Happy Thursday my gorgeous friends!

My posting schedule is a little all over the place this week, so sorry about that! It's been one of those weeks that something keeps popping up and not enough hours in the day, we all have them, right?

Anyway, with fall right around the corner, I thought I'd start a series leading up to it, fall essentials. Everyone has a different list of what they'd consider essentials, so I'll be sharing my personal favorites and my most favorite of all, which you'd know if you've been reading The Style Contour for a while now are leather jackets! I'm a collector, they're my weakness and what I gravitate to instantly upon entering a store this time of year. 


What I love about a leather jacket is it works so well with any and every style and outfit, adding the perfect touch of edginess, while keeping you warm of course. It makes for the perfect layering piece. Yes, they're perfect for adding a bit of warmth on those cool early fall days and nights, allowing you to continue to wear some of your favorite summer pieces, which is pretty awesome if you ask me! 


My first suggestion would be to make sure you have a plain black one before all else. No embroidery, studs, spikes, etc. You want to make sure that it's not a trendy piece and one you can wear for years to come and with any outfit, it needs to be versatile. Depending on what you prefer, you can opt for one that has large zippers and buttons or one with details that are more subtle. A moto style is a bit more on the edgier side, further enhancing the vibe, while one that isn't has a bit more of a sleeker feel, perfect for all you minimalists! If you're looking to invest, a black one would be the color to do so with, you'd get the most use out of it for sure. If you feel black is too harsh or too edgy for your liking, opt for grey, taupe or camel brown as alternatives, they're just as versatile and don't give off the same edgy vibes as black would. 

Once you've added a basic black or your alternative neutral, then I'd say it's safe for you to experiment and add other fun colors, prints, and details to your collection. You don't need to invest in an authentic leather either, it can be vegan, which is just as good. In fact, one of my favorite brands for leather jackets is Blanknyc and they make incredible vegan options as well as genuine leather/suede. What I love about them is that they make affordable alternatives to high end designer stlyles, like Alice + Olivia and All Saints; I'm all for desinger dupes ;)

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I hope you found my suggestions and selecitons (totally didn't mean to rhyme there, haha) helpful! Let me know, do YOU like wearing leather jackets and if so, what styles do you prefer? Plain, detailed, colorful?! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you in tomorrow's post, my dear friends!


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Top: Similar | Jeans: Similar Necklace c/o Watch c/o Knot Bracelet c/o Moonstone Bracelet c/o | Belt: Similar | Bag: Louis Vuitton Trevi GM | Shoes: Similar 





Happy Monday my dear friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are off to a wonderful start to your week so far! 

Spending money on a ton of luxurious, high-end pieces isn't always an option due to the hefty price tag, but that doesn't mean that we cannot dress in a way that looks expensive. There are certain fabrics, textures, and even colors that can make an item appear more expensive than it actually is, like satin. Satin has a very romantic, therefore luxurious look to it. 

To be honest, the majority of the investment pieces I own are accessories because I feel I can get more use out of them than a special occasion or seasonal top or dress, though I'm not opposed to the idea of splurging on such pieces. If you have the means and feel you'd get enough use out of it, go for it! 

However, what I like to do is look for clothing that exudes a luxurious vibe, even if it's a faux fabric, and pair it with one of those investment pieces I mentioned to make the entire outfit appear more expensive and chic. If you don't have an investment piece, no worries! Pairing your satin piece with a solid neutral purse and/or shoes will create the same effect, even more when it's in a rich brown shade. 

Is there a fabric that you feel enhances your outfit? Satin, silk, cashmere? I'd love to know! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my beautiful friends, and I hope you're having a great start to your week so far!



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Cardigan: Similar | Tank: Similar | Belt: Gucci | Jeans: Similar | Shoes: Simlar | Bag: c/o Radley London | Necklace: c/o Midori Linea | Knot Bracelet: c/o Motif | Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington | Moonstone Smart Bracelet: c/o Ringly | Earrings: Similar 







Happy Monday my beautiful friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Today's outfit was inspired by my arm party, which consists of all rose gold pieces. I was particularly excited about wearing this new smart bracelet I recently received from Ringly, a smart jewelry line. Their concept is to connect us with technology by seamlessly fusing it with fashionable pieces that fit well with in our everyday lives and personal styles. Basically, that technology can be sleek and stylish. They're a brand developed by women, so the importance of having pieces that are wearable and fashionable are just as important as their practically. They have a beautiful selection of pieces ranging from rings to various bracelet styles. The one I selected is from their 'Luxe' collection, which features genuine semi-precious stones with 14k gold plating. 

I'm totally new to a tech piece like this, so I was so excited to begin wearing and using it. Both my mom and niece have a Fitbit, this functions pretty much like that, so if you have one or are familiar with them, then you have a gist. It comes in a chargeable jewelry box that you insert the piece into and pair it as you would any bluetooth piece to your phone. Once it's paired, you can then assign VIP contacts with special colors that will subtly light up and vibrate to let you know that they're either calling or texting you. You can also receive alerts and notifications from your favorite apps (over 100!) and track your steps and set personal goals, pretty cool right?!

I'm pretty sure if you've been reading the blog for quite some time now, you know that when I love something, I wear it often, so you can expect to see this bracelet a lot, haha! I tend to wear both my Daniel Wellington rose gold classic petite watch and Motif Endo knotted bracelet paired together, but I've always felt that another piece was missing and this bracelet has now completed the "set" I wished to create. It also comes in gold and silver, so if rose gold isn't your thing, you have options, along with selecting the semi-precious stone of your choice (purple jade, moonstone, agate, labradorite, and howlite, which looks like white marble). 

Getting back to the overall outfit, the rose gold trio inspired me to wear my rose gold pumps that I've only ever worn once and a blush cardigan, which gives off the same rose toned effect. Rosé All Day is the name of the bracelet, hence the title, plus we're in rosé season and this outfit reminds me of it as well. 

What do YOU think of smart jewelry? Have you ever tried them before? If so, what's YOUR favorite brand and piece to wear? 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!


Linking up with Kelly from Rosy Outlook, be sure to check out her amazing blog and join the link-up, too!   


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Happy Friday my sweet friends!

I hope you all had a great week; I'm beyond ready for the weekend. As I mentioned in Wednesday's post, Eddie hasn't been feeling well and neither has my mom. With two of the people that would typically be helping me out the most at this time in my pregnancy not feeling well, it's been a bit of an overwhelming week to say the least. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to cook and I typically make vegan meals during the week, but sometimes they're not all that quick and easy. That said, it's been one of those pasta and whatever else that requires as little time as possible kinda weeks, yup! 


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Happy Thursday my lovely friends!

Today's post is on a piece that's perfect for light layering for those chilly spring and summer nights or for times you want to add a little extra coverage to your outfit, i.e. you're wearing a shorter dress, skirt, or shorts and don't feel comfortable exposing much in the back. What I love about kimonos is that everyBODY can wear them, they're so versatile and are flattering for every body shape and height. 


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Happy Wednesday my gorgeous friends!

White, all white, white outfit, this can all put panic in the minds and faces of many of us, lol, and I totally understand why because it can be quite intimidating to wear white for a number of reasons. 


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Happy Tuesday my beautiful friends!

As the weather begins or continues to (it's been rather inconsistent for us here in Connecticut) warm up, we find ourselves reaching for our easy breezy pieces, though some aren't so easy to reach for, one of which are shorts. Finding a great pair shorts should be easy though, right?! Unfortunately, that's not often the case, like with jeans, there are things to consider when shopping to ensure a flattering fit and I'm sure you're nodding with agreement having had a struggle in finding the perfect pair, I'm with you in that and because I know a thing or two about works and what doesn't, I figured I'd share some, what I'd like to believe, helpful tips with you to make the search that much easier. 



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Happy Thursday my friends!

If you've scrolled through Instagram, flipped through at least one magazine, or just walked into a couple of stores, chances are you've seen an array of clothing and accessories in a stripe pattern and not just any stripe, light blue and white stripes, better known as banker stripes. This particular combination is quite different than nautical stripes, which feature a navy blue and white combination. Also, banker stripes aren't horizontal, they're vertical, which are more universally figure flattering and as a result, it takes less effort to style. 


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Happy Hump Day my dear friends!

Yesterday we talked about pink, today is all about red! You know, when I was in high school red was my favorite color, I literally had everything in the color. You know how some are with black, often asking, "does it come in black?" Well, I always asked, "does it come in red?" I loved it. Then I hit college and out went all my red clothing, as my style began to change. Fast forward to now and would you believe that I've only have a few pieces in the vibrant color in my wardrobe?! Yup! That's certainly going to change though as time goes on. I think the reason for my limited selection is that I'm quite picky with the pieces that are in this vibrant color because well, it's vibrant! When I know something has the potential to be eye catching in either color or design, I tend to be very particular. 


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Happy Tuesday my beautiful friends!

A few months ago, I mentioned how pink was a growing color trend, sharing some of my favorites in the color, mainly blush pink, which is THE pink shade of the moment. Though there are many who are embracing this color trend, such as myself, there are some who have reservations and it's in due part to the possibility of pink looking a little too playful and well, childish. 


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