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Happy Thursday, my dear friends!

When it comes to neutrals and basics, the first color that will often come to mind is black and rightfully so, it goes perfectly with everything and can be worn all year long. There are other darker neutrals, however, that are starting to become more popular, an alternative to black if you will, specifically navy. Like black, navy has a sophisticated vibe, in addition to a nautical effect, that reflects class and prestige, in my opinion. It may not be as entirely versatile as black, but it can often be swapped out in many of the color combinations you would typically consider black.

What I love about it is that, unlike black, it brightens both the hair and skin tone of everyone, regardless of skin or hair color. Black on the other hand, though everyone can and should wear it, can sometimes appear harsh or too sharp, making navy a great alternative to consider. It also carries over that same brightening effect when paired with other neutrals, such as white, grey, or browns (thinks cognac or camel). Navy, though it has more a brightening effect when paired with other neutrals, it also conceals as black would, since it's dark and saturated, which is what gives black its slimming properties. In addition, it pairs well with both silver and gold metals, once again, flattering all undertones, allowing one to mix and match depending on personal preference. 

What are YOUR thoughts on navy? Is it one you'd consider replacing black with in some of your outfits this winter? I personally wouldn't replace it with black entirely, however, I am now looking at navy with a much more open and accepting eye. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my beautiful friends, and I hope your day is as fabulous as YOU!



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All Grey

Posted by Jalisa on Jan 11, 2017 under ,


Sweater: Similar Here | Jeans: New York & Company (similar Here) | Bag: c/o Coach (similar Here) | Shoes: Nine West


Welcome back my friends!

Today, I'm showcasing what we talked about last week in my monochrome post. This is actually my first time wearing all grey and I honestly don't know why I haven't worn it before. I don't have a grey purse, which I've actually been wanting for quite sometime, but haven't found one I absolutely love, so I added a baby blue crossbody instead. I felt it worked as a soft pop of color that does the job without being to impactful. Unlike me, I know, haha. I also don't have a pair of grey pumps (I don't believe I've ever owned a pair either) so I decided to go with silver metallic pumps instead. Since silver blends so well with grey, I felt it worked in creating the monochrome outfit I was going for. They're also patent leather, which we also talked about last week

Since we're on the topic of these shoes, you all know how much I LOVE Nine West's shoes, they basically make up my entire shoe collection. I have to be honest and say that after wearing this pair a few times now, they're quite uncomfortable in the ankle area. I don't know if it's because my ankles are very pointy, but the bottom of my ankle tends to rub against the shoe after a while and it HURTS! Just something to keep in mind if you were thinking of getting them. 

I hope you like the outfit and feel inspired to wear an all grey look of your own! Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you're having a wonderful day so far!



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That Chic Factor

Posted by Jalisa on Jan 06, 2017 under ,

Jacket: Old (similar Here) | Sweater: Marshalls (similar Here) | Jeans: New York & Company | Bag: c/o Coach (similar Here) | Boots: Nine West 


Happy Friday, my dear friends!

As you may have noticed, I have a thing for obsession with faux fur. Be it coats or vests, I'm instantly drawn in when I see them and I think it's because they add an instant chic factor to any look. I tend to style them casually, by pairing them with basic tops and jeans, but they can also enhance the elegance of a dress or jumpsuit for a night out on the town. They truly are versatile! 

When styling them, I try to keep proportions in mind to keep the entire outfit well balanced with my body shape and frame (I'm a bit under 5'8). If you're on the tall side, I think either cropped, regular, or long styles would all be great options. Those that are cropped will visually shorten your torso by making your waistline appear higher up, which you may or may not want, this all depends on personal preference. I, however, would suggest them if you feel your torso is a bit longer than your legs and you want to balance it out; this can apply to petites, too! If you wish to wear them, but don't want this effect to be created, you can counteract it by wearing monochrome on the bottom with matching bottoms and shoes, like I've done here, or pointed toe shoes. 

Longer styles, on the other hand, do the opposite, they elongate the torso. If they fall past the widest part of the hips, then you may want to select a style that isn't as fluffy to avoid appearing overwhelmed, particularly if you're petite. Again, this all depends on personal preference and what you feel most comfortable with! 

Do YOU like the look of faux fur? What's a fabric, if any, that you always seem to gravitate towards?

Thanks so much for stopping by, my beautiful friends, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!

PS: Make sure you stop by on Monday :) 



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Hi all my gorgeous friends!

I hope you're all enjoying the first week of the new year so far! We've been talking a lot about winter fashion around here, mostly about coats and the various ways we can up our game (see here & here). 

Today, we'll be discussing what's under those coats, our actual outfit. Though I'm all for having a coat serving as part of an outfit (it can really tie a whole look together while keeping warm).

When it's cold, many of us find it hard to skip out of bed at the first sound of our alarm, am I right or am I right!? This often leaves us with little time to do all that needs to get done in the morning, which includes putting together that perfect stylish, yet warm and cozy outfit. It's definitely best to prep your outfit the night before, but if for whatever reason you aren't able to, an easy no fuss outfit that will always look stylish is one that's monochrome (wearing an outfit entirely or mostly comprised of one color, including various shades or hues of the same color). You will look fashionable and put together even though you didn't have much time to put yourself together ;) 

Plus, it makes us appear taller and leaner, too! 

Monochrome can certainly be worn all year long, but I feel it's most fun and exciting when done during the fall and winter months because we're able to play around with more textures and layers, which brings the outfit to life. However, we do want to be mindful that if we fail at mixing up hues, textures, and/or skip layering, the outfit can appear one dimensional or flat. 

A great way to avoid a boring outfit, even when incorporating a bold color, is to add a chunky knit to a pair of leather pants or ripped jeans. By creating a contrast on the top and bottom, you're essentially dividing and distinguishing your body shape, which would otherwise get lost and overwhelmed when wearing one color entirely. Other great options include: fur, fringe, velvet, sequins, and metallics (THINK silver metallic pumps with an all grey outfit or rose gold with various shades of pink!). 

I have a deep appreciation for color, so I just can't help myself and often have to add in some sort of color to the mix, while keeping the majority or my my main pieces the same shade; what can I say! 

^This last look is one I wore this past summer and the top is actually a dress tucked into the trousers! Don't limit your options, if you have a fitted or shift style sweater dress, simply tuck it into a pair of pants to have it serve as a knit ;)


I hope this post gave you some ideas for putting some easy, no fuss outfits together on those busier winter mornings, as well as ways you can play around with monochrome! It really is such a figure flattering strategy, that looks great on everyone, when done right! Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you're having a wonderful week so far!



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Happy Thursday, my dear friends!

NYE is only a couple of days away and I'm sure there are many of you who have yet to find the perfect outfit to ring in the new year, it can certainly be stressful and overwhelming! I've compiled some of my previous blog posts that will guarantee to help you find that perfect outfit by keeping a few key things in mind, such as finding a flattering dress or jumpsuit for your body shape or metallics to wear that will flatter your skin tone and have you glowing all night; let's get started shall we!? 



Tips to Find the Best LBD for Your Body Shape is my most popular blog post to date! I believe it's because the suggestions I made are practical enough to understand and achieve. Take a look at the suggestions I made for the other three body shapes in the original post, which I've linked, to see what you may want to consider when shopping for the perfect dress. As a side note: The tips can be applied to all dresses, not just the LBD!



Dresses not quite your thing? Well, jumpsuits can be just as versatile and appropriate in much of the same contexts as the classic LBD, including a NYE celebration! Since it's a one piece that's divided into sections, there are a few things you may want to consider to ensure a flattering fit on both the top and bottom, all of which I discussed in my Jump Start Your Style with the Perfect Little Black Jumpsuit (LBJ) post.



Tis the season of metallics, it's almost synonymous with New Years, isn't it? In my Know the Basics of Metallics: Learn Which One Works Best for Your Skin Tone!, post I not only explain how to determine your skin tone, but I also provide suggestions based on your undertones for the metallic(s) that would be the most flattering for you, providing that natural and effortless glow we all crave, especially during the winter months and when ushering in the new year, duh! 



Lastly, in my How to Style Sequins Now & Later post, I provide three visual examples (consisting of six outfits) featuring a sequin number that you can wear on NYE and later. Many of us will reserve our sequin or metallic pieces just for this season, but we can certainly get more use out of them all year long! 


I hope you found this post helpful in putting together your perfect NYE outfit and working with those pieces well after the celebrations are over! Thanks so much for stopping by my gorgeous friends and I hope you're having a great week so far!



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Styling a Red Coat

Posted by Jalisa on Dec 23, 2016 under



Coat: Calvin Klein (similar HERE// Faux Leather Pants: H&M (HERE// Bag: Ash (grey color HERE// Boots: Nina Original (HERE)





Happy Friday, my gorgeous friends!

Christmas Eve is tomorrow!!!!!! Ah, I'm SO excited! 

Anyway, in my previous post, I shared 7 Christmas outfit ideas, one of which featured the coat I'm wearing today. A red coat is such a great statement during the holiday season and after. Yes, I believe you can still rock a red coat well after the holidays are over. In fact, I think the holiday season kicks of the wear your red coat season, haha. We've talked many times about how during the winter our outerwear is essentially our outfit because we're bundled up and concealing everything underneath. 

Coats are definitely one of those items that I think we can justify building a collection for, be it classic neutrals, statements with colors and/or patterns, as well as faux furs...ah, how I'm a sucker for faux fur! But of course, I suggest we remain practical in ensuring we have a versatile neutral coat first, such as black, camel, or navy before exploring other options, including red. 

When shopping for a statement coat, fit and style are imperative because, well, it's a statement, which means the coat is the primary focus of the look and so are the areas it enhances. I explained in last week's post the most universally flattering style, which I suggest you look for first to make life easier, an example in red would be this one from J.Crew that I'm loving. The sizes are limited, so I've shared other styles below according to where you'd ideally want/don't want attention to be placed for an optimal fit and look.   


If you want to avoid attention being placed solely on your hips

If you want to avoid attention being placed solely on your bust

If you'd like to add visual curves or enhancement to your overall body shape



As always, I hope you found my ideas and suggestions helpful, my dear friends! If you're unsure about your body shape and would like some help in determining so you can better select more flattering options and style techniques, watch my video here in which I explain how and where to take your measurements to find out. If you need any help, don't hesitate to leave a comment or send me a message, I'd be more than happy to help! 

I hope you have the most amazing holiday weekend, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate! 




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Holiday Chic

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Faux Fur Coat: Baby Phat (yup, THAT old lol! Similar HERE// Sweater: c/o MoonCats (HERE// Leggings: Saks off 5th (similar HERE// Necklace: similar HERE // Hat: Vince Camuto (HERE// Boots: Nine West (HERE





Happy Monday, my gorgeous friends!

How was everyone's weekend?! Christmas and Hanukkah are only a few days away; we celebrate both, so I double dip, haha! I'm so excited, you guys, we've got the menu all set up and guess what? I'm taking a break from the kitchen and Eddie's taking over! Remember I told you that I cook everything for Thanksgiving? Well, Eddie takes over for Christmas, though I'll be making the latkes, I at least get to sit back and relax most of the day :) What are some of YOUR holiday food traditions? I'd love to know! 

Anyway, I'll be sharing some outfit inspirations this week to hopefully give you some ideas on what you can wear for your gathering(s). Today's look is definitely more suitable for a dressier setting. I personally think that a fedora and faux fur coat duo is the epitome of winter chic. The two can be a bit over the top when worn together, but this IS the season of over the top, so go for it, girlie! You'll most likely remove the hat anyway when you're indoors, but at least you can make a grand, fashionable entrance, while keeping your head warm ;)

I love to substitute a pair of black or dark wash jeans with unexpected colors, such as plum, especially during the winter months. I feel they're a great, stylish alternative that makes an outfit appear that much more fashionable and interesting. Plus, when coupled with a lush texture, such as faux fur or velvet, it can exude a dressier, luxurious vibe without trying too hard. 

The coat I'm wearing is a bomber style, which can add some bulkiness to the look and body, especially since there's added texture with the faux fur. If this is an effect you don't like or want, then I'd suggest opting for a longer fur coat that doesn't have any lapels to avoid the bulk. 

I hope this look inspired you in some way, my dear friends! I also want to thank you for your well wishes, I'm feeling MUCH better!! Let's make this week awesome, the holidays are right around the corner! 



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Happy Friday, friends!

Yesterday was 22° degrees, but felt like 11°! So it seems as though winter is here, which makes a warm coat an absolute necessity. Last week, I shared some tips on creating different looks with one coat, assuming you already own one your happy with and that's sit functional. If, however, you're in the market for a new coat, there are a number of things to consider when shopping for one to ensure it's warm, practical, and flattering; today we'll be briefly discussing the latter. 


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Winter's Must Have Print

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Happy Humpday, friends!

If I had to assign winter a print, I'd say it would be leopard with houndstooth in close second. As with spring and summer, florals generally come to mind first, and for me, so is the case with leopard this time of year and the fashion world seems to agree, as it's always a spotted trend on the A/W runways time and time again. What I love about it, is when done correctly, it can read chic and sophisticated, especially when coupled with a red lip, pearls, or both! 


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Holiday Ready in Velvet with VIPme

Posted by Jalisa on Nov 25, 2016 under


Happy Friday, my beautiful friends!

Now that we have one holiday in the bag, we have a couple more to go, which tend to require more dressier outfits, opposite of the comfy and laid back ones we typically wear for Thanksgiving. I've shared my love for velvet numerous times since the start of the season; what I love most about the fabric is that it beautifully enhances any color, adding such a nice depth and intensity, especially in jewel toned colors, like this sapphire velvet suit I'm wearing. Remember I mentioned in  this post how universally flattering jewel toned colors are!? 


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Let's Determine Your Body Shape