Happy Friday lovelies!

I want to start off by saying that I'm incredibly thankful for all of your kind, loving and encouraging words both here and on Instagram in response to Monday's post. It really means a lot to me to have your support as I continue to move forward from everything. 

Would you know that one of the few things I desired to do while recovering was shop?! Lol. I didn't go overboard, but it was a great escape to stimulate my creativity again. One thing I found myself repeatedly gravitating towards was feathers. I not only purchased these beauties, but this denim jacket with the feather hems. I love the light, airy feminine touch feathers add to an outfit, making it a beautiful detail to add to a summer outfit. 

Much like a one piece outfit, when working with statement shoes, there's not much effort you need to put into the rest of your outfit, as the shoes do all the talking. It allows for you add a basic tee and denim, yet look so stylish and put together. My kind of outfit formula! Here, I opted for a cute pink muscle tank. I love juxtaposition the piece has in that it's a muscle tank, but in a soft pinkish/purple color. I thought it would work perfectly with the heels, creating a somewhat of a cohesive flow in color. 

I hope you like the outfit and found some inspiration for styling. As mentioned on Monday, I'll be back again in a week or two as we prepare to move to Florida these next few days. 

I love you all so much and once again, I appreciate all your support!



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