Cardigan: H&M (similar hereTee: Similar Jeans Y Necklace c/oWatch c/o Purse: Michael Kors (I love this oneShoes: Nine West (similar


Happy Monday my dear friends!

How was your weekend?! I pretty much rested all weekend long because I've just been feeling sooooo tired lately. I'm starting to feel like I did at the middle of my first trimester when I was tired nearly all the time. You guys, I'm 30 weeks, only 10 more weeks to go, can you believe that?! In a way it feels like the pregnancy has been going by so fast, but at the same time, I often feel like I've been pregnant forever, lol. I've heard that's a common feeling, though, when you get closer to the home stretch. 

Sleeping is starting to become a bit of a challenge because though I've always slept on my sides, I often wake up in the middle of the night with a panic thinking that I somehow moved onto my stomach. Don't ask me why, I just get nervous and it's not a fun way to wake up at 3am! I've also been quite irritable and I give it to Eddie for having patience with me because sometimes I just have zero tolerance and I get snippy and he's been such a great sport. I think the fact that he downloaded an app called The Bump that it has given him a better understanding of pregnancy overall. He gets super excited every Sunday to learn what changes both I and Baby A are experiencing. I was actually quite surprised when I found out he downloaded this app because I had never heard of it and didn't think of getting an app to track the pregnancy; I'm glad he did because it's so cool to learn more about Baby A's development and nod along with some of the symptoms mentioned that are sometimes analogous to my weekly changes. 

We also got Belly Buds yesterday because I like to play Baby Mozart for little mama (I've read how it's great in stimulating their intellectual development) throughout the day, but it gets very distracting trying to work and have the music playing; I'm one of those people that needs silence in order to be productive. Now, I can just play it on my phone or laptop with the pods on my stomach and work without it disturbing me. I tried it for one hour yesterday and she seems to really love it. It's amazing how in tune I am with her, I know the difference between when she kicks out of announce or when she moves out of enjoyment. 

As for my outfit, you all know that I'm apart of the blush color bandwagon; I love the shade. I love it paired with so many different colors, but feel it looks the most sophisticated paired with all black when done with a jacket or cardigan. I actually love the idea of this outfit worn with a blush satin bomber, ugh, gorgeous! I think it's a "grown up" way to do pink, so if you're one who's avoided the color overall because you feel it's too girly, this combo would be great and suitable for all ages in my opinion. I personally love all shades of pink, but I know that's not the case with many. Plus, the all black does the body good, doesn't it!? 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends! I hope you found some inspiration from this look and enjoyed reading my little bump update. I love sharing this journey with you, knowing that you all have known me before, during my pregnancy and after, it's very special :) I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!

PS: I didn't dye my hair. I often get asked this around this time of year when my hair naturally lightens. Both my mom and sister are natural red heads with freckles. I'm the only one with dark hair, but when spring rolls around, my hair color changes. It's the only visible Irish gene I have, haha. It makes us wonder what color hair Baby A will have. My grandmother had red hair and blue eyes and like I said, both my mom and sister have red hair, who knows! 



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Shirt: Similar | Track Pant Joggers: Similar Watch c/o Bag: Michael Kors (I love this one| Shoes: Similar 


Happy Wednesday my beautiful friends!

I hope you're all having a great week so far! So, today's look features a huge trend at the moment and that's banker stripes. Banker stripes are not like your typical stripes, what makes them different is that they're often combined with a soft baby blue shade and white pin stripes (vertical stripes). It's no wonder why it's trending so big right now, it's perfect for spring and summer, since the color combination is light and refreshing. 

Plus, it's figure flattering, since they're vertical stripes, which have a slimming effect as opposed to classic horizontal stripes, which can make one appear wider, all depending on how they're styled of course. 

Since these stripes are figure flattering, they're also a perfect option for those of us toting around an extra glamorous accessory, a baby bump! There are so many ways you can wear them, today I chose to knot the front, since the shirt is a tad long, and pair it with a pair of track pant joggers for a cool juxtaposition of dressy and casual. To down play the track pants, since I wanted the dressed up vibe to dominate the two, I added gold sandals and accessories. If you wish to make the casual, athleisure vibe more prominent, then I'd suggest opting for sneakers instead; perhaps a pair of trendy Adidas Superstars

A very cool "it" girl kinda way to wear a banker stripped shirt is to expose the shoulders, either both or just one. I opted for one because with the bump, the wide v would make me appear much wider. Though this isn't really all too practical and to be honest, it was just for the photos, I couldn't function with just one shoulder exposed like this, haha, #realtalk. 

Have you noticed the banker stripes trending and have you tried them out yourself? If not, I definitely encourage you to either in a shirt or perhaps a jumpsuit or romper. It really does help to lighten and freshen up an outfit for the season and the combination looks great on everyone, regardless of shape or size. Plus, it can visually lengthen your upper body, so if you have a short torso, you'll love the effect this creates! 

Thanks so much for sharing, beautiful friends, and I hope your day is as amazing as YOU!



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Dress: Similar | Necklace: Joey J. Jewelry c/o Watch c/o | Shoes: Aldo (similar


Happy Monday my gorgeous friends!

How was everyone's Easter Sunday?! I hosted Sunday brunch and we had such a great time spending the holiday with family. If you've been reading for a while now, then you may have noticed that I love to host the holidays at my house; I just love to cook and have my family around me. It makes me smile when I know they've enjoyed what I've worked so hard to make and put together. I hope Baby A loves to cook and entertain as much as her mama!

Well, this is the dress I wore yesterday. I was so glad when I found it while out shopping a couple of weeks ago because I can't fit into any of my other dresses that would've otherwise been suitable for the holiday. I knew I wanted a maxi dress because as I've been mentioning, I've been trying my best to purchase pieces that I can wear both now and post delivery and maxi dresses are definitely one of those pieces. You don't usually have to go up a size either, since most styles are stretchy or flowy. I've been loving those with an empire waistline specifically, since they accommodate a growing bump and shows it off rather nicely, too :) 

Speaking of empire waistlines, which is basically a waistline that starts right underneath the bust, they're perfect options for those apple body shapes. This shape has a full bust, as well as a wide upper body; the stomach is where you'd typically gain weight, if you were to fall into this category. Plus, if you have a long torso or just wish to appear visually taller, empire waists are a great solution, in that they visually extend the length of the legs, making them appear longer ;) 

Feel free to share your Easter Sunday plans, I'd love to know what you did and wore! Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!



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Happy Monday my sweet friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend, did you do anything fun?! It was so beautiful out the entire weekend and I couldn't happier about it. Spring and fall are my two favorite seasons, but mainly spring. It's a time of new beginnings with all the trees and flowers blossoming and birds chirping, so peaceful. I actually feel New Years should be during this time of year for that reason. I mean, who's really all that inspired to tackle on the issues of life and bad habits when you're surrounded by death and bone cold temperatures?! Lol!


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Happy Friday my gorgeous friends!

We've made it to the end of the week, which calls for celebration! It did kind of seem to go a little fast this time around though, perhaps it's because of all the naps I've been taking lately?!  

I'm not going to be a negative nelly and harp on the cold weather we've been having and my disdain for it, but it did interfere with me being able to share an outfit post, as I typically would on a Friday. So, I figured I'd share a little #flashbackfriday post featuring some outfits that are perfect for spring and are quite unique in color combination. 

As you all know, I love to play around with colors, sometimes I create successes, other times not so much, but that's how you learn what works, right!? Well, today, I'm hopefully taking some guess work out of your hands with some color combinations I've put together last season and received so many compliments on. Of course your pieces will vary, but even if you happen to have some accessories in the colors that are within any of the outfits, you'd be able to recreate the look with your own spin. Since it's Friday and you may have some night out plans, let's start off with an outfit/color combination that'll be perfect for the occasion. 


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Happy Wednesday my lovely friends!

I hope all my fellow east coast friends kept warm and safe during snowstorm Stella yesterday! We got a lot of snow and the wind was crazy. To top it all off, we have some more snow in our forecast for this Sunday, which I hope we miss because well, one snowstorm is more than enough, lol!

Anyway, I've really been embracing neutrals lately, specifically black and beige. There's something about the combination that reads chic and sophisticated and it's one that looks great on everyone. Another great alternative I'm loving that can actually visually brighten the skin during these dull winter days, which I'm sure we all can appreciate, is camel; they give off the same sophisticated and polished vibe.


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Happy Wednesday and happy first day of March, my gorgeous friends!

When it comes to pattern mixing, one may either feel great excitement in coming up with a look that's bold, different, and well, fun to create. Some, on the other hand, may feel overwhelmed or underwhelmed for that matter, at the thought of creating an outfit with more than one print. I get it. Knowing which patterns will work together and won't clash nor compete can be a bit tricky. This, however, will not be the case after this post, hopefully ;) 


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Happy Thursday my sweet friends!

We're officially at the point of the winter season where we're just tired of winter and ready for spring. This is also the time of year that the weather tends to be a little all over the place, warmer spring-like temps one day, a blizzard the next, true story. Since we can't control the elements, unfortunately, we can, however, control our styling! Today, I'll be sharing some outfit ideas that I feel are perfect for this time of year, as well as some tips on creating the spring vibe effect with winter clothing. Some of these outfits are pre-baby belly in case you're wondering where the bump went, haha. Okay, so let's get started, shall we?! 


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Happy Wednesday my dear friends!

Most of us are aware of the fact that ruffles have been trending hard this season. It started during this past summer and transitioned into both fall and winter, and it shows no signs of stopping after seeing some of the f/w 18 collections that have hit the runways this week for NYFW. So, it's safe to say that ruffles are here to stay! What I've been noticing is that so many different variations have been showcased as a result, allowing for everyone, regardless of size or body shape, to embrace the uber feminine and flirty trend. In preparation for spring, which honestly can't come fast enough (shrug) I wanted to make your life easier (I hope) by suggesting styles that are most flattering for your body shape, so you know what will work with your body's features, since the extra fabric and overwhelm certain features, which you may or may not want. 


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Happy Monday, my dear friends!

This week, I'm officially 20 weeks, I'm half way there, can you believe it!? I can't. Time is going by way too fast! I feel her kicking and she's developing a bit of a pattern with her kicks. She'll begin as soon as I wake up in the morning, after I eat, whenever I say, "baby girl", "little girl" or "princess" and when I play Baby Mozart, she loves it! She also does it when she hears Eddie's voice, how cute!? Since I'm at the halfway mark, I've been noticing some clothing no longer fitting comfortably.



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