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Happy Monday my gorgeous friends!

How was everyone's weekend? Ours was so much fun! On Saturday and Sunday, we went to our town's holiday stroll. We moved here last year, so this was our second time going and it's really such a great time. Different food trucks come out, there are various activities all throughout the main shopping strip with a live nativity; it's absolutely beautiful! It was even better strolling around with Aviah; I still can't believe she just turned 5 months you guys, it's crazy how fast time has gone by. When I was pregnant, I felt like I was pregnant forever, but now I feel as though everything went by so fast.

Anyway, this blouse is from the same online boutique that the ruffle blouse I wore in this post is from. I love the somewhat retro vibe this blouse has, it reminds me of the 60s with the pattern and color combination. To modernize it, I've combined it with leather pieces. It gives it a more edgy feel. I think this is a great way to modernize any piece that's more retro in design. Pairing them with more fitted pieces can create a more timely tailored look that won't look outdated, while still embracing something unique and special. 

Balloon sleeves are still going strong this season, popping up in blouses and sweaters. I think they're great to help add some volume to the upper body, helping to balance out lower curves, especially when tucked in as I've done. If you happen to be self-conscious about your arms, I would suggest avoiding balloon sleeves all together, as they can make them appear larger. Instead, opt for trumpet sleeves (sleeves with a fitted flare), which can make the arms appear visually longer and leaner ;)

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead!



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Happy Friday my gorgeous friends!
Today we're wrapping up my gift guide series, no pun intended. I was pregnant during the holidays last year and some of my family members gifted me with mom-to-be gifts that I thought were so cute. I don't know, something about receiving gifts from others before my baby shower that had to do with my pregnancy and baby made it that much more real and sentimental. Perhaps it was the hormones, but I loved it, haha! 
Of course you can still give many of the gifts you would typically give to any of the ladies in your life that aren't pregnant, like the ones I've shared on Monday. I just think these products would make great additions to the list. Out of everything on this list, I'd say the Milk Snob cover, pajamas, and the belly bands are the must haves. I've used the cover nearly every time I've left the house with Aviah and I always get asked about it. Many car seats don't provide full coverage and protection from the sun's harsh sunlight and for curious onlookers. Since Aviah was born with so much hair, she's been somewhat of a tourist attraction whenever we've been out strolling. While I love that my baby gets some attention (what new mom doesn't, right?!) I've actually had strangers try to touch her, which to me is not cool. So, to prevent that awkward situation, I'll put the cover on, mostly when she's sleeping anyway. I also use it as a nursing cover when I'm feeding her in public. I think this would be a great gift because most moms-to-be don't know about it, a few of my mom friends didn't until I told them about it. 
When you don't know what to give for a baby, get pajamas. Us moms never have enough pajamas, seriously. I LOVE Carter's and H&M has some really cute ones, too. 
You already know how much I swear by belly bands. I actually had no idea about them until some of you ladies suggested them to me earlier on in my pregnancy before I really started to show. They allowed me to continue wearing my non-maternity jeans all the way through to my third trimester! I have an entire post dedicated to them, which you can read here
In general, I say think relaxation when gifting to a mom-to-be because that's all you really want to do when pregnant (and after, haha) so anything that enhances that would be a great gift. Keep in mind products that are paraben and toxin free so mama has peace of mind using the products you give.
I hope you found this post helpful, my friends. If you've missed the other two guides, Gift Ideas for Her Gift Ideas for Him, do check them out! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!


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Sweater: Similar Leggings (20% off) | Socks c/o (20% off with code jalisagiron20) | Mug | Phone Case c/o (30% off)

Happy Monday my beautiful friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I had such a great time with my family and disconnecting from all devices, it felt so good to live in the moment and enjoy Aviah's first holiday! 

Over the weekend, I did some holiday shopping, taking full advantage of some of the awesome sales that are still going on right now. In times past, sales would mostly be on Black Friday and Cyber Monday (today) and that's it. Now, many stores are extending their sales throughout the week, which is awesome! So, I thought I'd share some of my personal favorites in the categories 'Treat Yo' Self', 'For Her', For Him and 'For Mama-to-be & Baby' this week. This is the first time I'll be sharing a full on gift guide, so I hope you love it! 

Let's start off with 'Treat Yo' Self', which are pieces you may need or have been eyeing for a while, and 'For Her.' Before we get started, I just wanted to mention that when I give gifts to my girlfriends and female family members, I like to keep it general with miscellaneous or beauty items. I don't like to gift clothing because it can be hard to get sizings and style preferences right, unless you really know their taste. Plus, when I worked retail, clothing items were one of the most returned. Ladies are less likely to return a cute mug or pair of earrings than a sweater or coat. Accessories, such as scarves, hats, and gloves are also more favored. 

Let's get started...


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Gifts for the commuter/student/girl boss

1. Card holderThis is SUCH a great gift because it has a visible insert for photo IDs and inserts for cards. 

2. TumblerSo cute for taking drinks on the go and filling up throughout the day!

3. Water BottleGreat little gift for the fit girl in your life.

4. Passport holderI mean what else is there to say, how cute! 

5. Cashmere lined leather gloves


Gifts for the tech lover

1. Keybord skinSo cute for livening a laptop!

2. Powerbank

3. Marble phone charger

Gifts for the beauty lover

1. Tartleist gift set

2. YSL beauty setI love this set because it comes with a basic red color that would look great on every skin tone!


Stores that are having great sales:

1. J-Crew 40% off plus an extra 10%

2. Nordstrom 20% off

3. Bloomingdales 25% off  

4. Banana Republic 50% off everything 

5. Nine West Up to 60% off

6. Macys 20% off plus an extra 10% select departments 


Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends; I hope you loved my picks and found out about some great sales that are going on today and throughout the week!  



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Happy Wednesday my dear friends!

After having Aviah, my most requested blog post has been on how I lost my pregnancy weight so fast. One week after giving birth, I returned to blogging (see my first post here) and in that post, I had already lost 16 of the 26 pounds I gained throughout my pregnancy. I'll be sectioning off this post for you to easily skim and read what you're most interested in, if you don't have the time to read the entire post, which I'll try to keep as short and to the point as I can, without leaving out anything you might want to know. 


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Happy Monday my dear friends!

There are quite a few colors that are trending this fall/winter season, one of which is red! It was actually trending this past spring/summer, along with pink, which we discussed in this blog post. I feel that when a trend gains momentum with time, it's because it's practical for the everyday person like you and I. When it gains popularity, we then see more options, which allows for us to experiment with the trend, big or small, save or splurge.


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Blazer: Similar hereherehere | Cami | Tee | Jeans | Boots: Similar Bag

Happy Wednesday my dear friends!

I think a sequin blazer is quiet easy to pull off during the day or any other time of year than most of us think. The key is to add it to an otherwise simple outfit, as I showed on Monday. By keeping everything else in the outfit relatively simple, you'll allow for the blazer to be the focal point of the look and when you combine it with pieces that aren't festive in color, such as red or metallics, it makes it more practical for any time of year. 


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Shirt: Similar | Skirt: Similar | Bracelet: Similar Bag | Boots: Similar 




Happy Wednesday my lovely friends!

I've had both pieces in this outfit for as long as I can remember, but I constantly challenge myself to create new and refreshing outfits with older pieces in my wardrobe each season. I've never styled these two together before and thought they'd make for the perfect combination. I love the way the olive green looks paired with the black and how the mix of texture in the fringe works with the studded details in the military inspired shirt. 


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Faux Leather Blazer | Cami | Pants: Similar herehere | Necklace: Similar | Boots: Similar here (ON SALE $40 OFF!)

Happy Wednesday my gorgeous friends!

I hope you're all having a great week so far! Today's outfit screams 90s to me, I wasn't necessarily going for this particular vibe when creating the outfit, it wasn't until after I put everything together that I realized it. I think it's the combination of leather, bold gold necklace, and these bold mustard yellow pants. I've been on a mustard yellow kick lately. Perhaps it's to make up for the entire season I missed wearing it last year when I was pregnant, if you read last Friday's post, you know what I'm talking about, haha!  


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Happy Thursday and happy first day of fall, my dear friends! 

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, so I'm very excited that it's officially begun and I will no longer get the side eye for talking about it, haha. Today, I'm sharing a variety of ways you can create fall-ready outfits, from the archives, centered around one particular color that exudes the season, burgundy; let's get started!


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Happy Tuesday my dear friends!

Continuing on with my Fall Essentials, today we're talking about felt hats, the glamorous way to keep warm and cute come fall. There was a time I was hesitant in wearing them because I felt they looked a bit over the top leading others to think, "who the heck does she think she is?" as I walked down the street. I've never had such a reaction, so it was all in my head and I'm glad I decided to forgo that insecurity and embrace them because they're ridiculously cute and fabulous! Here's why I love them...


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