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Happy Monday my gorgeous friends!

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty relaxed for the most part. I really tried to take it easy and rest, since last week was so hectic. I took a nice break from my phone and social media, which felt really good. These days, I try to soak up and truly live in the moment. All of the catastrophic events and evil acts we've, unfortunately, been seeing nearly every week have been a reminder of how fragile life is and how we shouldn't take it for granted. This sometimes means putting the phone down, stepping away, and giving your undivided attention to those around you. 

Moving right along to today's outfit, I wanted to look for yet another way to style this blue striped shirt you've seen my style a number of times this past summer. We often see light blue stripes during the warmer months, but I wanted to demonstrate how you can still get use out of them during the fall, by styling them with more seasonal pieces, such as dark chocolate-y browns and leather. I had originally intended on wearing nude pumps, but my leopard ones came to mind. I thought it would make for a great pattern mix; I love the way it turned out! 

I hope you feel inspired to recreate this outfit yourselves, if not in working with a striped shirt, at least in the color pairing! Thanks so much for stopping by, my gorgeous friends, and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!



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Happy Friday my lovely friends!

I hope you all had a great week and are ready to embrace the weekend full force, I know I am...this mama had a loooooooong week! I can't even count the amount of times I did laundry, it's all a blur guys, it's all a blur. 

Does this dress look familiar? It's the one I wore to my baby shower back in June! I've mentioned that when I was shopping during my pregnancy, I tried to avoid purchasing too much maternity, since I'd only be wearing the pieces for a few months. What I did instead was purchase pieces that had a lot of stretch in my regular size, like this dress. I wanted to be able to still get use out of them post pregnancy, this is something I'd suggest you do if you're expecting or file in the back of your mind for when the time comes. 

Embroidery is still going strong this fall and so are florals, dark florals in particular. Though these florals aren't dark, the solid color of the dress is, which makes it perfect for the season. To add some warmth, I've styled it with a leather of my must have fall essentials. It also creates a perfect juxtaposition and is also a great way to extend the wear of your favorite summertime maxi dress. As the weather starts to dip even more, you can add in a scarf and hat. It's such a versatile piece. 

I hope you all love the look and most importantly, feel inspired by it! Thanks so much for stopping by, have a wonderful weekend, friends!



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Faux Leather Blazer | Cami | Pants: Similar herehere | Necklace: Similar | Boots: Similar here (ON SALE $40 OFF!)

Happy Wednesday my gorgeous friends!

I hope you're all having a great week so far! Today's outfit screams 90s to me, I wasn't necessarily going for this particular vibe when creating the outfit, it wasn't until after I put everything together that I realized it. I think it's the combination of leather, bold gold necklace, and these bold mustard yellow pants. I've been on a mustard yellow kick lately. Perhaps it's to make up for the entire season I missed wearing it last year when I was pregnant, if you read last Friday's post, you know what I'm talking about, haha!  

I grew up in the 90s and I'll continue to say that it was the best era, nothing like it in terms of fashion and music, nothing. 

I've had this blazer for a few years now and it seems to be one of the most popular pieces at Missguided because it's always selling out and being restocked season after season. The quality is amazing for the price and it's super flattering, as it tapers in at the waist complimenting the double breasted buttons perfectly. Plus, it's a great dupe for the original and iconic Balmain version! I've styled it a number of times (see here for the last outfit) so it's definitely versatile; I highly recommend! 

Since I went for cropped pants, I decided to pair them with a pair of pointed toe booties to visually elongate the leg. I feel any other type of shoe (rounded toe) would make the leg short and stubby. So, my suggestion if you're petite and bottom curvy would be to opt for pointed toe shoes when working with cropped bottoms to help flatter your curves! 

Thanks for stopping by, my dear friends; I hope you liked today's look! 



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Happy Monday my gorgeous friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Mine was pretty laid back. Yesterday, we spent much of the day cleaning and I feel so good that the house is clean. I'm one of those people that can't stand a messy house, it makes me feel unclean. I'm a bit OCD, though, I admit. A weird fact about me is whenever I buy something new, I have to clean the whole house. I know, this is incredibly weird, but I have to. I used to be very impulsive about a clean house, until I met Eddie who is the total opposite. I would get anxiety if the bed slippers were not tilted a certain way before bed and I had everything colors coordinated. Who I'm I trying to fool, my closet is still color coordinated, ha. When I was younger, whenever I would get stressed or upset, I'd clean. A friend of mine hit the hammer on the nail when she said it was because it was the only thing I felt I could control, so very true. 


One of this season's hottest color trends is red. It was trend that first gained momentum at the start of spring and has shown no signs of stopping. I shared some tips at the start of summer on how to select the best shade of red for your skin-tone, so I won't touch upon that today; if you're interested, feel free to check out that post here

Today, I'm sharing a color combination featuring the hot color that's perfect for fall. To add a fall vibe to any outfit, add brown, it's as simple as that! There are a variety of brown shades to work with, ranging from sandy to deep, dark chocolate shades. Reds that have more of an orange undertone, like the sweater I'm wearing, pair great with lighter shades and those that have more of a blue undertone or even burgundy, pair great with darker shades. 

Are you loving the fact that red is trending this season? 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!




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Sweater: here, here | Pants: Similar herehere | Bag: Louis Vuitton Boots c/o 

Happy Friday my gorgeous friends!

A couple of weeks ago, I shared why I love wearing white in the fall and today I'm, yet again, bringing to you an outfit that includes rich fall tones with white as the canvas for the reasons I mentioned in that post. I don't know if you remember me sharing how I hated and could not tolerate the sight of mustard yellow when I was pregnant with Aviah. It would literally make me nauseous just looking at it, so I only wore this sweater once and my mustard Zara jacket I love so much a hand full of times, before those feelings kicked in. Isn't that weird?! Lol! I honestly love the color, it reminds me of fall and I think it works well during the spring season, too, making today's outfit a great transitional outfit for both seasons. 

Though mustard yellow is a beautiful shade, I will caution those of who have yellow undertones to beware, as it can easily make the skin appear tawny and greenish. This is something we all wish to avoid. That said, avoid it one days you don't feel well, as it can make the skin appear even more dull and bring out all the discolorations that come along with a common cold.

Isn't it interesting the different effects color can have on the skin and our mood, too!? Elise, my blogger babe over at Sparkle and Slippers shared an interesting fact she came across regarding yellow. It's supposedly a color that people feel the most comfortable about being themselves in. Interesting, huh?

Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have the most amazing weekend ahead! 



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Tunic: Similar herehere | Jeans | Boots | Bag: Louis Vuitton Necklace c/o | Bracelet: Similar 





Happy Wednesday my sweet friends!

On Monday, I shared my new found love for balloon sleeved sweaters, today, I'm sharing my love for OTS shoulder sweaters. I'm loving the fact that many of the s/s 17 trends are still going strong, but are modified for fall pieces. I've actually had this tunic sweater for years, yet this is the first time I'm wearing it as an OTS. It's a cowl neck, so it allows for me to wear it in different ways, so if you have cowl necks that are longer, give it a try! It's a great way to get more use out of your clothing and feel as though you've purchased an entirely new and trendy piece. Though OTS are more classy and timeless in my opinion. 

What I love about this particular sweater is that it's in one of my favorite fall colors, teal. I adore jewel toned colors because they're so rich, beautifully saturated, and look great on anyone and everyone. They do so much for the skin, especially in the winter when our skin looks dull and dry; they add a nice vibrancy and flush to the skin. You can even see from the look of these photos that my skin looks as though it has a glow to it and it's entirely due to the fact that I'm wearing the rich color. Try it and see for yourselves. 

Also, my legs look much longer than they are and that's because I'm wearing dark jeans and OTK boots. This is such a great way to add visual length to the legs. I'm sure many of your petite ladies have heard that you should avoid OTK boots because they "make you appear shorter." Though this is true to a certain extent, it's all in the way you style them. If you do as I've done here and wear them with darker bottoms, you'll actually achieve the opposite effect and look as though you have legs for days ;)

What are some of the fall trends you're excited about this season? 

Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have the most amazing day, my dear friends!



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Happy Monday my sweet friends!

First, I'd like to thank all of you who wished me a Happy Birthday on Friday! We had a wonderful time celebrating this past weekend. My mom came up from Brooklyn and spent the weekend with us. We ordered from one of our favorite Italian restaurants and my mom brought a Parisian dessert from one of the bakeries in NYC. 

As for gifts, Eddie  got me this Tory Burch tote I had been wanting ever since my blogger babe, Kelly of Rosy Outlook shared it on one of her her essentials lists and has also been rocking it in the grey color. I had been in need of an all black tote minus the hardware. I'm one of those people that has a pet peeve with metals on clothing and bags clashing. Sometimes, I have no choice because I'm not one of the Rockefellers; I don't have a closet just for bags, though one day I hope too, ha! It's a bit on the smaller side, so I can't double it as a diaper bag, so I intend on using it when I'm not with Aviah or if I want to carry both it and a diaper bag, though the latter is less practical. 

Now let's talk about this sweater! I wish it were still in stock because it's seriously so comfy and is super trendy with the balloon sleeves. I purchased it from Asos back in August and it was the only one left in stock, but this one is very similar. I'm loving balloon sleeved knits this season (I also got this one and can't wait to wear it) because I feel they're cozy and has that cute oversized look, perfect for fall. 

I paired the sweater with velvet bow flats to add yet another trendy element to the look that's more luxe, which was a nice contrast to the casual look of the sweater and distressed knee jeans

I hope you like today's casual outfit and that you have the best start to your week, my dear friends; thanks so much for stopping by! 



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very Happy Friday my dear friends!

Today's my birthday, my last year in my 20s (#29onthe29th), which I still can't believe, since it feels just like yesterday I graduated college and just like last week was the last day of high school; it's crazy how fast time goes by! It's been one rollercoaster of a year; we moved, I got pregnant, and had Aviah. I feel incredibly blessed and grateful. As for birthday plans, there's nothing really on the agenda other than celebrating with something small at my house and what I really want most is a nice long nap, lol. Seriously though. 

Speaking of, thank you to all you mamas who left words of advice and wisdom in my previous post in regards to what I'm currently going through with Aviah. It's nice to be able to converse with other women who know what I'm going through and can provide some helpful tips and insight. 

As for this outfit, I wore something quite similar last year and around the same time of year, too, which is interesting, ha! I love the color combination so much, I just had to recreate it with some different pieces added. In last year's post, I shared some tips on mixing undertones and which skin tones these colors would look great on, so I won't repeat myself here. Instead, if you'd like to know, feel free to check out that post! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my gorgeous friends, and I hope you have a great weekend ahead and I can't wait to see you all on Monday! 



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Jacket: Similar | Scarf: Similar herehere | Dress Bracelet c/o Watch c/o | Bag: Similar Boots c/o

Happy Wednesday my beautiful friends!

How's your week going so far? I've mentioned in previous posts that sometimes, it's hard for me to schedule posts M-F as I've always done as a new mom. Each day is different, though there are some patterns to be expected at this point. For instance, Aviah usually fuses when I go to put her down, which has been very challenging for me to deal with. I'll put her to sleep and will think she's in a deep slumber and as soon as I put her down in her swing, she wakes right back up again and begins to cry intensely. I've heard of this happening when you "spoil" your baby by carrying them all the time, but I don't. I balance it by picking her up, playing with her and doing other fun things with her. I guess when you think of it, it makes sense considering that babies are in your stomach for 9 whole months, so it will take time for them to adjust, but in the meantime, do any of you mamas have any advice that have gone through this or know someone who has? 

In regards to my outfit and the topic of today's post, I've done some simple layering, which is essential when you want to attempt to carry over your summer favorites into early fall. When we often think of layering, we think of countless pieces piled on, but that's not what's needed at the start of fall when the weather is still a tad warm during the day, yet cool in the mornings and evenings. 

On Monday, I talked about the utility jacket, but a denim jacket is just as versatile, if not more because it's denim and works with anything as a pair of jeans would. Just as you would add a dresser black blouse with a pair of jeans for a combination that's both dressed up, yet casual, you can do the same with a denim jacket and basic LBD. Also, a light weight scarf is also a perfect addition for more added warmth in the mornings and can be used as a wrap or even a poncho, if you were to wear a waist belt, if it begins to heat up more throughout the day and the denim is too heavy. 

When it comes to footwear, I can't think of a better shoe than the bootie (ankle or midi), as I've discussed in my Fall Essentials post. They're so easy to inject into any outfit, dresses, skirts, shorts, you name it! The ones I'm wearing are from Vionic, the shoe brand I collaborated with and mentioned in this post. I mentioned in that post why I love this brand so much and I'm so glad to have collaborated with them again. I honestly cannot recommend their shoes enough, they're incredibly comfortable and the quality is amazing! What I love about these boots, is that they have the lace up detail in the back that you don't have to do yourself or worry about them coming undone, they're sewed into the boot, how cute and convenient, right?!

I hope you love the outfit and that it gave you some inspiration and I hope you have the most amazing day, my dear friends; thanks so much for stopping by!



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Jacket: Similar here & here Tee (ON SALE!) Jeans (ON SALE!) | Bag: Similar | Shoes: Similar Necklace c/o Watch c/o Bracelet c/o 




Happy Monday my gorgeous friends!

How was your weekend? Ours was a very relaxing, so much so that I wasn't looking forward to waking up early today and getting started with my day. I just wished that Sunday would've lingered on a little longer, it was THAT kind of weekend, lol. We mainly took Aviah to some local parks and walked around a lot. Do you guys remember when I was pregnant and I said how I had this intuitive feeling that she was going to love nature, like my mom? Well, I guess it was my motherly intuition kicking in because it's been proven true, she loves to be out and about, mostly in quiet parks. Oh, and would you believe she tries to talk? Yes, it started when she was roughly 9 weeks (she's now 12 weeks). She has to be in the mood, but when she is, she just "talks" away. 

As you know, I nurse, so when she was around 9 weeks old, whenever she was hungry she would always have a very distinct cry (and still does). She would say this one word when she'd cry, ghee. Lol. After a while, we figured out that it was a cue that she was hungry. On Saturday night, I was wearing my pjs, which was a dress and while Eddie was holding her, she wrapped the strap of my dress looked down and said, oh ghee, lol!!! It was one of those moments I wish I had my phone to record her, it was hilarious. We said if there ever was a doubt as to what ghee was, it was confirmed right then and there. 

PS: My mom out of curiosity Googled ghee and it actually means milk in an Indian dialect, lol, who knew?! 

Anyway, onto today's outfit. 

You know my love for fall runs deep, it's one of my favorite seasons. You also know that I have an obsession with outerwear and one of the perfect jackets for the season is a utility jacket. They usually go with any casual outfit, since they're often in an earthy natural color, like olive or military green, similar to mine. The one I'm wearing has leather contrasts on the sleeve, for an edgier take, but you can of course opt for styles that don't have it. I actually love this camo one, especially since camo is trending huge this fall season, which we talked about in this post

Also, the jeans I'm wearing are one of my favorites, which I've worn countless times on the blog. They're from New York & Company's curve creator line and they do just that. The seems in the in back creator contours to make your booty look ah-mazing, whether you have one and want to make it look more firm or you don't, but want to create the illusion. I own two pairs from the collection and love the way they fit and highly suggest them, they're actually on sale right now! Aside from the fit, I love the two buttons, I feel like they add a nice little detail to the denim and to an overall outfit when going simple with a basic tee

Do YOU have a favorite outerwear come fall? Let me know!

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have the best week ahead!



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