• Personal Style vs. Body Shape: Are Both (Equally) Important?

    Feb 09, 2016


    Happy Tuesday, dear friends!

    I wanted to address a topic that I feel gets easily misunderstood and that's whether knowing and dressing your body shape is even something to consider or if you should adopt the "wear what you want" mantra chanted by some. I want to start off by saying that I firmly believe that knowing and dressing our body shapes can make us feel more confident because only then can we know what looks most flattering on us and what styles can create a less desirable effect. Dressing according to your body shape doesn't mean that you're limiting yourself to wearing what you want because I highly doubt that most of you would want to wear a dress that's far from flattering, simply because you love the print or color of it. Knowing, working with and defining your body shape is simply outlining your silhouette, while wearing your favorite color(s) or piece that is most reflective of your personal style is what you color within those lines. If you're one who loves wearing color, for instance, and you happen to be a pear shape, like me, this doesn't mean that you cannot wear colorful pants at all. It just simply means that you may want to consider the proper fit of the pant as well as how you style it, in using tops to create an overall flattering look. 

    After working in retail and helping women who'd be frustrated in not finding the perfect fitting pants or dress, it was always due to the fact that they were selecting styles that were not flattering for their particular shape. Working at Ann Taylor Loft my first few years of college taught me a lot about style and helping women feel confident in their choices, but most importantly, body. If you're unfamiliar, Ann Taylor Loft, has different trousers that are specifically structured for a specific body shape, a system designed to make the shopping experience easier. I can't tell you how many times I had a woman who was bottom curvy feel terrible that she didn't fit in those pants she loved so much, until I grabbed the "Julie" version (the style best for women with curvier hips and booty) and then felt amazing in them! So, I encourage you to not beat yourself up simply because you don't fit in that dress you like, it just wasn't made for YOU. The issue is the dress, not you! 

    The thing I want you to take away from this post is the understanding that dressing your shape is finding the perfect fit, but what you do with those pieces, that's your style. In other words, body shapes have nothing to do with style, so yes, do wear what you love how you want freely! 

    What are your thoughts; do you understand what works for your shape? Do you think it matters? I'd love to know what your approach to styling is! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope your day is as wonderful as YOU!



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  • Pops of Neon

    Feb 08, 2016



    Sweater: Banana Republic (ON SALE HERE// Coated jeans: GUESS (similar ON SALE HERE)  // Purse: Michael Kors (similar HERE & HERE 



    Happy Monday, beautiful friends

    During the winter months, many of us tend to wear darker neutrals, most commonly black. It easily becomes a go-to for a number of reasons. First, it's super easy, looks great on nearly all skin tones and can easily camouflage any post holiday weight gain (sigh, why did that turkey have to be so darn good). While you're guaranteed to always either look chic or like the coolest girl on the block ala Danielle Bernstein, it can also become a little....boring, even for the most devout neutral, minimalistic lover. While you may think that there are only so many ways to wear all black, there are quite a few ways you can help spruce up your #allblackeverything look. I've mentioned in previous posts how I love to mix up the textures in my outfit when I'm wearing monochrome, which I've done in this look. I combined a chunky wool blend knit with sleek black coated jeans, a perfect fuse of casual and edge, suitable for any age or body shape. 

    In addition to the mix of textures, I also love to add in pops of color, most commonly red because it just adds a bit of luxe to the look and I often think of it as the finishing touch, like a red lip. But, there are times when I like to be a little more playful and that's when my beloved '80s neon comes into play. My favorite way to wear neon is in accessories, such as a purse and/or pair of shoes. I think they're perfect ways to add the point to you exclamation and look great during both the winter and summer months especially, as they truly pop against darker colors, such as black, in the winter or against bronzed skin in the summer. When adding them to your look, I'd suggest limiting your pieces to one or two, so they'll serve more as an accent(s) piece as opposed to the sole focal point. 

    What do you think of the look? I know that neon can be a bit intimidating, but I assure you can pull it off if you add just a pop or two. Thanks so much for stopping by, my beautiful and dear friends; I hope you have the best possible start to your week! 



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  • Roses Are Red...

    Feb 05, 2016



    Leather Jacket: Michael Kors // Scarf: c/o Shop Priceless (similar ON CLEARANCE HERE)  //  Skirt: Marshalls (similar styles HERE , HERE & HERE)  // Clutch: Michael Kors (similar HERE)  // Heels: Nine West (ON SALE FOR UNDER $50 HERE)



    Happy Friday, friends!

    With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I wanted to give you all an outfit idea perfect for the occasion, for either your date night or girls' night. This is a holiday all about love, so darker floral prints, hearts and kisses are certainly welcomed! As you can see, I opted for a rose printed skater skirt (also worn here), combined with black pieces, including a sleek leather jacket. I felt it not only added warmth, but also created a stylish-romantic mix, with a city girl flare, which I loved. If you want to add more of an edgier contrast to the romantic feel of your floral print, then I'd suggest a moto jacket instead. If you don't have a floral printed skirt, no worries; if you have anything that has a floral print, particularly one with a darker base, it would create the same effect. I feel those that have a darker base have more an an intense feminine feel, as opposed to the lighter ones, we typically see in spring, that have more of flirty feminine vibe. With that, you don't have to wear a print at all, but could instead wear colors that are synonymous with the day, such as any shade of red or pink, even if it's just in the slightest form, such as a lip color, purse or pair of shoes; you don't need to feel as though you have to go over the top! 

    I hope this post gave you some ideas in creating your perfect look for Valentine's Day! Do you have any special plans with your babe or girls?! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend, my dear and beautiful friends



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  • How to Wear 2016's Bold Stripe Trend for Your Body Shape

    Feb 04, 2016

    For the apple shape, consider wearing vertical stripes on the top portion, to prevent added width to the bust and midsection. For the bottom, try going for large stripes, which will add more visual weight to the legs. If you're eyeing a one piece where the direction of the stripes are consistent, try going for a v-neck or belted style that will help to lengthen the neck area, flattering the bust, and cinch the waist.



    If you're a pear shape, I'd suggest trying horizontal stripes on the top that will help to visually widen the upper body, balancing out the hips; you can also opt for an off the shoulder style to help widen the shoulders. To avoid added width to the hips, opt for vertical stripes on the bottom portion. 



    If you have a rectangular shape, I would suggest you consider stripe pieces in more feminine silhouettes because if the piece is rather boxy, it will make you appear boxier, too. Since button ups can have a bit of a menswear feel to them, depending on how they're styled, I'd suggest a more fitted shirt or one that has a mixture of stripes in various directions, as seen above.



    For those of you who are hourglass shapes, you could experiment with stripes in various sizes and directions, just keep in mind that the thicker the stripe, the more visual weight is added to that area. 





    Happy Thursday, beauties! 

    According to Phil, the groundhog, Spring is coming early and that means that we can start to play around with all those fabulous trends we've been seeing all over the runways, including the bold stripe trend! Now, stripes are more of a classic in my book, but this season, we're seeing different variations of them in larger sizes, horizontal and vertical, as well as more colorful combinations; definitely a more fun and interesting take on the classic black and white! Some of us may think that we can't experiment with this trend because "stripes don't look good on me, they make me look wider, larger, shorter", etc. etc. The thing is that there are more trends that we could actually wear and work with in some way, regardless of our shape, allowing us to feel trendy and have more fun with our styling, including stripes! Hopefully, today's post will give you some ideas on how you could sport the trend this season in a way that will have you feeling confident in knowing that it looks great on YOU! As always, if you're not sure of which body shape you have, watch my video on how to measure to determine your body shape, so I can help :) 

    Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope your day is as amazing as YOU!



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  • How to Achieve the Street Chic Vibe

    Feb 03, 2016



    Blazer: New York & Company (similar styles HERE & HERE)  // Tank: via Marshalls (similar style HERE)  // Faux leather pants: H&M (HERE)  // Necklace: c/o Athra Luxe (HERE)  // Watch: Michael Kors (HERE)  // Clutch: Steve Madden (similar style HERE)  // Shoes: Nina Original (HERE)



    Happy Hump Day, dear friends!

    As many of you know, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is quickly approaching and that means we can look forward to seeing lots of inspiration both on and off the runways here in New York; it's definitely an exciting time for the fashion enthusiasts, like us! Throughout the years, I've been eyeing the styles that have graced the sidewalks and have made mental notes of what I've loved that have reoccured with subtle twists, proven to be street chic year after year. I want to share some simple ways you can achieve that cool girl vibe, perfect for so many occasions, including work! 

    The first thing would be to start off with a t-shirt, which will create a more relaxed feel than a button down shirt would. If you're creating a look outside the office, I'd suggest a graphic tee; it's a great way to express your personal style or interest, giving you the ability to choose a tee from your favorite band, quote or mood. Since we're getting closer to NYFW, I opted for this shirt that states the fact that fashion NEVER sleeps, especially this time of year! The next piece we'll be adding is a blazer. This is key in creating that chic vibe we're going for. I'd suggest either a solid black, which is sure to go with the other pieces in your look or a bold complementary color. Red is the perfect pop for a black and grey or black and white pairing and it's also a personal favorite of mine. I think the particular style we're going for would look best with pants, so you can either go for a cigarette trouser, skinny jeans, leather pants or even joggers. The next step would be to half tuck the shirt into the pants to bring forth the effortless cool vibe, which will also reinforce the waistline ;) Lastly, pointed toe shoes, like the ones I'm wearing or oxfords will create a lean and clean effect to the overall look. Pointed toe flats will always lengthen and slim, whereas ballerina flats can make full legs appear fuller, so depending on what you'd like to achieve (if you have thin legs and want them to appear fuller, opt for rounded toe) you can switch out either of the two styles to enhance the effect you want to create. 

    There you have it, you are fully equipped with tips on creating the perfect street chic outfit for work, play or both! I think it's a great way to showcase your personal style in the office, while still looking professional and put together, especially on those days that are more relaxed. I hope you found this post helpful, may your day be as lovely as YOU, my dear friends; thanks so much for stopping by! 



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  • The (Perfect) Idea of Barbie Finally Changes! #TheDollEvolves

    Feb 02, 2016


    Happy Tuesday, beauties! 

    I'm very excited about today's post because it hits home to me in so many ways! You may or may not have heard that Mattel, the maker of Barbie, has announced that they will be releasing 33 new versions of the legendary doll that will all be introduced by the end of this year. You may be wondering what changes you may be expecting to see and I'm excited to say that you'll be seeing a major change in the way Barbie looks overall, including her skin tone (23 new skin tones), body shape (a curvier, fuller shape), height (both tall and petite), as well as hair texture and flatter feet because let's face it, I'm sure Barbie wants to sometimes ditch the heels and through on a pair of trending Adidas, too! This is truly revolutionary and I believe will have such a positive impact on today's children, both girls and boys alike. 

    Since the debut of Barbie in 1957, we've learned that she's a thin and multi talented woman who's perfect, everything that we're not, but everything we want to be. Growing up, my dad worked at a local Toy Store, the only one in the neighborhood. He would always pick me up from school and I would run straight to the Barbie aisle to check if any new Barbies came in or to just fix the shelves because I was extremely OCD and the Barbie aisle was my aisle after all, so I had to keep it neat! I remember seeing so many versions of this doll I loved so much, but she looked the same all the time and there were only two other dolls who weren't as popular as her, Theresa (the Latina) and Christie (the African-American), which quite honestly, no one really bought and the reasons were very clear. Since I was so used to just seeing the lighter more accomplished and fashionable Barbie, she was the only one I wanted and so has been the case with many girls generation after generation, until now! These new Barbies will truly reflect what women look like in today's society, giving young girls and boys a healthier perspective of beauty, truly showcasing it's diversity. Girls will begin to see dolls that look like their moms, aunts and family members or those of their friends, as well as boys, who will now have a different idea of what a woman's body and beauty looks like; she's not always thin, with perfectly perked boobs and conquering the world wearing heels all the time....wait a minute, NO WOMAN sounds or looks like that and now, our kids will begin to understand that! 



    Another reason this topic is so meaningful to me is because this is the very essence of The Style Contour. I seek to encourage every woman who visits my blog to feel confident about her body, by providing her with styling strategies that will help her understand how to dress her body in a way that's flattering for her particular body shape, height and skin tone, so that she feels more confident knowing what works well on her, enhancing her self-esteem, and not feeling as though she needs to conform to an idea or trend because nothing else has ever worked. I do this with women and I'm glad to see that Barbie is paving the way at an even earlier age with these new dolls. I can't even begin to tell you how many young girls (starting at 11) have commented on my YouTube videos requesting to know their body shapes because their mom or family members call them fat. It breaks my heart and so I let them know how fabulous they are and how they don't need to be focusing on this, but rather having fun with wearing whatever makes them smile and I know these Barbies will reinforce this! 

    What do you think of the new Barbies? Did you play with her growing up? If so, how did she influence your idea of beauty? I'd love to know your thoughts! You will be able to purchase the new Barbies at Barbie.com and in stores March 1st! I hope you all have a wonderful day and thanks so much for stopping by and please share this article to get the word out!



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  • Cozy Couture

    Feb 01, 2016



    Sweater Dress: Romeo & Juliet Couture (Restocked!!! HERE) //  Boots: Choies (ON SALE HERE)  // Purse: Louis Vuitton (similar style HERE //  Pom pom bag charm (similar HERE



    Happy Monday, beautiful friends!

    Can you guys believe that it's already February?! I certainly can't. January literally flew by and it has 31 days! Nonetheless, I'm fully embracing February's arrival because there's so much that takes place in this short month. We have Groundhog's Day, which is tomorrow, Fashion Week and of course, Valentine's Day! Do you think spring will be coming early? I personally think so because it's been feeling warmer, at least in New York; much of the snow from last week's snow storm has melted because of the sunny days we've been having. I guess we'll find out for sure tomorrow! 

    As for this outfit, I think it's one that's perfect for this month because like December, it's a month full or red, symbolizing the holiday of love, Valentine's Day! I believe that this holiday shouldn't be designated just for couples, but to celebrate those we love in general. I don't like the idea of people feeling bad or left out because they don't have a formal valentine. If you're not married or in a relationship, you can make your best friend(s) your valentine and give each other small gifts or chocolates to show how much you love and appreciate your friendship! 

    Getting back to the outfit, I simply adore sweater dresses for a number of reasons. The first being that they're super easy to style and when chosen in a more classic shape (shift or a-line), it can look quite couture because it'll be more figure flattering on every body shape, sculpting the body in the best way possible. Plus, they're so darn comfy! 

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, I hope you felt inspired by this post! Have a wonderful start to your week and I hope your day is as fabulous as YOU! 



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  • Adding Winter Vibes

    Jan 29, 2016




    Blanket scarf: very similar style HERE  // Sweater: Banana Republic (ON SALE HERE)  // JeggingsNew York & Company (B1G1 FOR $10 HERE)  // Snow boots: c/o Khombu (ON SALE HERE EXTRA 15% OFF WITH CODE WKND//  Pom pom bag charm: via Marshalls (similar HERE// Purse: Louis Vuitton // Sunglasses: Lucky Brand (HERE)



    Happy Friday, friends!

    Remember in last week's post, Your Guide to the 12 Best Colors for Winter, I mentioned that if you happened to love a color that doesn't necessarily have a winter vibe, you can create one by combining it with darker, intense, colors, such as black? Well, this look is a perfect example of that! This super comfy knit sweater is in a pumpkin orange color, which would typically be more suitable for autumn, especially when combined with the bordeaux purse, but to create a more winter-like vibe, I simply added black skinnies, as well as these black snow boots. As many of you know, I love color, I always tend to gravitate towards it, and so I don't like to limit myself in wearing them, even in the colder months. Of course there are gorgeous winter shades, like the ones I shared in last week's post, that keep me inspired. But then there are times when I feel like wearing mint or neons and I don't like the thought of not being able to wear them because it's not seasonally appropriate. So, I solved the dilemma with this easy solution, which I hope you find helpful in wearing your favorite colors, whichever they may be! I also think that the addition of the darker pom pom on the purse helps to strengthen the winter vibe as well. 

    I hope you all found this post helpful in not only wearing colors that tend to be worn during specific seasons, but in also styling your snow boots, which has been the running theme in this week's outfit posts (HERE HERE) , since we had that intense snow storm last weekend and have been recovering with slush and mountains of snow everywhere! As always, I thank you so much for stopping by and let me know, what's your favorite color that you love to wear all year round and what ways do you style it to make it work throughout the different seasons? I hope your weekend is as fabulous as YOU!



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  • The BEST Stain Remover, My (Clothing) Life Saver: Amodex

    Jan 28, 2016




    Happy Thursday, dear friends!

    Today, I want to share with you a product I accidentally discovered while shopping at Home Goods that has since been a life saver for my beloved clothes, Amodex. Like most shopping trips, I went into Home Goods for something else and left with this, amongst many other extra things, as is the deal. Up until I encountered this product, I hadn't found a good stain remover and it must be noted that my hands tend to be a little buttery at times, oops! So having a product like this is a must! Yes, I have tried Tied to go and it honestly didn't work sufficient enough for all of my stains because after washing, I was still able to subtly see the stain marks, which of course bugged me. What prompted my interest with Amodex was its claim to remove ink stains, which many of you may know can be tough to remove, so I figured I'd give it a try. I'm so happy I did, as it has proven to remove all of the stains that I've had on my clothing to date. I often carry it in my purse, in case I or someone I'm with gets dirty. All you need is a slight amount and some water to get the job done. I just wanted to quickly share it with all of you and hopefully you'll love it as much as I do! 

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my beautiful and dear friends, and I hope your day is as beautiful as YOU!



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  • Balancing the Bulk

    Jan 27, 2016



    Jacket: via Marshalls (similar styles HERE HERE// Turtleneck: Banana Republic (ON SALE HERE// Jeans: Guess (similar style HERE HERE// Snow boots: c/o Khombu (HERE)  // Purse: Louis Vuitton // Pom Pom bag charm: via Marshalls (similar HERE)  // Hat: Michael Kors (similar HERE)



    Happy Hump Day, beautiful friends!

    So as you all know, we got slammed pretty hard with a major snow storm here in the northeast this past weekend and with it comes piles mountains of snow, slush and salt everywhere! Immediately following a snow storm, I've learned to leave my most favorite and delicate fabric shoes wrapped safely and warm in their boxes and instead, break out my snow boots, which are way more practical! Though snow boots have become more fashionable in recent years, providing more color selections and fur trims, for the most part, they're rather bulky and can pose a challenge in styling a cute look involving them. This pairing is perfect in creating a feminine feel, which bulky boots can easily prevent or interfere with. The main piece in this look that exudes femininity is of course the blush pink turtleneck sweater, which is super comfy, by the way! When trying to create a more feminine outfit on snow days, I highly suggest you reach for cozy knits that are in softer or neutral colors. They create a nice calming feel, which can balance out the masculine vibe the bulky boots can create. 

    For this particular pairing, however, I only wanted to add a dash of feminine flare (I have a much more chic pairing I'll be sharing on Friday), while playing with other masculine, edgier, pieces, such as this flannel jacket, which is extremely warm and comfy; I absolutely love the the lose, boyfriend, fit. I also opted for these distressed cut out knee skinnies, with black striped tights paired underneath for added warmth and for a cool contrast. Since we're on the topic of jeans, I suggest when wearing snow boots, either tall or short, you wear skinny jeans. They will fit comfortably into your boots and you won't have any access fabric gathered at the legs, which always seems to make their way out of the boots (so annoying).

    I hope you all found this post helpful in putting together a snow day outfit, my dear friends! As always, thanks so much for stopping by and I hope your day is as fabulous as YOU! 



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