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Yay, it's Friday, babes!

I am SOOOO happy it's Friday, you have no idea! This week has been a really long one and I'm so looking forward to just relaxing and perhaps indulging in some pizza this weekend! There's a seasonal tag going around entitled "fall favorites" and this cashmere dress is definitely one of my fall favorites! I purchased it years and years ago on sale at Annie Sez. It's my only cashmere piece and I always feel so luxurious and extra cozy when wearing it! I was able to find two dresses (here here) that are quite similar, both on sale too, so you can feel the exciting feeling I felt when I purchased mine on sale; isn't that such a great feeling?! Not only do I love the dress because it's cashmere and in blush pink, which makes for an ultra feminine combo, I also like the cowl neck, which works really well with my body shape, pear. 

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Happy Thursday, beautiful friends!

Fashion is the clothing and style is what we do with the clothing. It can certainly be challenging to discover and develop our unique style, but there is one way, among many, to help narrow down and define our style and that's finding a muse. The best way I'd suggest to discover your muse, or fashion "icon" would be to take to Pinterest. Keep an eye out for individuals who have similar tastes in clothing, body shape, skin-tone, height, etc. I also suggest...

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Happy hump day, lovelies!

Wow, can you believe that it's already Wednesday and that October is nearly over?! It's crazy how fast time is flying and as it continues to move rapidly, the temperatures begin to drop lower and lower (who's ready for snow?! NOT me!). While we aren't in need of our heavier wool coats as of yet, we certainly need something to keep us warm on most days, especially in the evenings and the trench coat does the job perfectly! It's light enough that you're not boiling up, but heavy enough to keep you warm and because of this, I consider it a wardrobe staple

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