• Resurgence

    Jul 22, 2016



    Tank: Express (simlar HERE// Shorts: Lucky Brand (similar HERE// Bracelet: Little Switzerland (similar HERE// Bag: Zac Posen (similar ON SALE HERE// Sandals: Also (similar HERE



    Happy Friday, beautiful friends!

    I hope you all had a wonderful week and are a ready for the weekend! 

    You may have realized in recent weeks that I'm having quite a moment with orange. There was a time when I kept reaching for pink, as we approached spring (remember that?!). Now, it seems as though I keep reverting back to orange and it's most likely do to the fact that it's a perfect summer color, both bright and fun!

    Hopefully, if you've never really embraced or experimented with the color before, the looks I've been sharing have given you some ideas on colors you can pair them with other than the basics to add a more versatility to your pieces. Feel free to type in 'orange' in the search box to the right of this page in case you missed any of those posts and would like some more ideas! 

    Back in October, I shared a similar look, though with more coverage, since it was fall, but perhaps it can serve as an alternative to wear to work, since the duo works both in the summer and fall. I also want to mention that I feel the combo looks especially flattering on those with olive, medium, or warm undertones; so if you have have those undertones, definitely give them a try, it's guaranteed to look great on you! They also further enhance a tan, which I'm clearly lacking (haha), making the skin appear nice and bronzy. 

    Do YOU like wearing orange? If so, which color do you love to pair it with most? I hope you have the most amazing weekend ahead, beauties, and thanks so much for stopping by; I hope you found the post helpful! 



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  • My Tips & Picks for Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

    Jul 21, 2016

    Happy Thursday, my beautiful friends! 

    As many of you may or may not know, Nordstrom is having their anniversary sale, which is their biggest SALE of the season! Since you can save on so many items, fashion and beauty alike, it can get a little overwhelming, to say the least! 

    If you've been a reader for some time now, then you know that I'm all for sales and I hardly ever pay full price for anything. I purchase much of my clothing either on sale or at stores like Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, and TjMaxx. So I know the excitement that comes along with scoring big on designer items or pieces you've been wanting needing for some time. However, I do want to stress the importance of purchasing only what you truly need

    It's so easy to get sucked into purchasing something simply because it's on sale and I've learnt that the end result is either you never end up wearing it or it doesn't last very long in your wardrobe because it was an impulse buy. DON'T DO THIS! 

    Instead of sharing everything I love from the sale, I'm only sharing pieces I love and are, what I believe, to be closet staples. This is a great time to fill in the holes of your wardrobe with essential pieces you'll get plenty of use out of during the fall and winter months. I focused primarily on these two seasons because after summer is gone, you'll be able to save on those pieces anyway, unlike fall and winter items, which typically go on sale after the season is over. 

    Before I invite you to take a look at my suggestions, I encourage you to reference some resources here on the blog before making some purchases, such as Tips to Find the Best LBD for Your Body Shape! and The Best Coat Styles for Your Body Shape, for some suggestions on what to look for when purchasing these pieces specifically for your body shape. I tried my best to include universally flattering pieces that I know you'll get plenty of wear out of; I hope you love! I hope you love! Now, take a look at my picks below, which are broken up into categories!  













    I hope you loved the pieces I've shared! Which piece(s) was your favorite?! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope your day is as fabulous as YOU! 



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  • My Favorite White Distressed Jeans

    Jul 20, 2016



    Tank: Marshalls (similar ON SALE HERE) // Necklace: c/o Joey J. Jewelry (HERE// Jeans: c/o Bluefaith Denim (HERE// Bag: c/o Coach (HERE// pom keychain: Marshalls (similar HERE// Emoji bag charm: c/o Coach (similar HERE// Sandals: Aldo (similar HERE)



    Happy Hump Day, my beautiful friends!

    White jeans are synonymous with summer, would you agree!? 

    For YEARS (until a few months ago), I didn't own a pair of white jeans. I've had a pair of white high waisted pants you've seen me wear and style a number of times (HERE & HERE) but I always needed to wear Spanx under them because otherwise they'll show everything. You know, that stubborn cellulite that just doesn't want to leave no matter how many squats, lunges, or bread you give up eating? Uh huh. I, too, have it and though it's decreased tremendously since I've worked out and implemented some cardio into my routine and eat much healthier; it just won't permanently leave (insert eye roll emoji here).

    When searching for the perfect pair of white jeans, I've always tried them on in the fitting room and regardless of the designer brand the tag read, they were either always see through or the fabric wasn't flattering and actually highlighted all my flaws. 

    So, when I had the opportunity to select a pair of denim of my choice months ago from Bluefaith denim, I searched for a pair of white jeans out of curiosity and figured I'd give them a try, since I didn't own a pair and I'm glad I did because they're super flattering! 

    I've already featured them on the blog back in May, but this time around, I wanted to discuss them exclusively because I do genuinely love and would suggest them to those of you who've been searching, too. They aren't at all see though, are comprised of mostly cotton, and don't showcase those flaws. 

    Plus, they're quite affordable, at only $43.50! If only they had a pair of skinnies, I'd get them, too, especially since I'd be able to get away with wearing them a lot more without all the distressed designs that are so obvious if you wear them often. 

    Since we're on the topic of white jeans, feel free to check out my post, 'How to Wear the All White Everything Look for Your Body Shapefor what I believe are some helpful tips for creating that flattering all white look (which looks perfect with a tan, by the way!). 

    Do YOU own a pair of white jeans and if so, what's your favorite brand and way to style them? Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope your day is as beautiful as YOU!



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  • Keys to Consider When Wearing Color

    Jul 19, 2016


    Happy Tuesday, my gorgeous friends!

    Today I'll be sharing some tips on how to successfully pull off colorful outfits, either it be in one colorful piece or a full on color block outfit, like this one! I've shared tips in the past on how to slowly implement color and prints into your wardrobe starting off with the most simple, accessories.

    In today's post, we're tackling clothing, assuming you've become more comfortable with the idea of wearing color or perhaps always loved the idea of it, but never gave it a try. 

    So, without further ado, let's get into my first key or tip, shall we!? 


    This ties in a lot with knowing your body shape, which comes at no surprise at me mentioning this as key #1, but it really is significant. Often times, we'll completely dismiss something that could otherwise look amazing on us, if we were to try styles that were more flattering for our particular body shape. Colors draw attention to the areas they're worn, regardless if they're neon bright or deep-rich jewel tones, they are eye catchers, so you want to wear them in areas that you don't mind the eyes focusing in on. 

    If you don't know your body shape, watch the video on the top right of this page and let me help you find out NOW! 


    After you've decided where you wouldn't mind attention being placed, you want to ensure that the item is not too large or small. This is extremely important when working with colors, even more so when creating a color block pairing. If the pieces appear as they though they're overwhelming your frame, the outfit can look borderline clownish or animated, which we of course don't want! 



    Everyone has THAT color that looks great on them. Yes, you may be telling yourself no, but the odds are against you on this one, beautiful!

    As with makeup, undertones can really make all the difference in the way a color looks on us. They can either wash us out or add a luminous glow, which is especially important when near the face, even more so when we choose not to wear makeup! The key is to identify which undertone you have and select colors that share the same undertone, which will compliment your skin nicely.

    Check out my post on Understanding the Color Wheel to learn what colors would look best on you! The ones on the top of the circle are most flattering to those who have warm undertones (prominent green veins on wrist) and the ones on the bottom, flatter those with cool undertones (prominent blue veins on the wrist). If both your blue and green veins are noticeable, then you'd be considered neutral, meaning all colors tend to compliment your complexion (lucky you!). 



    This one is coming from ME, the lover of all things colorful, haha! I must admit, they're have been times I had to omit pieces because it was too much! Again, we don't want that animated, cartoonish look. So, I'd suggest no more than 4 colorful items in your outfit, including accessories and ensuring that at least one item is tailored, as mentioned in tip #2.

    If you're going for a color block effect, then look for a way to add in a neutral piece of some sort, either a solid neutral or metallic; I wouldn't suggest adding a print, which can further intensify the look in a way that's too overwhelming. 


    I hope you found this post helpful in exploring the world of color! I encourage you, even if your style tends to lend itself to a more clean, minimalistic approach, to try adding in some (unexpected to you) pops of color. Remember, fit is everything, so as long as the piece fits your shape nicely, it won't look overdone!

    Tell me, what's YOUR favorite color? I'm challenging you on this one, so try not to respond with black or white ;) Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope your day is as amazing as YOU!



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  • Styling Cobalt Blue Pants

    Jul 18, 2016



    Linen Blazer: Charlotte Russe (similar HERE) // Tee: Marshalls (similar ON SALE HERE// Jeggings: Express (similar HERE// Bracelet: Alexis Bittar (similar HERE// Glasses: Salvatore Ferragamo (HERE// Heels: Nine West (ON SALE HERE



    Happy Monday, my beautiful friends!

    I hope you all had a great weekend, did you do anything fun or exciting!? 

    You guys know how much I love pink, but blue is really starting to grow on me and all shades of it, too! I just purchased this leopard printed desk chair for my new office, when we move next month, and it's grey with the light blue print, OBSESSED! I'll have to do a reveal once I move in and finalize the decorating, I've been grabbing everything that I'm loving now, since I have an idea of what I want. 

    Cobalt was a HUGE color trend a few seasons back and if you jumped on the bandwagon at the time and got a pair of pants, chances are you paired it with black because that's the first "color" I paired mine with surprisingly. Though it was a trend of the past, you can most certainly wear it now and well into fall. 

    I personally don't follow trends in the sense of dismissing them once they're no longer popular. If I love it, then I continue to wear it and the same is true for colors. The good thing about color trends is that you can get your hands on more unique pieces in the color that you wouldn't typically see, which is awesome, especially if a favorite color of yours is trending! Other than that, I don't see the point in color trends, but fashion doesn't always make sense, I don't believe it was ever intended to, am I right?! 

    Getting back to the look, one would describe it as a bit monochromatic, since I'm wearing two shades of blue, though I'm wearing naturals in between. When creating monochromatic pairings, I often wear the darkest shade on the bottom and the lightest on top because it flatters my pear shape body most. So, if there's an area of your body you wish to downplay, simply wear a darker hue of the color you want to wear and the lightest version where you wish to highlight ;) 

    We'll be talking more colors and how to wear them in tomorrow's post, so don't forget to stop back here again! Thanks so much for reading, my dear friends, and I hope you're having the most amazing start to your Monday so far! 



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  • Sequins in the Summer

    Jul 15, 2016



    Tank: Marshalls (similar ON SALE HERE// Skirt: Express (similar HERE)  // Drusy Ring: c/o Kendra Scott (HERE// Sandals: Missguided (loving these!)



    Happy Friday, dear friends!

    When you think of sequins, what's the first thing that comes to mind? I bet it's the holiday season during the winter, right!? 

    Though they are certainly festive and perfect options for holiday parties and gatherings, they're also great for the summer, too! Specifically in classic metallics, since they'll be less likely to exude festive vibes, as opposed to red or green. 

    What I love most about the look of sequins during the summer months, is how the sunlight reflects of them, creating some sparkle and glam effects! Surprisingly, the glamorous vibes can be toned a bit by combining them with basic pieces, like I did with this loose fitting simple grey tank. The looser the fit, the more relaxed the feel, which will help to translate to a more casual look. I even love the idea of pairing a sequin skirt with a striped or chambray tee, making it more daytime appropriate.

    Have you ever tried wearing sequins during the summer? If not, I hope this post has inspired you to give it a try, perhaps this weekend! Thanks so much for stopping by, my gorgeous friends, and I hope you have the best weekend ahead!



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  • Summer 2016 Trend Report: Black & White Floating Stars

    Jul 14, 2016




    Happy Thursday, gorgeous girlies!

    The 4th of July was well over a week ago (I can't believe it!) and I've still been noticing the emergence of a print that has been analogous with the holiday and that's floating stars. 

    Though, I've been noticing a more edgier, yet chic take, which includes the timeless classic color combo, black and white. 

    They began to emerge weeks before the 4th and have gained momentum with each passing week or so it seems on Instagram! There have been pieces that I had been eyeing that have completely sold out or have become very low in stock, which made me realize just how much of a trend it has become! 

    Plus, I've also been noticing how designer brands, such as YSLValentino, and Stella McCartney (to name a few) have been creating ready to wear collections with the print and color combo. 

    However, there are a couple of other variations, such as white stars printed on denim and chambray pieces, but the black and white have become my favorite and from what I've noticed, most popular. I think it's because it's a bit edgier, while also having a bit more of a dressier vibe. Pairing a printed top with a pair of jeans, loosely tucked in, will instantly dress up your denim, and a star printed romper is a great option for a date night on the town, especially worn with some lace up sandals and a pop of color with a clutch! 

    Another reason I love the trend is that I feel it's one that everyBODY can wear and look great in. Mainly because of the black base, which is slimming, while the white print can add some visual dimension to the area(s) in a way that's universally flattering. 

    So, what do you think of the trend? Is it one you would give a try? Thanks so much for stopping by, my beautiful friends, and I hope you're having the most amazing day so far! 



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  • Classic Staple with an Edge

    Jul 13, 2016



    Shirt: Max Studio (similar ON SALE 50% OFF HERE// White skirt: c/o Lulu*s (similar HERE// Sandals: Steve Madden (similar HERE// Bag: ASH (ON SALE HERE)



    Happy Hump Day, friends!

    I hope you're all having a great week so far! 

    We've talked about how much of a classic a black and white striped shirt is many times on here. I even shared some tips on selecting the most flattering stripes for your body shape and have worn this particular one in many outfit posts (one of my favorites being this one!).

    In today's look, I've styled it in an edgier way, which I haven't quite done before. I added a chain crossbody and caged sandals, which help to harden the look a bit, and make for a nice contrast to the feminine white skirt

    What makes this classic staple so timeless and suitable for everyBODY is that it's so darn versatile, allowing you to wear it in various settings and style it in a way that's reflective of your own personal style each time! The possibilities are truly endless.

    I'd love to know what's your personal style? Feminine, boho, glam, grunge? 

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends! I hope you enjoyed this post and have the most amazing day ahead! 



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  • How to Wear the All White Look for Your Body Shape!

    Jul 12, 2016

    Happy Tuesday, beauties!

    The #AllBlackEverything look is literally everything come winter (you can still wear it during the summer, though!), the #AllWhiteEverything is just as powerful and classic as it's contrasting counterpart. The thing is, it's not nearly as forgiving as an all black outfit, since it highlights...EVERYTHING, and because of that, it requires more strategic placement when creating a figure flattering ensemble.

    In order to create an outfit that will place attention where desired most, one must identify her body shape first or think about where she's most confident in all the attention being placed. In other words, where you would't mind appearing larger, since in essence this is the effect that white creates. 

    Today, I'm sharing some suggestions on what you can keep in mind when shopping for white pieces or putting your look together in a way that will truly fit and flatter your body shape. So, let's start from the top with the apple! 



    Since you are largest on top (not meaning in size, in proportion!), I'd suggest avoiding tight tops and/or those with a scoop, ballet, or bardot neckline, which can cause the upper body to appear larger in fullness and width. Instead, looser, flowy styles will drape the body nicely, skimming the surface. A v-neckline will narrow in the wider chest area, while still embracing a fuller bust, if you wish. 

    This shape tends to have lean legs and so, why not flaunt them in a cute romper or pair of shorts!? Rompers that have a wrap front, as seen above, flatter the entire upper body and create the illusion of a defined waist line!  



    The opposite of the apple, you are largest (not meaning in size, in proportion!) in the lower region, so working with white pants can sometimes be tricky, but certainly NOT impossible (I'm a pear shape and wear them all season long)! 

    When opting for skinnies, pair them up with a top that either creates width (think off the shoulder) or dimension to the bust area, which can be easily done with ruffles or frills. They are easier than ever to find these days, since they're trending big this season! Either the width or dimension in these styles will balance out the visual weight that the white pants will create. 

    One thing to keep in mind, though, is if you're also looking to wear white heels, I'd suggest you opt for a stiletto instead of a block/chunky heel style, since it will add more visual weight to the legs, making them appear larger.




    This shape has notable shoulders and a straight silhouette, so styles that help to soften the shoulder area and/or create visual weight or attention to the legs are great options. Tops like the one shown above, that have a cross neckline with shoulder cut outs, will extend downwards on the arms, causing the shoulders to appear less wide and angular. Ruffles or embellishment are the bust area, can fill in the bust area, adding dimension and create the illusion of curves. 

    This particular body shape also looks great in one pieces, such as rompers or jumpsuits, mainly because the body as a whole is fairly proportional and these two styles often create a defined waist area, which prevents the body from appearing linear. 

    Also, one of the most flattering necklines on a one piece, for this particular shape, is a halter style, since it once again, creates smooth angles to the upper body. 




    Lastly, this shape is symmetrically on both the top and lower portions, so the key is to maintain those proportions by working with more simple styles that allow your curves to be highlighted as a whole. Peplum tops or those with details on the lower hem are figure flattering and will further enhance the hip area, which works well with this shape, if the rest of the top is left relatively simple. 

    As with the rectangular shape (these two are very similar) one pieces look great on you because they highlight the entire body. I'd suggest you opt for styles with clean lines, while exploring various necklines, the most romantic being the off the shoulder/bardot. 

    I hope you found this post helpful in creating your #AllWhiteEverything outfit this summer and hopefully with ease and confidence, which is always key! If you don't know which body shape you are, watch my video, How to Measure to Determine Your Body Shapeso I can help! If you did find this post helpful, please share it with someone you know who would, too! 

    Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope your day is as amazing as YOU!



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  • Setting Sail

    Jul 11, 2016



    Blouse: BEBE (similar ON SALE HEREHERE// Pants: Forever 21 (very similar ON SALE 40% OFF HERE// Bracelet: Little Switzerland // Sandals: Aldo (similar HERE


    Happy Monday, friends!

    I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for a productive week ahead!

    You all know how much I love to color block and ever since I saw Gucci's popular SS11 collection, I loved the technique even more! My most favorite color combo from the collection, that still hasn't left my mind 5 years later, is dark purple and bright orange with hints of gold! I mean, if that mix doesn't scream summer glam, then I don't know what does! 

    I honestly feel that this duo would look great on every skin tone and color! They're so rich and vibrant and pop so beautifully against the skin, especially those with super fair or dark skin. 

    Ugh, GORGEOUS! 

    What I feel elevates the look even further, are the hints of gold. Now, the pieces I'm wearing today have gold buttons on them (no matter the piece or color, gold buttons will always make the item appear more luxe. I mean do the pants really look like they're from Forever!?). You could still create the same feel by adding gold jewelry, a solid gold belt (something like this), and gold sandals. 

    I feel like gettin' jiggy wit it, á la Will Smith! Doesn't this look carry some strong Miami vibes!? Na, na, na, na, na....(laughs).

    Did you guys know that this button arrangement is called "the sailor"!? I had no idea, until I was searching for similar options and noticed that all the pieces were called that; good to know when searching for something like this now or later! 

    And this style is flattering for the hips! Let me explain. The sailor can be found in two arrangements. The one I'm wearing, which has buttons that slope inward towards the fullest part of the hips, bringing the eyes to the center (inward) instead of outward, as well as those that are completely centered, like these.

    Below are some of the pieces I came across that have "the sailor" look, which I hope you like as well:



    Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends! I hope you felt inspired or learned something new from this post! I wish you all a very Happy Monday! 



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