• Tips for Looking Classy in a Mini Skirt

    Feb 16, 2018


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    Happy Friday friends!

    When was the last time you wore a mini-skirt if ever? Okay, how often do you wear a mini? I'm guessing that many of you don't wear them for the simple fact that they're well, mini, and quite short. I can totally understand if you've avoided anythign mid though for fear of looking risque becaues they require more thought when styling to prevent such a vibe. I for one stayed clear for many years because I'd like to consider myself quite conservative when it comes to my fashion choices and the thought of exposing a bit too much doesn't necessarily appeal to me. 

    This is what Pinterest is for, duh! Lol! Over the past couple of years, I've seen mini's done right in a way that reads classy and stylish as opposed to a bit over the top sexy. There's a way to do sexy in a more tasteful way that's more discrete. You know, less is more and this mantra can certainly be applied to styling a mini skirt or dress even. 

    Here's what I'd suggest you consider:




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    When you show less up top, showing more on the bottom won't look too daring and can be rather stylish. As you can see from the look above, I've worn a long sleeved button up with the same mini skirt I'm wearing today, paired with pointed toe ankle booties. The ankle booties come up a tad bit on the leg, which makes a difference to the overall look. It can still read strong and sexy, but in a way that's still a bit conservative and tasteful. 



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    Another way you can wear a shorter number in a way that's a bit more toned down, is to style it with opaque tights and either pumps or ankle boots. I love to wear opaque tights with both shoe options, but especially with ankle boots because it creates a nice contour to the leg in a super flattering way. As you'll notice in the outfit above, the sweater I'm wearing with the blue mini is left out. By doing so, I'm visually extending the length of my torso, which will not make the mini appear uber short and counteract the lengthening effect of the black tights and boots, creating an overall balanced and aesthetically appealing look. 



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    Lastly, you can ditch the tights if you so choose and the weather permits (or keep them on!) and opt for OTK boots! They'll provide extra warmth and coverage to your legs, while still allowing for you to show a little skin in between the hem of the skirt. I personally love this option, as it really reminds me of the 60s era, which is one of my most favorite decades as it pertains to fashion and style. 


    So there you have it! There are ways to look classy and chic when wearing a mini skirt. This isn't to say that if you don't follow these rules you won't look classy, it all comes down to your personal preference and most importantly, how comfortable and confident you feel wearing one. This is to serve as some inspiration and perhaps a little nudge to those who have dismissed them entirely as impractical. In that case, I hope I've inspired you with this post!

    What are your plans for the weekend? I hope I can just take a nap. Haha, I've been saying that nearly every weekend for the past several months now, haven't I? Being a mommy is no joke! It's a pleasure, but it can be quite tiresome. Aviah hasn't been feeling all too well this past week, starting Monday. We took her to the doctor and she said she looks fine and the symptoms aren't anything to worry about, but she's been uncomfortable and hasn't had much of an appetite and I'm sure many of you mommies out there know, it's not the easiest trying to convince a 7mth old to eat! 

    Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday!



  • From Curly to Straight with the HerStyler Straight Brush Pro

    Feb 15, 2018


    Happy Thursday my sweet friends!

    Today, I'm reviewing a straightening brush from HerStyler. When the folks over at HerStyler provided me with the opportunity to review one of their hot tools, I immediately took the opportunity to try out their straight brush pro. I'd been hearing a lot about straightening brushes, but had never tried them before. I either blow dry my hair or use a flat iron (which they also offer) so I thought this would be a great time to try one out and see how it works. Keep reading for my thoughts on it, as well as a step-by-step tutorial on what I did to achieve the finished look. 



  • My Recent Purchases + Wishlist

    Feb 12, 2018

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    Happy Monday my beautiful friends!

    Since I've been doing some online shopping these past few days, I figured it would be a good idea to share some of the things I've ordered and some things I've been eyeing, in case you plan on doing some shopping yourselves and want some inspiration. Most of the things I've purchased and are eyeing is from H&M and I ordered one of the white mules I featured in Friday's postnumber 6. As much as I wanted to get everything that made my eyes look like the heart eyed emoji, I know my wallet would tightly close on me, so I got what I knew I'd get the absolute most wear out of for the start of spring and into summer. On that note, the pieces with the heart eyed emoji are the ones on my wish list, everything else is what I purchased.


  • Fashion Forecast: White Loafer Trend 2018

    Feb 09, 2018


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    Happy Friday my lovely friends!

    I'm sure many of you know that white boots are quite the trend this winter and have been since the start of fall. I personally don't see the white shoe trend slowing down this spring and summer. In fact, I think it'll only gain more momentum, since they'll be more practical to wear during the warmer months. I mean, let's face it, though white boots may look uber chic, they aren't necessarily the shoe of choice when it's raining, snowing, or there's a mix of both, which basically defines winter; at least in the northeast. It's almost inevitable that you'll get them dirty and it can be annoying to try and wipe them clean again. 


  • Valentine's Day 2018 Gift Ideas

    Feb 07, 2018


    Happy Wednesday my sweet friends!

    Valentine's Day is in exactly one week, so I thought it was a good time to share some cute gift ideas with all of you. In recent years, Eddie and I have decided to make it a family holiday, including my step-daughter and now Aviah. I believe it's a "holiday" that should embrace love in all relationships and not just those that are romantic. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed going on those romantic dinner dates for two to some of the fanciest restaurants, but it can be so overrated. Speaking of restaurants, before we get into the gift ideas, I have to share this story with you. 


  • 3 Stylish Ways to Wear a Faux Fur Coat

    Feb 05, 2018


    Happy Monday my sweet friends!

    Being a fashion blogger, I do challenge myself to think outside the box and wear clothing that perhaps I wouldn't otherwise wear and through doing so, I've found that some pieces I'd perhaps turn my head to are actually quite practical, one of which are faux fur coats. Before blogging, I would've most likely thought, though stylish, they wouldn't be at all practical for everyday kind of wear and save them more for special occasions. Honestly, that couldn't be further from the truth. Perhaps some of you feel this way and for that reason alone don't own one, feeling as though you'd never get any real use out if it. These three outfits are ones that I feel can be easily worn on the regular. It all comes down to how you put the pieces together to make it more practical and less forced.


  • The 4 Always Chic Basic Black Pieces

    Feb 02, 2018


    TURTLENECK | SUNGLASSES | JEANS (these are a DIY, but these are similar) | BOOTS: Similar | BAG: Similar




    Happy Friday my sweet friends!

    When it comes to creating a chic and stylish outfit that's easy, you're best bet is to seek out black pieces. You'll always get plenty of use by styling them with other colors and prints, but they look all sorts of chic when paired together. Key pieces to have are a pair of sunglasses, a top, bag and pair of shoes. Since we're styling for the colder months, the top can be in the form of a sweater or turtleneck. What I love about the turtleneck in particular is that it looks so chic when done with just about any bottom. However, I love it even more when it's paired with denim. There's something about the simplistic combination that's effortlessly edgy and sleek. 


  • Leopard & Stripes: Winter Additon

    Jan 31, 2018

    COAT | SWEATER C/O TURTLENECK | JEANS (same collection, different style) | BOOTS C/OSimilar 




    Happy Wednesday friends!

    Are you in a winter outfit rut? The best way to snap out of it is to do a little pattern mixing and the easiest and most classic pattern mix of all time is leopard and stripes. There are so many ways you can work this mix. Today, I've chosen to do a bit of layering for the cold winter days by wearing a striped turtleneck underneath a sweater paired with leopard printed boots


  • My Morning Skincare Routine 2018

    Jan 30, 2018





    Happy Tuesday my sweet friends!

    I hope you're having a great day so far. Today, I'm sharing my current morning skincare routine. As with anything else, the use of some of these products may change at some point, especially since I like to try out new skincare when I'm out of a particular product. I enjoy reading what products others' use. In fact, this is how I'm often introduced to new brands and products. Some, I've come to know through former collaborations.


  • How to Wear Orange

    Jan 29, 2018

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    Happy Monday my lovely friends!

    You know I love my color and even though I've been reaching for neutrals more lately, I will always return to my pops of color to add a cheerful vibe to my basic outfits, especially during the winter months when we so desperately need a bit of cheer with all the dark grey skies. If I were to guess what colors most tend to avoid, I'd say both orange and yellow are the top two and I can understand why, to be honest. 


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