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Happy Friday my dear friends!

You know the saying, "no white after Labor Day?" Well, we've come a long way since then and as I'm sure you've noticed, most people don't pay mind to this "rule" anymore and rightfully so because it's such a great neutral and alternative for your classic denim when you want to switch things up a bit, add a refreshing touch to your outfit, as well as enhance those beautifully saturated fall-time colors we all begin wearing this time of year; this is why I love it so much. White, unlike black, really allows for rich jewel tones and fall hues to POP in such a beautiful way and it looks absolutely gorgeous when you add in various shades of brown, too! Since the white allows for the colors to really show off their vibrancy, it also adds a brightening effect to the face and overall skin tone as well! 

Do YOU have a favorite color you love wearing the most come fall? I encourage you to pair it with white bottoms and see the difference on yourself!

Thanks so much for stopping by, my gorgeous friends; have a wonderful weekend!



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Happy Thursday and happy first day of fall, my dear friends! 

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, so I'm very excited that it's officially begun and I will no longer get the side eye for talking about it, haha. Today, I'm sharing a variety of ways you can create fall-ready outfits, from the archives, centered around one particular color that exudes the season, burgundy; let's get started!



Original Post

Original Post

Original Post

Original Post

Original Post (I found out I was pregnant with Aviah 4 days after sharing this outfit! It was no wonder I thought these leather pants fit extra tight, lol!)

Original Post

Original Post

Original Post

Original Post


I hope this post gave you some different ways to style some of your burgundy pieces this fall season, which outfit is YOUR fave that you'd most likely re-create?! Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends; I hope your day is as amazing as you!




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Happy Wednesday my gorgeous friends

Today's outfit is one that's fairly simple, yet still looks polished despite the inclusion of distressed denim shorts. What makes this outfit appear a bit dressy is the black flowy tunic and the addition of gold accessories. There's something about black and gold that reads sophisticated and chic, wouldn't you agree?! Just add some gold jewelry to your black piece, be it a LBDLBJ, or top and you'll see what I mean, if you're not already convinced. 

What are some ways YOU like to effortlessly dress up your otherwise simple outfits? Is there a watch or style technique you use?

Thanks so much for stopping by, my lovely friends; I look forward to seeing you all in tomorrow's post! 



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Happy Tuesday my dear friends!

Continuing on with my Fall Essentials, today we're talking about felt hats, the glamorous way to keep warm and cute come fall. There was a time I was hesitant in wearing them because I felt they looked a bit over the top leading others to think, "who the heck does she think she is?" as I walked down the street. I've never had such a reaction, so it was all in my head and I'm glad I decided to forgo that insecurity and embrace them because they're ridiculously cute and fabulous! Here's why I love them...


They're practical for keeping your head warm, hiding bad hair days or greasy hair, and add a nice statement to an otherwise basic or super plain outfit. They're also a great way to experiment with pops of color, like I did in this outfit post with the teal hat


As mentioned, they're great ways for adding a statement to your outfit, while allowing you to step out in second third day old hair with no problem! I'll also suggest that when wearing them, you go a bit simple with your outfit, perhaps a plain tee with some added details or sweater. I've been guilty of teaming it up with a fur coat and it just looked too overwhelming and appeared as though I was trying too hard, a look you obviously don't want. I think it's best to opt for one major statement or focal piece alongside some subtle details that are still rather captivating. 

:: MY PICKS ::

I hope you found this post helpful, my gorgeous friends, and that it inspired you to experiment with felt hats this fall season. Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have an amazing Tuesday!



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Happy Monday my gorgeous friends!

How was your weekend? I hope it was fun and/or relaxing!

As we begin to near the start of fall (which is this week!) I'm paying tribute to two of the most popular trends of the summer season, banker stripes and gingham, by combining them into one outfit. I never thought to combined these two prints, until I saw my ultimate muse, Olivia Palermo, do it and so, you know I had to follow her lead! She added a statement purse to her look, I decided to add a statement shoe in a rich magenta shade, which I felt worked really well with the blue in the shirt. 

This particular pattern mix would look great on those of you who wish to slim your upper body and/or bring focus to your legs. If your legs are the part of your body you feel most confident about, opt for shorts or skirts with patterns that will draw the eye there. To create an overall balanced effect to your body, I'd suggest opting for prints that are similar in scale, but different in color to still add notable contrast, aside from the fact that the prints are different. This is a great technique to use, especially if you're petite!

What trend did YOU love the most this summer? 

Thanks for stopping by, my lovely friends, and I hope you have a wonderful start to your week!



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Happy Friday my gorgeous friends!

I hope you all had a great week and are ready for the weekend! 

Depending on where you work, you may have a dress down day, which will most likely be on a Friday. On days like this, you want to aim for an outfit that's both casual and comfortable, yet still professional and the easiest way to do achieve this is to add a blazer. You may have noticed that I tend to add one to simple tops and tanks because it really helps to add a dressier and more polished touch to an outfit. 

Today, I've toped my slogan tee with a blazer and paired them with distressed skinny jeans. I know that not every job that has a dress down day will permit for one to wear distressed denim and in that case, you can still opt for skinny jeans minus the distressed details. Skinny jeans have a tapered effect on the leg, making them the most dressier style of denim to work with. When the hems flare out, I think it can further enhance the casual feel, but this is totally my opinion not a fact. When it comes to shoes, I'd suggest a pair of pointed toes, either flats or pumps, you want to be practical for what your job entails, which is dependent on whether or not you're on your feet all day (flats) or at a desk (pumps). 

Do YOU have a dress down day at work? If so, do you have an outfit formula you tend to turn to on those days? 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have the most amazing weekend ahead!



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Happy Thursday my dear friends!

Last spring, I shared some of my favorite seasonal nail polishes with you, so I thought it'd be fun to share some of my fall favorites! I try my best to have my nails done because they make all the difference in my mood and self-esteem believe it or not! I feel more put together when they're done and I love exploring different color options that are practical to wear with much of my wardrobe for the week (I try to do them weekly) and that also serve as a statement, specifically during the summer and fall seasons when colors are most often embraced. 

 So, here's the list of names and brands shown in the above photo from left to right:

Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Save the Date

Orly Rococo A-GO-GO

L'Oréal Violet Vixen

OPI Suzi Loves Cowboys (discontinued, but I found it on eBay!)

Essie Leggy Legend

L'Oréal The Muse's Attitude (this is a limited edition from Project Runway collab, I've linked a similar shade)

Essie With the Band

Essie Licorice


Special Notes: Essie's With the Band is more of a muted red, with orang-y/rust undertones, when photographed, it appears much more red than it actually is. I typically wear it come November because it reminds me of pumpkin pie :) Also, The Muse's Attitude is a gorgeous emerald polish. I wear it both during the fall and holiday season, it has blue-ish/purple-ish undertones when the light reflects, so pretty! 

I hope this post gave you ideas for some polishes to try this fall season. I know it can be easy to fall into a color rut, opting for the same 'ol, same 'ol, so it's nice to switch things up a bit and with so many different colors and brands to choose from that can be overwhelming, it's nice to have some suggestions to narrow in on! 

Have a wonderful Thursday, my sweet friends, and I'll see you all tomorrow!



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Happy Wednesday my lovely friends!

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago, I shared my love for lace camis in my Dressing Up Your Weekend Outfit post? I shared what I love most about them being that they are extremely versatile, especially during transitional times of years like now. In that outfit, I styled the cami on its own. Today, I've layered it underneath a plain white tee for a bit of a contrast. I've suggested v-necks as one of the most flattering necklines for those of you with apple or inverted triangle body shapes, where your upper body is wider and you have a larger bust line. I've been told by some of you that you don't like wearing them because you feel they expose too much of your bust, so this is a great way to add additional coverage, as well as a nice feminine detail to your outfit! 

This is also a great way to experiment with color, injecting the slighted hint that will feel comfortable while trying something a little outside of the box for those of you who are a bit intimidated by color or avoid wearing it. 

To fill in some void space, I added a y-necklace, which sits perfectly in between both tops, but the lace itself would serve as the perfect amount of detail, so feel free to forgo the jewelry in this case, the option is yours. 

Layers don't always have to involve a ton of clothing, it's a method that can be applied to anything, so I encourage you to think creatively when putting together your outfits! 

I hope you found some inspiration from today's post, my gorgeous friends! Thanks so much for stopping by and I'll see you all in tomorrow's post!



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Happy Tuesday my gorgeous friends!

This week's fall essential we'll be talking about is the blanket scarf! I was a little late to jump on the blanket scarf bandwagon when Zara first rolled them out a few years ago, but I've certainly caught up, building a collection comprised of neutrals and fall/winter color combinations and prints. Let me share just why I love them so much...


What I love most about them is how cozy they are, as well as the texture and print/color they can add to an outfit. The ones I have are mostly printed, so I'll typically add them to an outfit that has more solid colors to allow it to be the focal point of the outfit or at least one of them. I also love how versatile they can be, allowing you to wear them in so many different ways, which brings me to my suggestions for wearing them. 


As I've mentioned, I tend to wear them with solid colored outfits for added warmth and to add a pop of color and/or print, as well as texture. So, of course that would be one of my suggestions. At the same time, if you've been a reader of The Style Contour for some time now, you'd know that I love my colors and prints and I love mixing them all as much as I can, especially come fall! Most of the times, blanket scarves are in either a houndstooth or plaid print, so I'd suggest you refer to my Fall Print Guide and apply the tips and suggestions mentioned for pattern mixing with plaid when it comes to adding in another print to your outfit!

Another favorite way I love to wear blanket scarves is as a poncho or cape, as seen in my post, A Blanket Scarf Worn as a Poncho. It's another way to add warmth to your outfit and get the most use out of your scarf. I personally love them belted, as they really help to play-up one's shape that can otherwise get lost in the overwhelming fabric. That said, I'd suggest if you're petite and like the idea of wearing your blanket scarf as a wrap or poncho, you add a belt of some sort (corset belts are trending big time this season!) so you won't get visually lost in the fabric. 


:: MY PICKS ::

Do you own any blanket scarves? Which do you prefer, solids or prints?! Share some of YOUR favorite ways you like to style them, as well as any favorite brands you've discovered and love! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my gorgeous friends; I can't wait to see you all in tomorrow's blog post!



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Happy Monday my beautiful friends!

First, I'd like to acknowledge this day in our American History, 9-11, a day I will never forget. I remember distinctively what I was doing and where I was the moment I received the news of what took place and the feeling of fear that overtook me knowing my mother was working in NYC that very moment. I don't think any American will forget that day, it's become so engraved in our hearts and with that, I will never take for granted the lives that so unselfishly responded and acted with such bravery, paying the ultimate price to save whatever life they could. A family friend of ours, a nurse practitioner, was a volunteer days after and has since suffered health issues. May we never forget and always value the commitment our first responders, soldiers, and volunteers both here and abroad, dedicate for our freedom.

How was your weekend? On Saturday, we had my sister and brother-in-law come over to celebrate Eddie's birthday, which as you know was last Thursday. These past two weeks has been a whirlwind with family coming and going to see Aviah, especially since she recently turned two months; I still can't get over the fact that she's growing so fast! 

Anyway, there are some colors trending for this upcoming season, one of which is orange! I know it may not be a favorite of many, since it's quite bold, but there are different shades and ways you can wear it in a way that's suitable for your personal style. I've teamed up with my blogger babe Quinn of Qustom Quinns to, hopefully, give you some different ideas on how you can wear the color this fall. 

With a spectrum ranging from neon to rusty tones, there's a shade I'm confident that everyone would look great in and feel comfortable in. When it comes to skin tones, I'd suggest if you have cool undertones, you opt for shades, like the one I'm wearing, that have blue undertones, in addition to rust, leaning more towards brown. If you have warm undertones, shades that have more a red or golden undertone would look great on you, nearing the neon shades. Of course, true shades of orange would look great on anyone, in my opinion. 

Since we're still in summer and the temps are relatively warm, I decided to style a linen orange blazer with a pair of denim distressed shorts. To add some fall-like touches, I added in my Louis Vuitton bag, which I tend to wear most this time of year leading into fall, along with one of my favorite sandals that are in a rich camel color. By combining the orange with darker browns, you instantly and subtlety enhance the fall-time mood, creating an outfit that's perfect for this time of year. 

What are YOUR thoughts on this color trend? Is orange a color you'd consider embracing and if so, how do you see yourself doing so? Hopefully Quinn  and I gave you some inspiration to work with! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my gorgeous friends, and I hope you have the most amazing start to your week!



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