• How to Select the Most Flattering Ponchos for Your Body Shape!

    Oct 27, 2016


    Happy Thursday, my dear friends

    So it seems as though that Mother Nature has finally decided to make up her mind by keeping with seasonal temps! Don't get me wrong, I love warmer days, but when it's in the middle of fall, it causes all the leaves to fall and die out prematurely and I feel as though I've been jipped a season, that's what happened last year. Do you guys remember when it was 70 on Christmas Eve?! She made up for it though with Storm Jonas (insert eyeball roll emoji). 

    With cooler temps, I'm able to fully embrace and have fun with one of my favorite types of clothing and that's outerwear! You all know how much of a fan I am of leather jackets and faux fur vests, but I also love a great poncho, too! The thing with ponchos, is that although their sizing is generally one size fits all, many of their designs and styles aren't. If you have a larger bust, you know exactly what I'm talkin' about, girl. Am I right or am I right? 

    So, I've complied a list of some tips and suggestions for selecting the most flattering styles that will have you looking chic, feeling fabulous, all while keeping warm; high five! 



    APPLE & HOURGLASS SHAPES: I first want to point out that when mentioning to the hourglass in this case, I'm referring more to those who have a larger bust. It's important to understand that not every woman who has an hourglass figure has a larger bust or is notably voluptuous. What categorizes this shape is the proportion between both the bust and hip ratio, in which is the width of the bust is measured, not the size of the breast per se. I wanted to mention this because this is a question I often get asked. 

    When seeking to avoid appearing larger or wider, I suggest you focus in on the overall design of the piece, as well as how it lays on the body. The first poncho can be worn with the hem straight across, which can emphasize the width of your body, especially if the front is shorter. Instead, I suggest you position it diagonally, which will slim the entire midsection, since the eye is being redirected and not moving directly across. This is not to say that you shouldn't consider styles that are straight in the front, though.

    Take the second one for instance. What makes this particular one flattering is that it features a v-shape pattern, somewhat like a chevron print, that causes the eye to narrow in and once again, slims the midsection. The tassels at the hem also redirect the eye to the hips, which can in the case of the apple shape emphasize lower curves. 

    Lastly, the the third poncho features a plaid print, which I feel is a more flattering option than larger horizontal stripes. Again, this not to say that if you have larger breasts, you can't wear stripes, we talked about how you can and should hereWhen working with such a large statement piece, however, size and pattern can create a larger impact and can exaggerate various features and if that's not something you're looking for, then I suggest you opt for plaid or tartan rather than horizontal stripes. Also, the poncho has a button closure in the center, which not only looks super chic and makes life easier by not having to worry about it falling off your shoulders, but it once again, visually narrows in the body with the small exposed area peeking through the center. 


    ONE | TWO | THREE 


    PEAR & RECTANGULAR SHAPES: For these two particular shapes, larger graphicsexaggerated textures, and details are flattering, as they help to balance out curvy hips for the pear shapes and create volume & dimension for the rectangular shape. For this particular body shape (rectangular) it can be most flattering to position the poncho diagonally, as suggested for the apple shape, to prevent the body from appearing too boxy across both the midsection and hip area. 

    Speaking of the hip area, if you're a bit self-conscious about your hips (which you shouldn't be because honey, you're fabulous *finger snap*) then I'd suggest avoiding styles that have large details, such as pom poms that fall right at the widest part of the hips. Again, by positioning the poncho diagonally, you can avoid this exaggeration or opt for longer styles like #2


    I hope you found this post helpful, my gorgeous friends, in selecting the most flattering poncho styles for your body shape. At the end of the day, I always suggest that you wear what you feel most confident in and hopefully my ideas are aligned with that! I also want to mention that you can position your blanket scarves in a way that can create the illusion of a poncho, getting double use out of them, the choice is yours! 

    Thanks so much for stopping by and let me know if YOU like wearing ponchos during the fall, too! I hope your day is as fabulous as YOU!



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  • Worthy Fashion Tips with JCPenney

    Oct 26, 2016


    Happy Hump Day my dear friends!

    I hope you're all having a great week so far!

    Today, I'm excited to announce that I've teamed up with JCPenney for their October Worthy Fashion Tips campaign. The campaign is focused on how we can create fashionable, on-trend outfits using both high and low-end pieces, a technique I incorporate in my everyday outfits, which if you've been reading for some time now, you most certainly have noticed!

    I tend to favor luxury purses above all else because I feel they're reasonable investments that you can get the most use out of and throughout time, due to the great attention placed on craftsmanship, can become vintage heirloom pieces. A great bag, regardless of name or designer, with great focus placed on quality and detail, can really make and enhance an overall outfit, creating a nice polished effect overall. 

    When it comes to various styles and trends, investing may not always be the best option, especially when experimenting, because only time will tell if what's deemed a trend can in fact reflect your personal style overall or if you'll even get the most wear out of those items, which is why shopping sales and affordable retailers, such as JCPenney makes sense to me. 

    As per our discussion in the comment's section of the Sweater Weather post, I shared how I've been searching for cozy sweaters, which is what prompted me to select this burgundy colored sweater by a.n.a A New Approach (a JCPenney exclusive brand) to see how I'd like the fit and coziness and you guys, it's extremely warm and cozy; I look forward to styling it more this fall and winter and I think I may snag the 'Crema' color next! Below are some of the other JCPenney items I'm loving that are both stylish and trendy and most importantly, affordable! 




    1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

    11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17



    I have to be honest and say that I was pleasantly surprised at the selection of both fashionable and trendy pieces I discovered. I used to shop at JCPenney years ago and hadn't for years because I wasn't finding many items that were reflective of my personal taste, but much has changed since then and I look forward to shopping in the future. Oh, and it's worth a mention that I've noticed they have Sephora shop on their site, which is awesome for all you makeup and beauty lovers!

    What is the one luxury item you'd most likely invest in and what is the least? What's your favorite piece(s) in the sets above? Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have the most amazing day ahead!

    Disclaimer: This post is in sponsorship with JCPenney, all opinions and suggestions stated are my own.



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  • The One Easy Trick That Will Make Your Outfit Appear More Stylish & Flattering, Too!

    Oct 25, 2016


    Happy Tuesday, my gorgeous friends!

    Today we're talking about a very simple, yet effective way to enhance an outfit's stylish vibe almost effortlessly. For the past couple of months, I've really been into knotting my basic tees and I've been loving the look it's given my outfits, and by the response I've received from some outfits I've shared here, many of you have loved the look of it, too! Here's a few reasons why I love the technique so much:


    1. It really flatters 

    When we knot our shirts, we're cinching in the fabric by gathering it into one section, which makes the waistline appear smaller and defined, while hiding any areas we may feel insecure about. This basically creates a similar effect as if you were to wear a waist belt. The key is to create the knot on one sidenot in the center. If you have the knot centered, it will make your midsection appear larger because all the gathered fabric will be pulled and gathered to the fullest part of the stomach.


    2. Legs for days

    When you knot your shirt, you're bringing the shirt up a bit higher, essentially shortening the torso, which is great especially if you have a long torso and want to elongate your legs or show of your already long legs even more! Depending on both your preference and comfort, I'd suggest wearing a high waisted bottom to enhance the elongating effect and to provide more coverage, as with a low rise bottom, parts of your midriff may be visible. If you have a short torso, on the other hand, and don't want to shorten it any further, I then suggest you half tuck, as I did here, to create a similar vibe and effect. 


    3. Not so basic!

    It's a perfect way to up the ante on an otherwise simple, boring outfit. When working with simple pieces, like a tee, jeans, and boot trio, it can look rather boring if there aren't many details added and to be quite frank, sometimes we just aren't in the mood now are we? I know that's me on Sundays, but I still want to look cute when running errands! When you knot your shirt, it's like saying, I totally put effort into this whole outfit, you see, I tied this knot on the side of my shirt, that was thought through (even if you just randomly grabbed a shirt and jeans on the pile of clothes you need to put away like a week ago, shh! I get it, #lifehappens) I mean, only stylish people knot their shirts, right? Well, we are just that my friends :)


    TIP: To get a perfect knot, pull the fabric together right next to the belly button (I prefer to the right side), tightly tie one knot, then double it,  and gently pull the fabric on the sides of the knot. Take the two end parts of the shirt that stick out and tuck them inside of the shirt. 


    What do you think, do YOU like tucking in your shirts? If not, are you more open to the idea or will you pass on this one? Thank so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you're having the most amazing start to your week so far!



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  • Fall Staple: The Sweater Vest

    Oct 24, 2016



    Sweater Vest: Max Studio (similar HERE// Jeans: NY&CO (ON SALE HERE// Bracelets: HERE HERE // Ring: c/o Kendra Scott (HERE// Bag: Tory Burch (similar HERE// Shoes: Sam Edelman (HERE





    Happy Monday friends!

    I hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for a wonderful week ahead! 

    The weather has been extremely fickle here in Connecticut. Last week was in the high 70s, low 80s, and now we've dipped a bit into the low 60s. This makes having easy to layer pieces a must and I feel the sweater vest is one of those must have staples because you can easily switch up your look, depending on the weather by adding or removing a layer underneath (you could even layer it over a long sleeved dress, such as a shirt dress!) without effecting the overall vibe of the outfit; you'd look put together either way. 

    Today, I decided to go sleeveless, but the next time around, I'll opt for a long sleeve or perhaps even a white button-up for a more preppy vibe. I love this one because it's a neutral green shade, making it ideal for both fall and spring. I love that these earth tone shades can be worn during both seasons, which is why I highly suggest you consider them when adding pieces to your wardrobe, to ensure you'll get the most wear and your money's worth. 

    I personally love the way earth tones look paired with animal patterns; I think they blend and make sense conceptually and thus, make for a perfect pairing. Here I combined the sweater vest with these leopard pumps I've recently added to my shoe collection and have worn quite a lot. It's so funny because I, thankfully, have quite a lot of shoes, but when I love a pair, I just seem to wear them on constant repeat, as if I have no other options, lol, do you do this, too?! If you've been reading these past few weeks, you know such as been the case with these burgundy ankle boots, lol! Yea, they'll be making another appearance soon.

    What did YOU do this weekend? I'd love to know! Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you're having the most amazing start to your week so far!



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  • Violet Vibes

    Oct 21, 2016



    Vest: Annie Sez (create the effect with a blanket scarf HERE// Bodysuit: Missguided (size up HERE// Jeggings: New York & Company (HERE// Shoes: Kate Spade (similar HERE// Purse: Ash (sold out in black, love these colors HEREHERE





    Happy Friday everyone! 

    Lately, I've really been into wearing edgier outfits on the weekends, as you may have noticed with last week's look. For that pairing, I added a brighter pop of color to my LBD, but today, I opted for darker, more intense shades of purple, which creates somewhat of a grunge vibe I like to play around with come fall. When wearing a number of dark colors, I like to include pieces that have various textures, provide movement, and/or have some sort of pattern or detail to prevent the whole look from appearing dead and dull. It also allows for each piece to stand out on their own.

    In this particular pairing, those two pieces are the waterfall vest and the velvet ballerina flats in deep violet shades. I love the intensity violet has, which I think is further enhanced in the velvet fabric; every color is enhanced in this fabric, for that matter, which is why I'm loving it so much this season (as discussed here here).

    Wearing the same color on top and bottom, with a pop of color in the form of a waterfall vest or blanket scarf, draped around the shoulders can help to elongate the body, as you're adding length to the torso, a perfect option for petites! Just make sure the vest or scarf isn't too long, which can otherwise make it appear as though you're drowning in fabric. Fun fact is that the waterfall vest I'm wearing here is actually petites; I used the trick I shared in this post to select the perfect length for my 5'8 frame! 

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have the most amazing weekend ahead! 



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  • How to Maintain Your Suede Boots in the Fall & Winter

    Oct 20, 2016


    Happy Thursday, my dear friends!

    We're in boot(ie) season and I'm sure many of you have a mix of either traditional leather and/or suede. Traditional leather is a much more durable and less fuss option (in case you didn't know, suede is a form of leather!), as opposed to suede, which requires a lot more TLC. Genuine suede can be costly, which makes taking good care of them important, if you want to extend the wear and value of your hard earned money, can I get an amen?! 

    I have quite a few suede shoes, both boots and pumps and have learned through past (bad) experiences what to do and not do to ensure they'll last as long as possible and today, I want to share what I do to help maintain the fabric, texture, and vibrancy, which are all pretty simple, but require some additional effort than just putting them on and heading out the door. 

    1. Try to avoid wearing them on rainy days

    Rain and suede do not mix well, they can easily ruin the fabric, especially if worn on rainy days repeatedly. After a while, the suede will begin to fade in sections, making them appear spotty and patchy in certain areas, which doesn't blend well, especially with vibrant colors. You may be able to get away with it in the event they do get ruined, if the the boot itself has a more edgier or rustic feel, such as cowboy or biker boots.


    2. Apply a waterproof spray 

    If you can't avoid wearing your suede boots in the rain, then apply a waterproof protectant spray. It creates a barrier coating, protecting them from the potential water damaged we discussed. I think it's a great idea to spray them every time you wear them, just in case you get caught in the rain unexpectedly, they'll at least be protected. The brand I've been using for a few years, which is very inexpensive and sold at most drugstores is this one by Kiwi.


    3. Don't wear them in the snow

    Unlike rain, snow is more compact so it's basically like walking in a puddle, over and over and over. Combined with salted streets, the suede will most likely be completely removed, leaving bald patches behind, which can often appear like black scuff marks and cannot be repaired or enhanced. 


    4. Store them away 

    Since suede isn't a smooth texture like traditional leather, if they pick up any dirt or get stained, it can be quite hard to remove; you can't while them away with a damp cloth, like you would with soft leather. This is not to say your boots would be ruined entirely though; if this were to happen, try cleaning them with a bristled brush and suede cleaner to remove the marks.  


    I hope you found these tips helpful! I've had to toss out shoes way too soon because I neglected to care for them properly and so my hopes are to spare you from having to go through the same frustration. Also, in case you're wondering the boots I'm wearing in the photo can be found here. If you're a regular reader, you've seen them one too many times, which I hope you don't mind because I'm basically obsessed, haha, and I'm planning on making them last forever ;) 


    PS: In case you're interested in learning more tips on caring for your boots this fall and winter season, what my YouTube video here.


    Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have a wonderful day!



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  • Fall Colors

    Oct 19, 2016



    Jacket: Zara (similar HERE// Scarf: Charming Charlie (similar HERE// Bodysuit: Missguided (size up darker shade HERE// Jeans: GUESS (similar HERE// Boots: HERE // Watch: c/o JORD (HERE// Bag: Louis Vuitton 


    Happy Hump Day, friends

    I hope you're all having a great week so far! 

    I love fall, it's one of my two favorite seasons, the next is spring. There's just something about the changes that take place, showing forth such beautiful gorgeous colors and the temperatures are just right during both seasons.

    During each season, I get inspired by those colors and often translate them into my outfits. Nature has a way of getting dressed in colors that always complement and blend so seamlessly together and so, I take note. 

    I must say, I don't typically think to combine red and yellow because the first thing that comes to mind is McDonalds, though with specific pieces I'm sure they'd look beautiful; but when these colors are in rich, cool undertones, I feel the intensity is bold, but not overbearing. Notice that I did incorporate a third color, which is more earthy, and that's the sage green bodysuit I'm wearing under the jacket. If you feel that yellow isn't a color that works best for your skin tone, try pairing sage or olive green shades with burgundy or plum to create the same fall feel. 

    I opted to add in a statement print with my leopard printed scarf (read my post on wearing leopard print without looking tacky here) which I felt worked well with the look, since the green is a bit more understated and still look put together, even if the jacket were to be removed. I like to sometimes add in other pieces into my outfit, such as a scarf, statement necklace, or shoes that will still keep my outfit interesting, if I were to remove a layer. I don't like the feeling of something missing or incomplete, I feel naked, haha.

    Are there any specific colors (combinations) you like to wear during the fall? Thanks so much for stopping by, my gorgeous friends, and I hope your day is as fabulous as YOU!



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  • The Group of Colors That Look Great on Every Skin Tone: Rich Jewel Tones

    Oct 18, 2016




    Happy Tuesday beauties!

    As I'm sure many of you have noticed through personal experience, there are certain colors that look amazing on you and others, not so much. Girl, I can relate, we all can in fact and you know what? It's okay! Not every color and piece of clothing is going to look spectacular on us, it's just not realistic because designers don't have your or me specifically in mind when creating their collections. 

    However, there are a group of colors that are a no fail and WILL look good on you and me, regardless of our skin and hair color/tone, which stated in today's blog title, is the jewel tone category. What exactly are jewel tones and how will you be able to determine if the sweater you're looking at when shopping would be classified as one? (Whoa, that's a mouth full!). Simply put, they're colors that are highly saturated and have somewhat of a heaviness on the eye, does that make sense? They also resemble well known semi and precious gemstones, such as a sapphire (shown above).

    Since these colors are heavily saturated, they make our skin and hair tone/color pop, even more so when worn closest to the face, which is why I've shared sweaters as my examples. I also selected styles that I felt were universally flattering, since none of them have any special details, patterns, or embellishments, in case you were interested in adding any to your sweater wardrobe. 

    Have YOU ever worn anything in a jewel tone color before? Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope your day is as fabulous as YOU! 



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  • Flannel & Faux Fur

    Oct 17, 2016




    Faux Fur Vest: Marshalls (similar HERE// Flannel Shirt: Marshalls (similar HERE// Purse: similar style HERE // Boots: HERE

    Happy Monday my dear friends!

    How was your weekend? I didn't really do much, since I haven't been feeling too well. I've had a cold for about a week now, which is so weird for me, as I hardly ever get sick and when I do, it's only for about a day; no exaggeration, ask Eddie. So, I was really taken by surprise that this time, regardless of the usual amount of vitamin D3 I've been taking, I still managed to get sick. 

    While on the topic, I've been taking this supplement for about two years now and for the most part, it has really strengthened my immune system, as I mentioned, I hardly get sick. Aside from that, it's great for breast and bone health, so I suggest you look into it. I felt now is a great time to mention this, since this is breast cancer awareness month. I mentioned in a post last year why breast cancer awareness is meaningful to me, which you can read about here, if you're interested. 

    You all know how much I love outerwear, if you've visited for at least a week, you know I'm obsessed with leather jackets and the same goes for fur (faux) coats and vests. I don't know if it's because I've lived in New York my whole life, so half the year is pretty much cold and I look for ways to keep my outfits interesting. I think that may be it. Nonetheless, I love what a fur vest can do for an otherwise simple outfit, like the one I'm wearing today. Minus the vest and burgundy OTK boots, it's pretty simple. 

    Flannel is pretty much synonymous with fall and I'm always looking for various takes on it, with unique colors and designs. This one has been a favorite because it has a mixed pattern feel with the contrasting sleeves. I layered the faux fur vest to add warmth and dimension to the look and the boots for a more saturated effect. I absolutely love the way burgundy looks with navy or dark washed denim, I feel it's a very rich and luxe duo and one that looks great on everyone; we'll be discussing that more in tomorrow's post! 

    If you're not a fan of fur vests because you feel they make you appear larger, I'd suggest wearing them in a neutral shade and layered over a sold colored top; I'd also suggest a longer version, like the one I'm wearing, as opposed to cropped styles that can add visual weight to your bust and midsection, something to keep in mind if you'd like to avoid that effect. You can also try wearing a medium wash jean to create fullness to the legs, which will visually balance out the attention in your outfit.  

    Thanks so much for stopping by, my beautiful friends, and let me know, do you like wearing fur vests? What's your favorite kind of outerwear when it starts get cool? I hope you have the most amazing start to your week!




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  • Black + Yellow

    Oct 14, 2016



    Jacket: Zara (similar HERE// Dress: Carmen Marc Valvo (similar HERE// Bag: ASH (love this color ON SALE HERE// Boots: Nina Originals (HERE






    TGIF friends!

    We've made it to the end of the week and today I'm sharing an outfit that I believe would be a great option for anyBODY this weekend, especially if you're planning a date night or girls' night out! 

    I simply love a little black dress (LBD) especially in a jersey or cotton material because they tend to be a bit more versatile and can easily be dressed up or down, though lace versions can do the same. 

    However, I feel that those that are rather simple are the most versatile because you can get away with wearing them to various occasions with the same people and there's nothing notable about about them, that would otherwise make it obvious that you're wearing the same dress again. I also think this would be the most cost effective way to go about adding this essential into your wardrobe, assuring that you'd get the most wear and bang for your buck. If you're able to, I'd suggest you eventually add a more formal style that you can switch between, depending on the occasion. I have a complete guide on selecting the most flattering formal LBDs for your body shape, which you can check out here, for some tips on what to look for to ensure a flattering look and fit. 

    One way I love to style my casual LBDs is with a leather jacket and depending on my mood, I'll switch up the color and fit. If I want to look more chic, I'll opt for a more tapered or minimal style in black. If I'm feeling extra excited about the occasion, I'll add a pop of color and for fall, I'm loving mustard yellow! I think the contrast of the yellow against the black is gorgeous and I love the idea of wearing it with leopard pumps, but today I went for a camo ankle boot that has some of the colors you'd find in a classic leopard print, which gives off the same effect. 

    What's perfect is that you'd be able to create a very similar vibe with a bomber jacket and pair of sneakers, too; both add edgy elements to the blank canvas of the dress. 

    What's one way YOU love styling your LBD for a more casual look? Thanks so much for stopping by, my gorgeous friends, and I hope you have the most amazing weekend ahead!



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