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Happy Monday my friends!

One of many ways to look chic in the winter (and all year long) is to go monochrome. We've talked about the power of monochrome quite a few times on the blog, but I wanted to break it down a bit more in this post and we all know that repetition and the more examples make for better understanding and inspiration. At least that what works for me! So, I figured it would be a great idea to compile them all into one post







Usually, when monochrome is done in the winter, it's often done in black. Hopefully, this winter I've given you some ideas for creating the effect with other colors. We've already created an outfit with winter whites. Though that outfit was broken up a bit with the addition of the olive green boots, as seen above. Another idea is to go all grey, but with the addition of silver metallic. Metallics not only add a nice sheen that makes the outfit more vivid, but when done in clothing in particular (think a metallic maxi skirt) it adds nice fluid movement, which is quite lovely and really helps to bring the outfit to life. 

The key things to consider when creating a monochrome outfit, particularly in the winter, is to mix and match textures in neutrals which is super easy to do. Since many of us are wearing knits to keep warm and cozy, a sweater would be a great option to start with. The second piece (the bottom) could be in the form of denim, leather or suede to create a notable contrast. If you opt for a blouse on top and pair it with slacks, unless the top is tucked in and a bit on the flowy side, it can look one dimensional and doesn't present the same chic factor. 

As mentioned, I suggest working with neutrals because it'd be easier for you create your outfit without having to go shopping. For the most part, I'm sure most of you have either grey, black or white jeans in your wardrobe and perhaps a pair of brown bottoms? Plus, it's a great way to make a statement that isn't too bold, as it would be if you were to go for an all pink monochrome, which I'm all for, but know that it wouldn't necessarily be the most favorable option for some.

When it comes to footwear you can go for boots or pumps, depending on your weather situation. This is where it can get a little fun. Don't limit yourself to only a solid colored pair because you can further enhance the effect with a metallic or printed pair! Though when we work with prints, there are often other colors incorporated, the color that you're working on top and bottom would pull out the same color in the print, making it appear more dominant than the rest, keeping the monochrome going. 

Out of the different winter monochrome outfits I've worn, I think today's outfit is the most comfy for the simple fact that suede is a softer and therefore cozier option to leather and denim. The next comfy option would be denim and leather would be last. I'd honestly go for leather if it were an event at night, where it's more about dressing up than being comfy. 

What's your favorite color to wear when creating a monochrome outfit? 

Thanks so much for stopping by my sweet friends! What did you do this weekend? I did get a chance to sleep, which felt quite amazing and I feel ready for the week. Aviah is doing much better, so this week is looking good! 



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Happy Friday friends!

When was the last time you wore a mini-skirt if ever? Okay, how often do you wear a mini? I'm guessing that many of you don't wear them for the simple fact that they're well, mini, and quite short. I can totally understand if you've avoided anythign mid though for fear of looking risque becaues they require more thought when styling to prevent such a vibe. I for one stayed clear for many years because I'd like to consider myself quite conservative when it comes to my fashion choices and the thought of exposing a bit too much doesn't necessarily appeal to me. 



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Happy Monday my beautiful friends!

Since I've been doing some online shopping these past few days, I figured it would be a good idea to share some of the things I've ordered and some things I've been eyeing, in case you plan on doing some shopping yourselves and want some inspiration. Most of the things I've purchased and are eyeing is from H&M and I ordered one of the white mules I featured in Friday's postnumber 6. As much as I wanted to get everything that made my eyes look like the heart eyed emoji, I know my wallet would tightly close on me, so I got what I knew I'd get the absolute most wear out of for the start of spring and into summer. On that note, the pieces with the heart eyed emoji are the ones on my wish list, everything else is what I purchased.


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Happy Friday my lovely friends!

I'm sure many of you know that white boots are quite the trend this winter and have been since the start of fall. I personally don't see the white shoe trend slowing down this spring and summer. In fact, I think it'll only gain more momentum, since they'll be more practical to wear during the warmer months. I mean, let's face it, though white boots may look uber chic, they aren't necessarily the shoe of choice when it's raining, snowing, or there's a mix of both, which basically defines winter; at least in the northeast. It's almost inevitable that you'll get them dirty and it can be annoying to try and wipe them clean again. 


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Happy Monday my sweet friends!

Being a fashion blogger, I do challenge myself to think outside the box and wear clothing that perhaps I wouldn't otherwise wear and through doing so, I've found that some pieces I'd perhaps turn my head to are actually quite practical, one of which are faux fur coats. Before blogging, I would've most likely thought, though stylish, they wouldn't be at all practical for everyday kind of wear and save them more for special occasions. Honestly, that couldn't be further from the truth. Perhaps some of you feel this way and for that reason alone don't own one, feeling as though you'd never get any real use out if it. These three outfits are ones that I feel can be easily worn on the regular. It all comes down to how you put the pieces together to make it more practical and less forced.


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Happy Monday my sweet friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend and were able to enjoy the fairly warm weather we had! It's crazy how warm it can feel when it's in the 40s & 50s, when you've become so used to weather in the teens and 20s!


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Happy Thursday my sweet friends!

Today I'm sharing some boots (26 to be exact!) I've stumbled across and absolutely love. We've been talking a lot about winter fashion for obvious reasons, t's winter. I like to look for and share different ways we can make our winter outfits that much more visually appealing, without requiring much effort because most of us just don't have the energy (or desire) to sit and contemplate a stylish and practical outfit every single day in the winter. 


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Happy Thursday my gorgeous friends!

As I'm typing this, we're bracing ourselves for a supposedly major snowstorm set to hit the northeast and our furnace blew conveniently. Luckily we have a fire place, send all the positive (and cozy) vibes our way. 

Anyway, you all know how much I love my outerwear. From fur coats to leather jackets and vest, I'm all for them. Why? They're not only practically in keeping you warm, but can make an entire outfit. In fact, during the winter, it can be an entire outfit, since we're so bundled up that not many get to witness the great amount of (stylish) effort we've put into what's underneath. That said, when there's an outerwear trend, my ears and eyes perk up. This winter, it's all about the puffer coat. It's a bit nostalgic for me having grown up in the '90s and owning so many different colors and styles. I'm glad they've made a comeback and though some of the colors and finishes (hello, metallic!) are very reminiscent, there are some more contemporary styles that have been added, such as velvet and the teddy fabrics, can you say ultra cozy!?


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Happy Friday my gorgeous friends!

I hope you all had a great week and are ready to enjoy the long holiday weekend! I don't remember the last time Christmas fell on a Monday, giving us a 3 day weekend, so I'm pretty excited! Today's outfit is one that I hope inspires you, particularly if you want to get a bit dressed up for the holiday and add some slight festive touches. I totally get that going all out with red or green may not be everyone's cup of tea, but that doesn't necessarily mean the desire to be festive isn't there. The easiest way I feel to add a nice festive touch is with your accessories. I opted for a check blanket scarf that has some red in it, but you can also go for a red beanie or pair of shoes. If you're not feeling those ideas, you can always go for a red lip, which has a festive vibe this time of year. 


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Happy Wednesday my gorgeous friends!

When this time of year rolls around, a combination I always think of and put together is red and houndstooth. It's not only a classic duo, but one that can be festive, too! Red has been the color this fall (as discussed in this post) and even more so as we're in the holiday season. It's one that's festive and looks great on everyone. There are a couple ways you can mix up or recreate the combination to ensure a flattering outfit.


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