• My Latest Fall Additions & Review (Body Shape, Height, & Skin Tone Suggestions!)

    Aug 24, 2016

    Happy Hump Day, friends!

    I hope you're all having a great week so far! This week has started off a bit rocky for me, as we've been trying to get adapted to our new place and schedule, which is why I didn't post yesterday, as I usually would. 

    In fact, my schedule has a been a little all over the place these past couple of weeks and if you're a Type A person like me, I'm sure you have an idea as to how I'm feeling (uh, huh!). As I get older, though, I'm beginning to loosen myself more and go with the flow, as hard as it may be. Life has shown me that no matter how much you plan, sometimes life has a plan of its own and you have to just adapt with it, so you better right those plans in pencil, haha, and such has been the case. 

    I actually had intensions of sharing an outfit post as I do every Wednesday, but it poured non stop, as I was fully dressed sitting in the car with Eddie hoping it would just stop for at least 10 minutes, nope! Really?! It wasn't supposed to rain at this time, but it is what it is, which brings me to the topic of today's post, fall pieces I've recently added to my wardrobe, that I'll be creating looks with them soon enough as well as my thoughts/suggestions on some for body shapes and skin tones, which I hope you find helpful! 

    While packing boxes and preparing to move, I of course had to go through every.single.piece of clothing in my entire wardrobe, which was daunting, but it gave me the opportunity to see what I needed to give away and/or donate, as well as pieces I was completely lacking or needed to replace. 






    1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

    Now, I have to be honest and say that I do have a slight, okay MAJOR, obsession with leather jackets, but for legitimate reasons; come fall, I wear them all the time and they can do SO much for an outfit. You can literally wear the most basic outfit and add a leather jacket on top and it'll pull the whole look together, even more so when it's a colorful one, like this BLANKNYC style in green

    You guys, you have no idea what I went through to get this jacket, which I purchased during the nSALE. I had been deliberating on whether or not I should get it because I do have quite a few leather jackets, but the color and price couldn't be beat, especially on an item I know I will get plenty of wears out of (you can hold me to this, okay!?). Well, it kept selling out as fast as it was restocked, particularly in the green color and it still is! If you're thinking about getting it, I really suggest you do because I've yet to see a style like this under $100 and for such great quality (I have another BLANKNYC, which you've seen me wear quite a lot; i really love their unique pieces and quality!). 

    One thing to keep in mind, however, is that it does run a tad bit large. At first, I thought the fit was great and perhaps it was because I was just so excited to finally get it, but after trying it on with many of the other pieces in my wardrobe, I decided to exchange it for a smaller size (from small to x-small). It also doesn't fit as tailored as the photo, it's a bit more boxy, a true moto style and the silver accents are much larger. So, for a more tailored fit, I'd suggest going down a size if you are small on top, like me, and perhaps sizing up, if you have a larger bust (based on all the reviews I've read from women with larger busts). 

    While packing up my scarf draw, I realized that I only had two blanket scarves, which aren't as versatile as I'd like, one being orange and black houndstooth (styled here) and the other being black and white, but not as comfy, so I'm SO glad I purchased these 3 BP blanket scarves which are incredibly warm and huge; you really get your money's worth! They're sure to keep you warm and are so cute! If you're looking to perhaps just get one, if you have cool undertones, girl, you have to get the blue one, it will look gorgeous on you! If you have warmer undertones, the orange one will look fabulous on you! Since scarves are so close to the face, they can really enhance your skin tone and add a flattering, radiant effect. 

    Lastly, I wanted to talk about the two pairs of ankle boots I purchased from Nine West when they were having a great sale last week. If you've been a reader of my blog for some time now, then you most likely know that I love Nine West's shoes; I've mentioned that they were my brand of choice all throughout college when I only wore heels every single day to class for four straight years; they're THAT comfy! 

    The burgundy lace up one is back ordered and will ship in about a month, but I can't wait to wear them! I love the color, pointed toe, and of course the laces. They now have them in black, too, which they didn't have at that time of purchase, which is I guess a good thing for my wallet, haha. If you are petite and sometimes struggle with selecting boots that don't visually cut off some inches, then ankle boots are the way to go! Especially pointed toe styles, as they visually lengthen the leg and create a nice slimming effect as well, which if you have larger calves, like me, you'll love and appreciate! 

    I hope you enjoyed this post, my dear friends! I know it's a bit different than what I typically share on a Wednesday (please bear with me!). I don't believe I've ever done a haul post before and that's mainly because I don't tend to do an excessive amount of shopping, all at once for that matter, but since I was in need of these pieces and I know I'll get so much use, I got them (all on sale, except the scarves). 

    I do want to suggest you use RetailMeNot.com for coupon codes, which is what I did with the items I purchased at Nine West. If you sign up for their e-mails, you get a % off and it can be combined with whatever sale they're having on their site! You can always cancel your subscription later on, if you're inbox get a little too much love (I feel you!). 

    Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope your day is as beautiful as YOU!



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  • Off the Shoulder

    Aug 22, 2016


    Top: Marshalls (similar HERE// Pants: Marshalls (similar HERE) // Necklace: c/o Athra Luxe (HERE) // Ring: c/o Kendra Scott (HERE// Bag: c/o ILEX London (HERE// Shoes: Aldo (simliar HERE

    Happy Monday, dear friends!

    How was your weekend? I hope you enjoyed every minute of it and are ready for a wonderful week ahead! 

    Today's pairing features a trend we've talked about a few times, an off the shoulder top. I've mentioned how an asymmetrical off the shoulder is flattering for every body shape, especially those with naturally wide shoulders. In this post, I'll be addressing how the full off the shoulder is most flattering for those with narrow shoulders and/or wide, curvaceous hips. 

    Anything that is horizontal, causes the eye to move straight across, which when worn in a top either in the form of a blouse or dress, will add visual width to the upper body. This can be a great effect when seeking to balance out visual weight on the bottom. With this look, I'm wearing white pants, which highlights and can make the legs appear fuller and thicker. Since I already have full legs (I'm pear shaped), the leopard printed off the shoulder top helps to balance out those effects by causing the eye to move across on both the top and lower portions of my body. Plus, the print on the blouse keeps the eye focused above. 

    So, if you love the idea of wearing white pants, but feel they make you appear larger, try pairing them with an off the shoulder top to help balance it all out! 

    What are your thoughts on the off the shoulder trend, are you loving or loathing? Thanks so much for stopping by, my beautiful friends, and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead! 



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  • Coral Craze

    Aug 19, 2016



    Dress: GUESS (similar HERE// Clutch: Ann Taylor (similar ON SALE HERE// Sandals: ALDO (similar HERE)



    Happy Friday, friends!

    I'm SO ready for his weekend, you have no idea! I've been non stop all week unpacking, washing, cleaning, and practically every other verb ending in ing, haha. What I really want to be doing is relaxing and hopefully I can do just that this weekend! 

    Anyway, I'm not ticked off at all, though it kind of looks that way in these photos. I was just extremely hot because it was so humid when we were taking these photos, almost unbearable. I love warm, sunny days, but if there's one thing I just can't stand, it's humidity!

    This is exactly why I chose to wear this dress, it's one of my favorites, though I say that about practically every dress I own. I tend to be extremely picky when it comes to dresses, so nearly all of the ones I own, I truly love. What I love about his particular one is the mesh detail and sweetheart neckline. It kind of gives the effect of two different necklines or a layered look, which I think is cute. 

    If you have a smaller bust, sweetheart necklines can do wonders in creating the illusion of a fuller bust and with that, I want to mention if you naturally have a larger bust, you may want to keep that in mind, if you don't want your bust to appear fuller. Though, depending on your comfort level, some with larger busts do like the effects, as it enhances what one already has, so it all comes down to personal preference. 

    I also love the color of this dress, which is a nice coral shade. I only have a hand full of coral pieces in my wardrobe, but I love the glow they provide to the skin, as mentioned in a previous post. It's really one of those colors that looks great on everyone and can beautifully enhance a tan, which I'm lacking; can you believe we've only been to the beach once this year? (shrug).

    Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends! I hope you have the most amazing weekend and I'll see you back here on Monday with a brand new post! Sending lots of love your way!



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  • The Versatile Vest

    Aug 18, 2016



    Vest: Two by Vince Camuto (similar HERE// Dress: Cynthia Rowley (similar HERE// Sandals: ALDO (similar HERE// Bag: Michael Kors (similar HERE)



    Happy Thursday, friends!

    First, I want to thank all of you for all the well wishes and support on the move! I didn't feel as bad knowing the stress and overwhelming feeling I've been experiencing, as some of you have shared that you've been going through the same thing with recent moves lately; congrats to all of you who have moved as well, cheers to new beginnings and great memories to be made for us all! 

    It's been so humid lately, which is why I've been opting for more simple, basic outfits. It's been just way too hot for anything else and who wants to get complicated when it feels like 1000 degrees outside, am I right or am I right?! 

    What's a life saver are versatile pieces that you can do SO much with, such as this denim vest. It's such a great alternative to a denim jacket for those super hot days when you still want to add some texture to your outfit. Plus, all things denim is what's happening right now, so it's a great way of implementing a trending classic, too! 

    Another classic, basic piece is a little white dress (LWD). I like to think of it as my alternative to a little black dress (LBD) come summer, so I basically replace it when I would typically reach for my LBD. It's such a light and refreshing option that you can do so much with. I personally love styles that have a little eyelet because it adds the right amount of detail and is more breathable, too. 

    Shift dresses are one of my favorites style of dresses, alongside an a-line. I think they allow for more options when styling, whereas the a-line has more of a feminine feel right off the bat, but don't get me wrong, I love both

    With the shift, you can leave it as is for a more casual feel or belt it for a more feminine style. I know not many are fond of the boxier shape, but it's a great option when seeking to hide certain areas, since nothing is really tapered and you can create your own waistline, making it empire or natural. 

    What would you say is the most versatile piece in your wardrobe? Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have an amazing day!



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  • I'm Back!

    Aug 17, 2016



    Shirt: Marshalls (similar HERE// Necklace: Rox Box (similar HERE// Jeans: c/o Bluefaith Denim (HERE// Bag: c/o Coach (HERE// Shoes: Nine West (similar HERE)



    Hey guys!!

    I've missed you SO much! I've only been gone for a couple of days, but that's more like a few weeks in social media time (haha!). I've been absent, for the most part, since we moved on Saturday and let me tell you, NEVER move!

    I'm just kidding, well sort of. I mean, don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore our new place, but the whole moving process has really gotten to me. I haven't slept in days because there's just so much that needed and still needs to get done and once I get going, it's very hard for me to stop; I get a bit impulsive and forget that I'm human and not a machine and there's only so much I can do! Hopefully by next week, we'll be fully situated and back into the swing of things because everything just feels so off. 

    Anyway, as for my outfit, you know how much I love these jeans, as mentioned in a previous post, so I won't elaborate on them again, as much as I want to, haha. Seriously Bluefaith, you need to make these same jeans, but without the distressed detail! 

    I decided to pair them with one of my favorite graphic stripe tees because I loved the way the white saying looked with them; I felt it created a fresh and cohesive look. To dress things up a bit, I added a pair of beige pumps (nude for me) and pulled out the blue pin stripes in the shirt with a blue crossbody bag

    There really is no easier way of adding the right accessories than to pull out the colors found within your pieces, which is what I often do when creating a quick and easy outfit, like this one, while looking polished and put together. 

    Thanks so much for stopping by my dear friends! It may take me a little longer to catch up on comments on previous posts, but I will certainly respond! I hope you're having the best day so far and I'll see you back here again tomorrow with a new post!



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  • The One Detail in a Dress That Makes EveryBODY Look Amazing!

    Aug 12, 2016



    Dress: New York & Company (similar HERE// Earrings: Macy's (similar HERE// Bracelets: HERE & HERE // Shoes: ALDO (similar HERE// Bag: Marshalls (similar HERE



    Happy Friday, my dear friends!

    This dress has got to be one of the oldest, yet most worn and loved in my wardrobe. I've had it for about 6 or 7 years now and always turn to it for dressier occasions, such as weddings or a special date night. One of the reasons I love it so much, aside from the gorgeous and vibrant orange color, is that it's so darn figure flattering! Well, let me say this, it has more of a jersey material, so you would need to wear spanx of some sort underneath, if you'd want more hold, but the ruch details are what make it ideal. 

    Ruching is a great detail to look for in a dress, regardless of body shape, because it can add dimension, while slimming and concealing, so the effects and benefits are two fold. When the ruching is more compressed, like in the second photo above, it can make an area appear fuller, since the fabric is overlapping. When the ruching is a bit more dispersed, it can slim the area. 

    Even though the closer overlapped fabric can create dimension, it won't necessarily add any visual weight to a larger area. For example, if you have a large bust and were to try on a ruched top or dress, it wouldn't make it appear larger nor smaller; what matters is the neckline. If you're busty and were to try on a ruched strapless, you may feel as though it makes you appear larger, when in fact it's the neckline that's reinforcing the fullness of your upper body. In that case, I'd suggest a square neckline style with thicker straps for a more flattering effect. 

    What are some details and/or effects YOU tend to favor in dresses? I hope you found this post helpful, especially when searching for a dress for a special occasion, such as a wedding or bridesmaid dress. I can assure you that ALL your bridesmaids would love you even more, if you were to select a dresses with this figure flattering effect (thank me later, haha). 

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my beautiful friends, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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  • Laced in Lavender

    Aug 10, 2016



    Cami: c/o Les Lunes (HERE) // Pants: Marshalls (similar HERE// Shoes: Gucci (love these flats in the same color HERE)



    Happy Wednesday, my friends!

    This season, all things cami have been taking center stage, as '90s fashion continues to be a major trend! The one I'm wearing is by Les Lunes, which was sent to me a couple of years ago. I've worn and styled a few times on the blog and reach for quite often during the summer months because it's SO comfortable, mainly because it's comprised of breathable bamboo. The quality is simply amazing, the lace hasn't torn and the fabric is stretchy and I believe forgiving, too. I love the fact that I don't have to wear a bra, haha! I know I'm being very real here and that may be a bit TMI, but I'm being very honest! 

    This is my first time pairing the cami with white pants and I love the way it looks, so light and refreshing. Though the top is forgiving, these pants are anything but! I mentioned in my previous post on my favorite white denim jeans, how I often wear Spanx underneath these because they show my annoying cellulite. Lately, it hasn't been noticeable and it's been hot, so it's worked out, haha! I'm still on the hunt for a great pair of flattering white pants, fingers crossed I'll find them soon! 

    I'm wearing the Gucci shoes I talked about in my Insta Story last week, which I mentioned I got on sale at DSW for more than 50% off original price. I purchased them a few years ago, along with two other pairs and my husband purchased three loafers because the sale was THAT good! I highly suggest you check their designer section out, I'm loving these flats in the same color as the heels I'm wearing! 

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you enjoyed this post and that you have an amazing day! 

    *PS: There will not be a post going up tomorrow (08/11) as I've been having SO much going on and to do, as many of you know from both Friday & Monday's posts, but I'll still be responding to comments. I'll be back on Friday (08/12) morning with a new post! :) 


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  • Why You NEED a Crossbody in Your Bag Collection

    Aug 09, 2016


    Happy Tuesday, my dear friends!

    First and foremost, I want to thank all of you for your kind and supportive words in yesterday's post; it truly meant a lot to both Eddie and I and touched us so deeply. It's always good to know that when you experience difficult times and challenges that others are there for you, ready to show love and compassion, but when it's expressed from those whom you've never personally met before, it just touches you even more. Though I've never met most of you in person, I do feel a connection and a sense of friendship and I'm so thankful for that. Again, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

    For years, I hated crossbody bags, I really just didn't like the look of them. Fast forward years later and I love them! They've become life savors and are such a great option in so many different scenarios I've often found myself. For years, I would only wear huge oversized totes and satchels. Now, don't get me wrong, I still love those styles and much of my bag collection is comprised of them. However, for certain situations, they're just down right impractical and I've learnt that the hard and uncomfortable way. 

    I would often lug around a huge stuffed to the brim purse for a day in the city, which almost always included plenty of walking and to wear a huge bag around my shoulders in a situation like that was really, really uncomfortable

    Also, attending casual social events and having a huge bag hanging on my shoulders was also quite annoying, so I had to explore other options, the crossbody. It's a much more practical alternative for a busy day planned or for days when you're not at the office or don't have to pack a lot of things with you. That said, this can be a great option for you moms out there! I understand that some of you may double your purses as diaper bags, making this style impractical in that situation. However, if your child is a bit older, this would totally work! It allows you to throw what you truly need for the day and not have it get in your way when trying to keep up with your little one(s)! 

    Crossbodies are also great ways to experiment with more adventurous details, such as bold colors, prints, and textures. When talking with those who typically shy away from those mentioned or feel intimidated by them, I'll often suggest a crossbody bag. They're often less expensive than a larger bag, making them a great way to experiment and not feel guilty about not wearing it every single day. They can truly add the perfect touch of detail or interest to your look, pulling your outfit together.

    It's also a style that's figure flattering! How you ask? Since this style often comes along with a thin and long strap, it causes the eye to move vertically instead of horizontally. With satchels or totes worn around the shoulder, a larger upper body can appear larger or a fuller lower body can appear larger as well. This is not to say that you cannot wear those bags if you're in either category; I'm a pear shape and I often wear a satchel around my arm, I'm just explaining the difference between the styles for you to get an idea of the effects they can have. 

    Not only is it figure flattering, it can also make you appear taller or visually lengthen your torso! Again, since the straps are long, the eye is adding visual length following the strap, thus causing your upper body to appear longer, making this a great option to explore if you wish to add some visual inches to your torso! 

    Browse through some of the crossbody bags I'm loving at the moment and let me know YOUR thoughts, do you love or loathe the crossbody? 




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  • Denim x 3

    Aug 08, 2016



    Tank: Cynthia Rowley // Jeans: New York & Company (different wash, same collection 59% off HERE// Bag: Michael Kors (similar HERE// Heels: Lulu*s (similar similar ON SALE HERE & UNDER $100 HERE



    Happy Monday, my friends!

    How was your weekend? Mine was eventual, a bit happy a bit sad. Let's start with the happy. I met up with a friend from High School, whom I hadn't seen in over 10 years, for lunch on Sunday. We were literally inseparable in HS; whenever one of us was alone, everyone would ask where the other was, so it was great seeing her again and catching up on life; a lot has happened in 10 years! 

    Later that evening, one of my youngest cousins got married! It was great catching up with some family members I hadn't seen in a while. The downside is that I got bitten by mosquitos real bad, as I always do every summer. I'm allergic, so my legs swell and the bits turn red, so walking around on Sunday in shorts, I got a lot of stares and the whole Zika Virus situation isn't helping, haha. I know I don't have that, but people were starring...a lot! 

    Okay, now to the sad part. On Saturday morning, my father-in-law passed away in Guatemala. We knew it was a matter of time, as he's been suffering from his illness for a number of years, which had intensified these past few weeks. My mother-in-law hasn't been able to visit the states in nearly five years because she's been so devoted to taking care of her ill husband. Now that he's gone, it's hit her hard, and so, we're looking to have her stay with us for the next several months, so she's not alone and to be surrounded by family.

    If you happened to watch my Insta Story on Thursday, where I showed the Gucci shoes I've been wearing a lot and shared where I got them, I mentioned that I was on my way to take photos for the blog. Well, later that evening, I was on my laptop doing some work, well, not really, more like watching Insta stories with my laptop open. I placed the memory card with all the blog photos taken that day and photos from my step-daughter's 8th grade graduation on the side of the laptop, because I intended on importing the pics and begin working on the posts ahead of time, like I always do. 

    Well, my husband was calling for me and I was in a rush to go to him, I completely forgot that the card was there, I closed my laptop and it spliced the card, I lost everything! We're kind of hoping not, though, we'll be taking it to a place that specializes in these sort of things to hopefully retrieve my step-daughter's pics. I had to re-take all the pics again yesterday; it sucks, I know!

    So, it was a bit of a rough and eventful weekend for me, but there's always hope; there's a new week ahead of us. We'll be moving this upcoming weekend, which is something we're all looking forward to!

    Anyway, enough of my rambling. Today's look is a full on denim x denim x denim; let's just call it Denim3. I love the chambray trim on the tank, which is subtle and adds a nice detail to the otherwise simple white top. I've worn it with other fabrics, such as faux leather, but I really love the way it looks paired with denim! I feel it really helps to bring out the chambray lining and creates a nice cohesive flow. 

    I wasn't able to find anything similar to the tank I'm wearing to link, but a complete chambray tank would work just as well! If you wanted to break things up a bit, you can go for a pair of white denim, for a similar feel to this look. You could also pair it with a slightly darker wash of denim (it doesn't have to be just jeans, shorts would work, too!). If you want to create a greater emphasis on top, simply wear a darker rinse on the bottom. 

    If, however, you want to create something along the lines of monochrome, you can opt for something that has a similar rinse to your chambray top. In that case, I'd suggest if you're a rectangular shape, you add a neutral belt to help visually section off your body for a more figure flattering option. Ditch the belt, however, if you have a short torso or short legs for an overall lengthening effect! 

    Lastly, I added in a pair of paint splatter denim pumps. I'm seriously a sucker for anything and everything paint splatter, I really don't know why, haha. Of course you can wear any denim inspired shoe to achieve the same effect.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends! I hope you enjoyed the post and most importantly, found some inspiration in it! I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!



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  • Easy Weekend Outfit with Bold Accessories

    Aug 05, 2016


    Tank: Cynthia Rowley (similar ON SALE HERE// Shorts: GAP (similar ON SALE HERE// Purse: c/o ILEX London (ON SALE HERE// Sandals: Glamorous (similar HERE & HERE)



    Happy Friday, beauties! 

    This outfit is beyond perfect for a laid back summer (hot) weekend. It's easy, basic, yet impactful with not much effort. Let's be real, if you have no specific plans for the day, you opt for casual, right? I know I do, I've mentioned this time and time again, though everything changes come nighttime, if we have a date night planned!  

    When I'm out doing my errands, preparing for the week ahead (definitely try and plan out your weeknight dinners and breakfasts, it makes the week run a lot smoother. When I don't, my weeks are SO stressful!) I like to throw on some basics, with some bold accessories to still look cute and stylish. There's really no easier way to up your basic outfit than with a colorful purse and cute sandals! 

    I decided to wear a green satchel, the shade is perfect for summer and matches the green pom poms on my sandals. However, if you have a really busy day ahead of you, I'd suggest you opt for a crossbody bag instead, it's more practical. 

    I wore these sandals out and about in the City and Brooklyn with my mom one weekend and I can't even tell you how many times I got stopped by people complimenting me on them; so much so that I was really surprised and a bit confused. I mean, they're all over Instagram and it's the city, we see anything and everything worn here, some things questionable, but that's a whole other discussion. 

    I say this because sometimes you may second guess getting something because you're seeing it "everywhere" online, but online isn't your reality, so get it if you love it and know you'll get good use out of it! 

    I love pom pom sandals because they can instantly add interest and personality to the most basic outfit and can be worn with shorts, rompers, and skirts (if they're lace ups). They also make cute options for BBQ's and festivals, too!

    I do have a suggestion when shopping for your perfect pair of pom pom sandals. I have full calves and legs, I always have and I know I always will. So, when wearing lace up sandals, like these, I try to avoid lacing them all the way up because they just make them look A LOT larger, which I don't like. If you have full calves and know what I'm talking about, then I'd suggest you either do the same or opt for sandals with the pom pom details, but without the laces or those that don't lace up high to avoid the same effect. 

    What's you favorite way to add a little "wow" factor to your basic, weekend errand outfits? I hope you found this post helpful, my dear friends, have a great weekend ahead! 


    PS: It may take me longer than usual to respond to this week's blog comments, as I'm preparing to move, which is taking up a lot of my time. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding, my dear friends!



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