• Orange + Olive

    Oct 09, 2015


    Blazer: Charlotte Russe (similar style here)  // Shirt: From Marshalls (similar style here)  // Pants: H&M (similar style here)  // Necklace: c/o Rocksbox (use coupon code JALISASFILESXOXO for your first membership free! // Drusy Ring: c/o Kendra Scott (here)  // Shoes: Tory Burch (very similar style here)


    Hi beautiful friends!

    A color combo that I've really been into lately is orange and olive. I feel they work perfectly together, particularly in the fall, to create a nice rustic vibe. Naturally I added a grey shirt because when creating a weekend outfit with olive, I feel grey is a perfect addition. To create a bit of a chic finish, I worked in a little leopard with these Tory Burch flats.

    What do you think of the color combination? I hope you like it enough to give it a try yourselves, as it would look fantastic on anyone, since it combines both cool and warm colors, making it perfect for any skin tone!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 


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  • Fabulous Fur (Faux) Finds

    Oct 08, 2015


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    Happy Thursday, beauties!

    In yesterday's post I mentioned how much I love working with a fur vest, but my love for fur pieces don't stop there, I love fur coats, too! I think fur pieces are the perfect way to easily add a statement to your look, especially if you're working with a basic outfit and want to reach for some accessories to help pull the look together, while creating something special. If you don't have a fur vest or coat in your wardrobe already, I suggest you purchase a basic first, then begin to build a collection of various colors, patterns and styles. These pieces totally caught my attention because they're so unique! I feel the more unique the piece is, the more of a high-end feel it can have, since we tend to see more statement furs with luxurious brands. 

    If you feel a bit intimidated by a full on fur coat, but are willing to slowly work your way into slipping one on and owning it, I'd suggest starting with a fur accented collar, then a fur vest and before you know it, you'll be rocking a coat (I have a video on how to style them here)! When I purchased my first fur coat, I felt a little overwhelmed by it, but I loved it so much that I just began wearing it in spite of my feelings and thoughts like, "do I look obnoxious?" I eventually got over it and you will, too. Plus, you'll feel like a street style celebrity wearing one, haha! Do you like fur pieces? What are your favorites? Vests, coats or both?! 

    Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a fantastic day!



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  • So 70s in Suede

    Oct 07, 2015




    Faux Fur Vest: From TjMaxx (similar style here// Shirt: Cynthia Rowley from Marshalls (similar style here)  // Hat: BCBGeneration (here)  // Pants: From Marshalls (similar style here)  // Shoes: Steve Madden from Marshalls (similar style here// Drusy ring: c/o Kendra Scott (here// Bar Necklace: c/o Rocksbox


    Happy Hump Day, girlies!

    Like many of you, I'm swooning over the 70s trend this season. It's definitely a fashion era that I can relate to and I truly feel inspired by in so many ways. One of the noted pieces I love the most that reflects this era is suede leather. When I first saw these pants, I fell in love with the fact that they were not only suede (faux) but that they're also jogger pants! Joggers remind me so much of my 90s childhood, so the combination of the era I admire and the one I've lived were perfect! 

    To add some layer and dimension to my outfit, I added a fur vest (faux). This is certainly one of my favorite fall layering pieces. It helps to add warmth, texture and a bit of a boho element to a look, which I love. Fur vests work well with practically anything and everything, making them a perfect fall wardrobe staple. It's also a comfort piece for me because there have been items that I've purchased and truly loved, but they didn't necessarily flatter my body shape on their own, so when I add a fur vest, it helps to balance out my curves, creating a nice tailored look that's flattering. If that's an experience you have frequently or find yourself in at times, reach for a fur vest, you'd be surprised how much of a difference it can make to your look and confidence :)

    I hope you have a wonderful day, beauties, and thanks so much for stopping by! Oh, and if you're loving my bar necklace, it's by House of Harlow 1960 and it was included in my Rocksbox. If you're unfamiliar, Rocksbox is a monthly membership program, where each month an in house stylist curates a "box" of jewelry containing 3 pieces, from items you love and added to your wish list. You have the choice of purchasing all 3 pieces, some or none! Visit the website to learn more and use my special coupon code JALISASFILESXOXO to receive your first month's membership for FREE



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  • My Pink Favorites: It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

    Oct 06, 2015


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    Happy Tuesday, beautiful friends!

    As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It's a topic that's very near and dear to my heart (I did an over 80 page pre-dissertation paper and research study in college) mainly because breast tumors have unfortunately run in my family. My mother discovered her first fibroadenoma (a benign or non cancerous tumor in the breast) when she was just 12 years old and has had over 8 surgeries to remove them over the years. As of now, she has over 20 in both breasts, which are being closely monitored by doctors, as she is said to be high risk for breast cancer, but we are having faith that her risk will diminish! I discovered a tumor in my breast at the age of 19 and had it removed during mid-terms in my second year of college, so you can imagine how stressful it was! Yet, I still managed to have a positive outlook; I was pre-med, so I was driving all the doctors nuts with questions and was studying for my midterms right up until they were wheeling me into the operating room; I have to laugh at that now, haha! 

    Anyway, I say all of that to make sure that you are frequently checking your breasts every month at the end of your menstrual cycle, never during, since your breasts tend to be a bit more cystic and lumpy because of your hormones during this time, which is completely normal. Here's a great article which demonstrates how to perform a self breast exam (BSE) and don't forget to make sure to ask your doctor, when you go for your annual check up, to perform a clinical breast examination (CBE) and let him or her know if any breast or ovarian tumors or cancer run on either side of your family. 

    Of course the color of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is pink, so I compiled some of my current pink favorites, which I hope you love! How awesome are those Hunter rain boots?!

    I hope you all have a wonderful day and thanks so much for stopping by and please share this information with all the women in your lives, the more we know, the more we can take preventative action! 



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  • Keepin' It Cool

    Oct 05, 2015


    Shirt: From Marshalls (very similar one color lumberjack here)  // Earrings & Necklace: c/o Rocksbox (use code jalisasfilesxoxo for your first month's membership free!// Jeans: 7 for all mankind from Marshalls (very similar style on sale here)  // Ring: c/o Kendra Scott (here)  // Boots: Michael Antonio (on sale here)  // Purse: Errelleventidue from TjMaxx (I found it on e-bay, hereuse discretion when purchasing from a seller)


    Happy Monday!

    I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I'm so happy that it's been feeling a lot more like fall around here, which means that I'm able to break out my boots and I've been beyond excited to wear these, which I purchased on sale at the start of summer and they're still on sale, if you're interested here! I love that they're red and are over the knee. I have one other pair of over the knee boots, but I'm definitely planning on building a collection. I just love the way they look with both jeans and leggings. However, it's a struggle finding them, being tall, most "over the knee" boots fall right under my knee, so I have to snag 'em when they really are over the knee. Yes, the struggle is real! 

    popular color combination I've been noticing a lot for fall is blue and red and they're mostly combined with cooler tones, which makes sense if you think about it, since we are in the cooler months. Those of you who have a cool undertone, i.e. your veins on your wrist are noticeably blue, should definitely give the combo a try, as it would really flatter your skin tone. Not that other skin tones, such as the warms and neutrals cannot, I'm neutral, it would just really highlight cooler undertones, since the colors are more within that hue. With that, I wanted to point out the gold hardware on both my bag and boots which have cool tones. They are both a bit brassy, which I thought was pretty clever, since brass has more of a cool feel, as opposed to classic yellow gold that has more of a warm feel, which would otherwise be best paired with orangy or yellow tones. 

    Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope this post gave you an outfit idea :) Cheers to a wonderful day and start to your week, my beautiful friends!




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  • Working with Stripes

    Oct 02, 2015


    Dress: From Marshalls (similar style here// Cardigan: Lucky Brand from Marshalls (similar style here// Booties: Christian Siriano for Payless (super old- similar style here


    Happy Friday, beautiful friends!

    Striped pieces have the reputation of being super versatile, allowing you to wear them in a simple way or dressed up with more of a chic element. However, I have found that they don't work for all of us as is and depending on the piece(s) and our body shapes, there are certain styling methods we should consider to create a more flattering effect. 

    You see, horizontal stripes, which are the most common, for a striped tee especially, widen the area where they're worn. If it's a t-shirt, then it would widen the entire upper body and if it's a skirt or dress, it would visually widen the hip area. This is all great, depending on the effect you want to achieve. When it comes to tops, I always suggest to my apple or inverted triangle shaped friends that they may want to go for a black base with white stripes, since these shapes tend to have wider upper bodies. The black base can help to prevent the upper body from appearing even wider. Why? As we know, black conceals or slims, whereas white highlights. So having a black base will minimize the creation of additional width. 

    When it comes to skirts or dresses, like the one I'm wearing, I suggest that my pear (like myself) and hourglass shaped friends, carefully consider the tops they choose to work with. The reason is that if a top that creates a slimming effect is worn with a horizontal striped bottom, it can make the top appear even more smaller in comparison to the hips. To prevent that from happening, I'd suggest wearing a pop of color, a bardot/boatneck top or in this case, a longer cardigan to help visually elongate the entire body, which helps to counteract the additional width the stripes create. 

    I hope you found this post helpful in styling your striped piece(s) or that it gave you some confidence in working with them, if you felt insecure about wearing them :) and I hope you all have a wonderful start to your weekend! 



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  • What to Wear with Camel This Fall

    Oct 01, 2015


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    Hey Ladies! 

    One of fall's popular colors is camel, a color I personally love, this time of year especially! Do you love it too, but are uncertain as to how you could style it with colors other than the typical white, navy or black? This post will, hopefully, provide you with some creative color options that you can pair it with this season: blush pink, orange, baby / ice blue or heather grey

    Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day!



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  • My Birthday Look!

    Sep 30, 2015


    Dress: c/o LuLu*s (similar style on sale here// Vegan Leather Jacket: Blank NYC (similar non-vegan style on sale here// Necklace: c/o Happiness Boutique (here// Shoes: Steve Madden from Marshalls (similar style here)


    Happy Hump Day, beauties!

    I want to thank all of you for the birthday wishes yesterday, it truly helped my birthday feel that much more special :) As mentioned in yesterday's post, I'm sharing my outfit that I wore to celebrate my birthday. I fused three colors that I love together, which are also the color themes for this blog: black, white and pink! I think what I love most about this combination is the edgy element they somehow collectively create. Pink is such a feminine color and when styled with black and white, the black can really help to harden the softness that the pink carries. What's funny, in this case, the effect that the colors carry were switched, since I wore a pink leather motto (vegan) jacket and the lace on the dress was black. 

    Speaking of the dress, it's perfect for creating the illusion of a curvier shape. Dresses that have a marked silhouette down the center in one solid shade, contrasted with another color for the base of the dress peeking through, helps to create the illusion of a curved waist, which is super flattering. I find these dresses to look amazing on every shape, but especially my apple and rectangular shaped friends! One thing to keep in mind is the base color when shopping. If you're in the process of loosing weight or don't want to further highlight your weight, I wouldn't suggest white as the base, rather black or a darker shade. We know that white has the tendency to highlight, so it can actually make one appear larger or add some unwanted visual weight.

    I hope you all have a fabulous day and thanks so much for stopping by! 



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  • Today's My Birthday!

    Sep 29, 2015


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    Hey Girlies!

    Today's my 27th birthday! It's crazy how time flies because I still feel 17, haha! I have some plans to spend some time with my mom and hubby today, so I'll post what I wore  on tomorrow's post. In the meantime, since September's birthstone is blue sapphire, I wanted to share some pieces that I'm loving that are in this beautiful and luxurious shade, which looks good on every skin tone, especially cool; I hope you like them! Share which one(s) you do in the comment's section.

    Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful day, my beautiful friends! 

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  • Seemingly Saturated

    Sep 28, 2015

    Happy Monday, beauties!

    The temps are beginning to plummet slowly, nonetheless, I'm excited because I can start to break out my blazers and longer pants and not have to worry about sweating bullets, haha! Many of us love fall, for many reasons, one of mine is the saturated and rich colors that are everywhere in nature and fashion. For instance, I love the combination of camel and cobalt, depicted in this look. 

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