I did any cardio. In those 10 years, I lost 30lbs and kept them off...until I got pregnant. I believe when you develop an active lifestyle before becoming pregnant, you're more likely to continue on with that active lifestyle throughout pregnancy. It's much harder to find the motivation to begin a workout regimen soon after having a baby because you're so busy taking care of the little one and are not getting much sleep, so whatever free time you do find yourself with, the last thing you may want to do is go to the gym to workout. 


    You are NOT eating for two, well kind of

    Theoretically, once you become pregnant, you are eating for two in the sense that you are not only eating to maintain your own health, but to also aid in the development of your baby. At the same time, you must know that you only need to eat an additional 300-500 calories a day. This actually isn't a lot and can easily be achieved by eating an extra snack or two in between meals. So, the excuse that you need to eat an extra plate of macaroni and cheese or three cheeseburgers because you're "eating for two" is just an excuse to indulge, which is totally okay! 

    I ate pretty much the same way I did prior to pregnancy, which was (and still is) a plant based diet during the weekdays with one cheat meal a week. What I did add in was juicing. In my second trimester, I juiced every single morning, using the recipes found in blogger babe and author, McKel Hill's book, Nutrition Stripped. I actually made nearly all the recipes in her book throughout my pregnancy and loved them and so did Eddie, which is a huge bonus in making dinner prep that much easier! I also have the NutriBullet and used many of the recipes in the booklet it came with as well. 

    When it came to cravings, during the my first trimester, I craved sandwiches....a lot. I would either make them (who am I kidding, I made Eddie make them, lol) or grab one from the Whole Foods deli. Their begets are so small, so it was pretty much guilt free. I also bought dairy free ice-creams and ate vegan desserts, so I felt better about indulging. 


    Keep that number in mind

    As someone who's a body positive activate, I at the same time, knew that if I allowed myself to over indulge and go overboard, I'd regret it and feel more insecure and self-conscious. Pregnancy is such an intimate emotional and physical experience that involves so much constant change that you need to know the type of person you are. As I mentioned at the start of this post, I had lost and kept of 30lbs for 10 years. I wanted to make this weight gain be as much about Aviah as possible because it was about making sure she was getting all the nutrients she needed and not an excuse for me to lose track of maintaining the lifestyle I've become so accustomed to, considering that I was given the okay to continue on with my doctor. 

    So what number am I talking about? I asked my doctor how many pounds would be needed for me to gain to ensure a healthy pregnancy and development for my baby and myself and she said between 25-30lbs (this may or may not be different for you, so consult your doctor). So, I tried to stay within this bracket by eating well and continuing with exercise. Speaking of exercise...


    If you worked out prior to pregnancy, continue

    If your doctor says it's okay of course! Again, I was given the green light by my doctor, so I continued my workouts all the way to the final weeks of my pregnancy. I had to modify some of those workouts and omit some entirely because they weren't safe to perform while pregnant, but I still remained active. Remember me mentioning that I couldn't do cardio before? Well, during my entire pregnancy, I did 30min of light cardio (walked on an incline) with some weight training. I referred to Diary of a Fit Mommy's awesome blog for much needed inspo, motivation, and workouts! Check her out, she's amazing and is a mom of two! I also workout to this video for abs (yes, given the okay by your doctor, you can still work those abs) a few times and loved it! 



    This is a very personal decision and whether a woman decides to breastfeed or not doesn't reflect the love she has for her baby. I feel there's often a tension between those who breastfeed and those who don't and there shouldn't be. Being a mom is hard work as it is, we don't need to be judging one another, instead helping with sharing what's worked for us in hopes of making another mom's life a bit easier. You need to make the decision you feel is best for you and baby, which will make the adjustment to motherhood a bit easier and enjoyable. 

    That said, I decided to breastfeed, which I'm still doing. The reason I'm brining this up is because one of the many benefits of nursing for mom is that assists in burning up to 500 calories a day and helps your uterus contract a lot faster. I lost 16lbs my first week of having Aviah because most of the weight I gained was all her. She was 7.5lbs, plus the placenta, blood, etc. that attributed to much of the weight. The remaining was shed faster because of those extra calories being burned because I wasn't able to hit the gym until after she was about a month old, as directed by my doctor. 


    Continue your (active) lifestyle

    As I mentioned earlier, after having a baby, you're so tired and overwhelmed, especially when you're a first time mom, like myself, that you don't have much time or desire to workout. However, once you start to get into somewhat of a routine and with some help of your loved ones, try to ease back into working out. When I first when back to the gym, I ignorantly tried to lift the weights I had been lifting prior to pregnancy and couldn't even get them off the rack, lol. I became so weak, which is of course normal. I'm still not lifting what I once did, but I'm getting there. I used to workout 5 days a week, now I'm at the gym 3 days if I'm lucky. Some weeks, I'm only able to make it once, but at least it's something. I'm not the type of person that enjoys at home workouts because I get easily distracted with doing things around the house. Plus, I enjoy using the machines and equipment at a gym, but if you're one who enjoys working out at home, go for it, girl!


    Be easy on yourself

    At the end of it all, you must remember that you just gave birth to a human being! For 9 whole months, your body was a baby making machine and so many amazing and miraculous changes were taking place and that's something to celebrate and feel confident about. I'm a firm believe in when you feel confident about yourself, you can then be your best self to everyone around, in this case the best mom to your baby. Know that every body is different and we all have very different lifestyles, so don't compare yourself to anyone. Set a goal and do what you can to achieve it, knowing that there may be times you may not get it all done because that's part of motherhood, which begins during pregnancy. There were weeks I was just so tired that I didn't workout at all and had an extra few slices of pizza, give yourself that grace. 

    I did what I absolutely knew I could during my pregnancy to help make the transition from pregnancy to postpartum a bit easier physically and mentally. Remember I tried to prevent those stretch marks with BioOil? Well, during the final weeks of my pregnancy, Aviah had a major growth spurt and ripped my stomach apart, lol. I now have stretch marks on both sides of my stomach, it is what it is and it sure was worth it because I love my beautiful girl. 


    I hope this gave you some insight as to what I did to help with the weight loss. Again, no two bodies are the same and do what you can, giving yourself grace. Your body needs to be loved and your mind affirmed of how beautiful and amazing you are during and after your pregnancy, so embrace what it is. 

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my gorgeous friends, and I hope you have the best week ahead!


    PS: Feel free to let me know if there are any other pregnancy related topics you'd like for me to discuss!



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