• Saturday

    Aug 23, 2019

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    Happy Friday my sweet friends!

    I think I've recently mentioned that my weekends don't officially start until Saturday...night. Eddie works on Satrudays and it's his earliest day of the week, which makes thigns a bit more more hectic around here, espeically with two little ones now. So...


  • Attitude

    Aug 19, 2019

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    Happy Monday beautiful friends!

    I'm starting off this week with a bit of 'tude. There's something about a black and grey combination that creates a somewhat serious, authoritative vibe to it. Attitude and I love it! For the most part, these pieces are pretty basic. The tee is simple, yet another one of Eddie's pieces, and the grey jeans. They aren't necessarily basic, since they have the angled frayed hem, which takes them up a notch, but they're denim nonetheless. Let me just say, Express' jeans are really good if you haven't yet given them a try. I was a huge lover of New York & Company for years, you know this if you've been a reader for some time now, but I have a couple of Express jeans and they're so good. The stretch is great, they have awesome styles and they always have sales running. Though the pair I'm wearing here is pretty much sold out (there's only one size available online) this pair is a bit similar. 


  • Sometimes, Basic is Best

    Aug 16, 2019







    Happy Friday beautiful friends!

    Since becoming a mom, I've really begun to appreciate basics and mixing and matching them to create new, fresh outfits that are stylish as they are practical. This isn't to say I don't appreciate a good statement piece, I most certainly do. If you've been a longtime reader now, you'd know how much I love my color and prints! Perhaps loving basics more these days has even made me a bit more choosy when it comes to those bold pieces. 


  • Lace Cami & Lemon Printed Shorts

    Aug 14, 2019

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    Happy Wednesday friends!

    I'm sharing a perfect summer night out look to help give you some inspiraton for this upcoming weekend if you happen to have any plans. If not, you can always pin and save the post for when you do! 

    What I love about this pairing is that it's a great balance between luxe and playful. The lace and satin give it that more luxe feeling and, of course, the lemon printed shorts give the playful vibes. I love wearing fun, fruit printed pieces during the summer months because well, it's really the only time you can wear them and they add a little bit of personality to your seasonal look. I played up the black polka dots in the shorts by selecting a black cami, but if you're feeling a bit more adventurous and want to enhance the playfulness, you can wear a bold color instead. 


  • Your Style Fix: Converting a Button Down Dress into a Duster

    Aug 12, 2019

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    Happy Monday my beautiful friends!

    I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Do let me know what you did, I love being all up in the business, ha! No, but I like to know what you all are up to. Eddie works Saturdays, so my weekend doesn't really start until Saturday night. This weekend, was pretty relaxing, since he spends time with the girls on Sundays, which allows me to rest a bit, which was so desperately needed after a long and rough week. 


  • How to Beat the Heat, While Looking Summer Chic

    Aug 09, 2019



    Happy Friday my beautiful friends!

    I hope you all had a great week and are ready for some weekend fun or relaxation! 

    We are now in August, the hottest month of the year, which means that we need clothing that's going to be comfortable as they are chic and I have a super easy fix: linen and one pieces. Simple. Over the past couple of years, I've been creating somewhat of a collection of linen dresses and jumpsuits. It all started with one similarly striped linen jumpsuit I purchased at GAP. Since then, I've been adding as I go and you know what? I just realized as I'm typing this that all of my linen one pieces are from GAP! I'm not sponsored at all, though I wouldn't mind working with them because I love their pieces (clearly). The quality is so good and they always have great sales and promotions going on (like right now), which is when I usually buy. 


  • Celebrating Breastfeeding Awarness Week with Cake Maternity

    Aug 07, 2019


    Happy Wednesday beauties!

    You may have heard or seen on one or more social outlets that it's World Breastfeeding Awareness Week! As a mom of two babies who I've nursed (and am currently doing so with Ariah), I couldn't be happier to help shed some light on what I feel to be an important topic. I understand that breastfeeding is a very personal decision and at the end of the day, fed is best. That said, this is a time that all the benefits of doing so are highlighted and more educational resources shared. 


  • Say Hello to Our Newest Addition!

    Aug 05, 2019

    Ariah's Onesie

    Hello, hello! 

    Ah, it feels so good to be back and introducing you all to our newest addition, Ariah Lael (pronounced Ah-Rye-Ah La-El)! She made her grand entrance on June 25 at 9:20pm. Exactly a week early from her due date, which was coincidentally Aviah's birthday. She weighed in at 7oz and 20.5in long, the exact reverse of Aviah who was 7.5oz and 20in long and was born at 9:05pm. These girls like partying at night already it seems, lol! 


  • Girly in Gingham

    Jun 07, 2019

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    Happy Friday my friends!

    Three posts up in a week?! I feel quite amazing about this because I don't remember the last time I was able to. You all have been so incredibly understanding and patient with me and I couldn't be more grateful. I also appreciate...


  • The Dress I Didn't Know I Needed

    Jun 05, 2019

    DRESS: Non Maternity Version SANDALS | BAG: Similar 





    Happy Wednesday beauties!

    I can't believe it's taken my second pregnancy to come to the realization that I've always needed a dress like this. Why you ask? Well, it can double as a dress and draper/duster cardigan. Though this particular dress is maternity, I intend on styling it post baby as a duster and we'll see how it goes as a dress minus the bump. Pieces like these are great options for traveling, as they allow you to get two very different looks with a single piece, saving room in your luggage. If you wanted to take it a step further, you could even add a denim jacket or light sweater on top to have it serve as a skirt. 


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