Happy Friday my sweet friends!

I hope you all had a great week; I'm beyond ready for the weekend. As I mentioned in Wednesday's post, Eddie hasn't been feeling well and neither has my mom. With two of the people that would typically be helping me out the most at this time in my pregnancy not feeling well, it's been a bit of an overwhelming week to say the least. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to cook and I typically make vegan meals during the week, but sometimes they're not all that quick and easy. That said, it's been one of those pasta and whatever else that requires as little time as possible kinda weeks, yup! 

Anyway, today, I'm sharing a few reasons why you should try a bold monochromatic outfit. It doesn't take much convincing to wear an all black or even an all grey outfit because the colors are known to be safe and flattering, but what about a full on hot pink or blue outfit? I'm sure you're nodding or tilting your head thinking, girl, I don't think so, it's a bit much for me or I don't think I can pull that off. Well, you can my friend, you most certainly can and here are some reasons why you should consider it:

1. It Makes You Appear Taller 

As many of you may already know, when you wear a color, any color, from head-to-toe, it makes you appear taller because there isn't anything visually to "break up" or distinguish where exactly your torso ends and legs begin, thus making you appear much taller. With this styling method, you can easily ditch the heels and opt for pointed toe flats instead to create the same visual effect. Of course it won't give you the physical height that heels would, but it's a great alternative, especially if you don't like to wear heels or can't. 


2. It Highlights Your Curves

Though wearing all black can create the same effect as mentioned above, it also has the tendency to visually slim you, which many of us love and appreciate. But what if you want to showcase all your efforts in the gym this past winter? A head-to-toe bold monochrome outfit will do just that. If you're proud of those toned legs, opt for shorts in the same color as your top, that way you're still getting that lengthening effect while showing some leg. If you've been working those squats, opt for a pair of fitted pants with welted pockets or a pencil skirt. 



3. It Makes You Appear More Confident/Powerful

You know how we all think a red lip is bold and powerful? Well, it's simply because it's such a vivid color. The fact of the matter is that when you wear any bright color, it creates the same effect and ignites that same emotion. When you're feeling less than confident, wear color and why not wear head-to-toe outfit? I can guarantee you'll feel very different once you look in the mirror ;) 

I hope this post inspired you to step outside of your comfort zone this summer and opt for a full on bold monochromatic outfit. I'd say the easiest way to experiment would be a solid colored maxi dress. It's easy and creates the same effects mentioned above. Plus, did I mention it's easy?! Lol! Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!



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Happy Thursday my lovely friends!

Today's post is on a piece that's perfect for light layering for those chilly spring and summer nights or for times you want to add a little extra coverage to your outfit, i.e. you're wearing a shorter dress, skirt, or shorts and don't feel comfortable exposing much in the back. What I love about kimonos is that everyBODY can wear them, they're so versatile and are flattering for every body shape and height. 

Yes, even if you're petite, you can still wear them. Kimonos come in various lengths, so to prevent you from appearing much shorter than you are, you can always opt for styles that hit around the upper to mid thigh. If you have a larger bust or midsection, belting your kimono is a great way to add a flattering effect, as it will re-establish your waistline and conceal a food baby ;) Speaking of babies, they're uber flattering on fellow expecting mamas like myself, too! 

You can also reach for a kimono to add some additional details or wow factors to your outfit. As mentioned in the set above, satin creates some nice dimension as it has a fluid look to it, especially when moving, plus it adds a touch of luxurious vibes! If you wish to add some texture, you can opt for styles that have some embroidered details, like this one I'm loving. 

Lastly, not only do kimonos flatter everyBODY and height, but they also work well with every style aesthetic there is. Of course there are some minor things to consider, such as patterns and colors, but there's truly a style to meet every preference and you can always great a bit of a juxtaposed look to create your signature style. 

So, what are YOUR thoughts on kimonos, are you loving them?! Are there any faves in the set above? I'm personally swooning over 237, and 8 the most! Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends; I can't wait to see you all back here again tomorrow!



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Happy Tuesday my beautiful friends!

As the weather begins or continues to (it's been rather inconsistent for us here in Connecticut) warm up, we find ourselves reaching for our easy breezy pieces, though some aren't so easy to reach for, one of which are shorts. Finding a great pair shorts should be easy though, right?! Unfortunately, that's not often the case, like with jeans, there are things to consider when shopping to ensure a flattering fit and I'm sure you're nodding with agreement having had a struggle in finding the perfect pair, I'm with you in that and because I know a thing or two about works and what doesn't, I figured I'd share some, what I'd like to believe, helpful tips with you to make the search that much easier. 


When it comes to finding the perfect fit in anything it's super important that you are aware of the body type you have. Sure you can wear whatever the heck you want, BUT there are certain styles and details that will further enhance your natural figure and then there are those that don't do it justice. Most women are self conscious about their arms, midsection, and thighs, which, unfortunately, hinders them from wearing clothing that exposes those areas, even in the heat of summer. You may be one of those women and if you are I'm here to encourage you to wear the shorts! I have cellulite and stretch marks (pre-pregnancy) on my inner thighs and knees and have worked out rigorously for nearly 11 years now and still have cellulite and I still wear shorts because it's actually quite common, so don't beat yourself up about it.

If you don't know what body type you have, I have a video (and oldie, but goodie, which you can watch here) which you can help you determine it. If after watching you're still stumped, message me those numbers and I'll help you figure it out! 



Now that you've already watched my YouTube video and have identified which body type you have, let's make note of the details to look for that will help flatter your body and make it that much easier to step outside the house in those shorts! 



You've got legs, girl, so embrace them and show them off in styles that draw attention to them! That means short shorts are okay, of course going along with what you feel is most comfortable and appropriate for you. Do keep in mind that if you do have a fuller midsection, which is one of the characteristics of this shape, that the shorter you go, not only is attention drawn to your legs, but to your midsection, too. So, my advice would be to avoid styles there up high around the upper thigh area. Styles that have cuffs, distressed details, and any sort of design that draw attention to the shorts is what you want to go for, as they're the most flattering for your legs. 






This is actually my body shape, so I'm all too familiar with trying to find the perfect pair that flatter my hips and legs without having my booty popping out of the back of the shorts, lol. What I've found to be flattering are styles that have exposed pockets, like the one I'm wearing in the thumbnail above. They provide some additional coverage to the legs without making them appear much larger than they are. Styles that have cuffs are doable, but I'd suggest avoiding those that have this detail and are tight because it can make the legs appear thicker and if that's not what you want then avoid it, if that is, go for it at least you know now what emphasizes it! Also, styles that flare out a bit into an a-line style are also flattering, as they can help draw attention away from saddle bags, if once again that's something you're self conscious about. Bermuda styles are also quite flattering and have become so much more fashionable in recent years thanks to Kim Kardashian who's notorious for wearing them and understandably so, she's a pear shape and her stylist, I'm sure, considers how flattering they are for her curves. 







This shape isn't bottom heavy or curvy, which allows for the use and experimentation of so many different styles without worrying about appearing larger or not flattering the hips, thighs, and butt. If you wish to make your butt look fuller and more sculpted, you can opt for styles that have washed out effect around the butt, which highlights the area, creating the same effects highlighting with make does. 






You've got curves so deep, you make the ocean jealous, girl! Lol, I know that was corny, but I had to, lol! Shorts that show off your notable waist and full legs and hips are the way to go, so I'd suggested high waisted as well as paperbag styles that draw attention to both, as they're super flattering. You can also explore the same styles as the pear shape, since both have lower curves. 





Hopefully after reading my tips and seeing some suggestions for your body type, you feel more inspired and encouraged to wear shorts if you were self conscious before reading or it gave you some new styles to try out this spring and summer! I really hate the fact that there are so many women out there who refuse to wear shorts because they're ashamed of their bodies when there are so may different styles that can help conceal certain areas you may be insecure about, while highlighting and embracing the other parts you love. If you have a friend who'd find this helpful, do pass this post along because you know the saying, sharing is caring ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope your day is as amazing as YOU!



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Happy Thursday my friends!

If you've scrolled through Instagram, flipped through at least one magazine, or just walked into a couple of stores, chances are you've seen an array of clothing and accessories in a stripe pattern and not just any stripe, light blue and white stripes, better known as banker stripes. This particular combination is quite different than nautical stripes, which feature a navy blue and white combination. Also, banker stripes aren't horizontal, they're vertical, which are more universally figure flattering and as a result, it takes less effort to style. 

Vertical stripes can make you look taller and don't add visual width, so you don't have to worry much about placement in avoiding certain areas you may not want to look bigger exaggerated. I have shared tips and tricks for wearing classic black and white stripes (see here) but if you still tend to avoid them because you feel they don't look good on you or make you feel self-conscious than I say try the banker stripes you and you just may love them! 

What are YOUR thoughts on this stripe trend? Are you loving them? Have you tried them?

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you're having a great day so far!



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Happy Tuesday my beautiful friends!

A few months ago, I mentioned how pink was a growing color trend, sharing some of my favorites in the color, mainly blush pink, which is THE pink shade of the moment. Though there are many who are embracing this color trend, such as myself, there are some who have reservations and it's in due part to the possibility of pink looking a little too playful and well, childish. 


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Happy Thursday my gorgeous and stylish friends!

You may remember last year, I put together a post with my suggestions for the most flattering gingham pieces for your body type. Well, I figured it would be a great time to reiterate some points, while sharing some new style tips, as well as some pieces I have my eyes on, since the trend seems to be even more huge this time around and has been merged with other hot trends of the season, such as ruffles. 


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Happy Monday my gorgeous friends!

We're nearing the end of my pregnancy with me being 33 weeks, which I still can't believe. This is the time where getting dressed sometimes can post a challenge and you have to avoid purchasing new pieces and figure out ways to re-work what you already have in your wardrobe, especially since we've been having such unseasonably chilly weather here in Connecticut, so I haven't been able to wear dresses as much as I'd like, which are so much easier to work with. 



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Happy Wednesday my gorgeous friends!

One comment I receive often, both in person and here on the blog is, "you can't even tell your pregnant from the front!" Now, I don't intentionally try to conceal my baby bump because I personally feel as though it's something to be embraced, you're carrying around a human that's apart of you and being made in you, what's there to be ashamed of?!


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Happy Friday my gorgeous friends!

We've made it to the end of the week, which calls for celebration! It did kind of seem to go a little fast this time around though, perhaps it's because of all the naps I've been taking lately?!  

I'm not going to be a negative nelly and harp on the cold weather we've been having and my disdain for it, but it did interfere with me being able to share an outfit post, as I typically would on a Friday. So, I figured I'd share a little #flashbackfriday post featuring some outfits that are perfect for spring and are quite unique in color combination. 

As you all know, I love to play around with colors, sometimes I create successes, other times not so much, but that's how you learn what works, right!? Well, today, I'm hopefully taking some guess work out of your hands with some color combinations I've put together last season and received so many compliments on. Of course your pieces will vary, but even if you happen to have some accessories in the colors that are within any of the outfits, you'd be able to recreate the look with your own spin. Since it's Friday and you may have some night out plans, let's start off with an outfit/color combination that'll be perfect for the occasion. 


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A very Happy Friday my beautiful friends!

To keep my spring optimism going, I've added a splash of color with a green satchel. Green, specifically a citrine greenish shade (yellow-green) has been coined the official color of the year for 2017 by Pantone. I find when any color, regardless of the shade, has been announced as the color of the year, it tends to appear in many and all shades for that particular color, so don't feel limited, find a green you love and rock it, there truly is a shade for everyone.


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Let's Determine Your Body Shape