Pops of Purple

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Sweater: Banana Republic (similar hereJeans: GUESS (similar hereBag: Michael Kors (similar color hereLip Color: Milani's Raspberry Rush Shoes: Sam Edelman (similar here


Happy Friday, my friends!

Yesterday, Eddie and I had our 16wk check-up, these visits are always so exciting! At our last visit, we completely forgot to ask the technician doing the ultra sound to write the gender of the baby and place it in an envelope for our gender reveal party, which is on Feb.5th. So, we had them squeeze us in to do a little check and it's sooooo hard to resist the temptation of not tearing up that envelope to find out! My mom will be stopping by this weekend to pick up the envelope and bring it to a bakery for the cake. The filling will either be blue if it's a boy or pink if it's a girl and we're having everyone wear the color that they think it is! We're both guessing it's a boy based on the form of my stomach, but sometimes it has us second guessing. 

A fun fact is that I worked at a hospital conducting research on pregnant moms and how music affected their unborn child's response to the stimulation (i.e. change in heart beat, movement, etc). So, I've seen my fair shares of bumps and I'm usually really good at guessing the gender based off the look of the stomach, but of course for mine, I'm all confused, haha. Though you may not have seen enough of my bump yet, what are YOUR guesses? Boy or girl, I'm curious :) 

Anyway, onto the outfit. These jeans are no longer wearable, today is the last day :( They will no longer button up, which I'm starting to notice with many of my other pairs. I guess it's time for me to start looking at maternity or those bands. If you're a mama, how do those bands feel, are they comfy and are they noticeable? I decided to wear them with one of my favorite chunky sweaters, since it's black, it doesn't make me appear larger even though it's a bit oversized, which I of course love! 

I typically pair this bag with a pair of shoes I have in the same exact color (don't you love when you have the perfect match!?) but this time around, I decided to add a pop of leopard instead; I love the look of them with the purple bag and lipstick! 

Well, my friends, I hope you have the best weekend ahead, let me know what exciting things you have planned! See you on Monday!



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Wearing White in the Winter

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Sweater: DEX (similar here| Hat: similar here |  Scarf: Marshalls (similar here| Pants: similar here | Bag: Zac Posen (similar here| Boots: Choies (here)


Happy Wednesday, my beautiful friends

I want to preface by saying that when I took these photos, it was in high 50s, which is why I'm not bundled up a ton, though this would work on any other normal winter day under a coat. 

I LOVE cable knit sweaters, they're probably my favorite kind of sweater design. I like the added detail that's subtle, yet adds a little extra something to an otherwise simple piece. Plus, I'm learning that they're much more flattering on the midsection than other styles I own. I believe it's because of the linear design that draws the eye down, not across. That's a #ContourTheBump tip ;)

We're in a time where most fashion "rules" are being broken (thank goodness!), such as wearing metallics and sequins all year long and during the day for that matter, pastels in the winter, and yes, white after Labor Day. 

To darken things a bit and sticking with a more seasonable vibe, I like to pair my winter whites with rich, saturated colors that pop so beautifully against it, such as indigo (as I'm wearing) and other deep blues and purples. 

For added warmth and detail, I added one of my most treasured scarves, a beaded paisley I scored years ago at Marshalls. It's made in India and you guys, the photos do it little justice, it's gorgeous! The beads are so sturdy, I haven't lost not one! I tried to find one that's similar and this is the closest one I can find. I will suggest that you take a peek in the scarf selection at your local Marshalls because they can have some really gorgeous imported scarves; I have another one that's so beautifully detailed, too. 

Do YOU enjoy wearing winter whites and/or pastels during the winter? 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you're having a great week so far!



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Learning How to #ContourTheBump

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Jacket:  ABS by Allen Schwartz (Similar Here| Sweater: Love by Design (Similar Here| Jeans: Similar Here | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Shoes: Sam Edelman (Similar Here)


Happy Monday, my dear friends!

How was your weekend?! Mine was pretty relaxed because I still haven't gotten back my energy 100% yet. There are times when I get a sudden burst and I take full advantage of that by cleaning and doing other things I don't feel like doing these days, when I just don't have it in me. I also encountered my first challenge in getting dressed with the bump, particularly with the outfit I'm wearing today. 

The sweater which you see and have also seen before styled here was the toughy. It's more of a boxy style with two large pockets and they make me appear just that LARGE, haha! They fall right at the widest parts of my bump, making me appear that much more wider. I was so disappointed at first because I had envisioned wearing this sweater with the houndstooth jeans; I love the saturation of the two combined. I started tearing my closet apart looking for something else to wear and I quickly learned that gone are the days of getting dressed last minute, which I would typically do. I would just open my closet and reach for what "spoke" to me, as well as the mood I was in. Until I truly know what works and what doesn't for my bump and create a uniform look, I have to give myself more time. 

So, after trying on what seemed like 1568987 outfits, I decided to revert and just add a moto jacket on top, which cinched my waist more visually, making the sweater more flattering and the outfit that much more interesting too! Eddie said I look like a biker, but anytime I add a black leather jacket to any outfit, he says that...men (insert eye roll emoji)! 

When I finally got my look together, I honestly felt very inspired to create more flattering pregnancy outfits moving forward because it really can be hard and I'm only 4mths! I look forward to sharing my #ContourTheBump tips and tricks as I go, hoping that those of you who are pregnant have some inspiration to pull from. Additionally, I hope everyone enjoys seeing the progress and the tid bits I share these next few months!

PS: Some of you asked in Monday's announcement if Eddie and I have chosen any names yet, we've just begun brainstorming and are welcoming any suggestions! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have the most amazing week ahead and if you're off for the holiday, enjoy your extra day!!! 



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Shop the Set

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Happy Thursday, my dear friends!

When it comes to neutrals and basics, the first color that will often come to mind is black and rightfully so, it goes perfectly with everything and can be worn all year long. There are other darker neutrals, however, that are starting to become more popular, an alternative to black if you will, specifically navy. Like black, navy has a sophisticated vibe, in addition to a nautical effect, that reflects class and prestige, in my opinion. It may not be as entirely versatile as black, but it can often be swapped out in many of the color combinations you would typically consider black.

What I love about it is that, unlike black, it brightens both the hair and skin tone of everyone, regardless of skin or hair color. Black on the other hand, though everyone can and should wear it, can sometimes appear harsh or too sharp, making navy a great alternative to consider. It also carries over that same brightening effect when paired with other neutrals, such as white, grey, or browns (thinks cognac or camel). Navy, though it has more a brightening effect when paired with other neutrals, it also conceals as black would, since it's dark and saturated, which is what gives black its slimming properties. In addition, it pairs well with both silver and gold metals, once again, flattering all undertones, allowing one to mix and match depending on personal preference. 

What are YOUR thoughts on navy? Is it one you'd consider replacing black with in some of your outfits this winter? I personally wouldn't replace it with black entirely, however, I am now looking at navy with a much more open and accepting eye. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my beautiful friends, and I hope your day is as fabulous as YOU!



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All Grey

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Sweater: Similar Here | Jeans: New York & Company (similar Here) | Bag: c/o Coach (similar Here) | Shoes: Nine West


Welcome back my friends!

Today, I'm showcasing what we talked about last week in my monochrome post. This is actually my first time wearing all grey and I honestly don't know why I haven't worn it before. I don't have a grey purse, which I've actually been wanting for quite sometime, but haven't found one I absolutely love, so I added a baby blue crossbody instead. I felt it worked as a soft pop of color that does the job without being to impactful. Unlike me, I know, haha. I also don't have a pair of grey pumps (I don't believe I've ever owned a pair either) so I decided to go with silver metallic pumps instead. Since silver blends so well with grey, I felt it worked in creating the monochrome outfit I was going for. They're also patent leather, which we also talked about last week

Since we're on the topic of these shoes, you all know how much I LOVE Nine West's shoes, they basically make up my entire shoe collection. I have to be honest and say that after wearing this pair a few times now, they're quite uncomfortable in the ankle area. I don't know if it's because my ankles are very pointy, but the bottom of my ankle tends to rub against the shoe after a while and it HURTS! Just something to keep in mind if you were thinking of getting them. 

I hope you like the outfit and feel inspired to wear an all grey look of your own! Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you're having a wonderful day so far!



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You Guys, I'm Pregnant!!!

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Jacket: Jessica Simpson | Turtleneck: H&M (similar Here) | Jeans: 7 for all mankind | Bag: Louis Vuitton | Boots: Nine West


Happy Monday friends!

As you can tell by the title of this post, I'm pregnant! I'm 15wks today and it's still so surreal! You have no idea how hard it was for me to keep this a secret from you guys. I was so tempted to tweet a photo of my pregnancy test, lol! I barely had a bump until New Year's Day. I literally woke up and my belly looked huge (huge to me). I told Eddie, "I'm going to have to tell them asap because it's starting to look a little obvious!"

This is our first baby and I'm beyond excited (and maybe a bit nervous)! Everything is so new to me and I'm learning what works as I go. I've still been working out on average 3-4 days a week compared to my 5 pre-pregnancy and that's mainly because of my only symptom I've really experienced, extreme fatigue, I literally have no energy. I've also had some cravings that have come and gone. Back in November, I was craving sandwiches of all sorts and I've never really been a sandwich person, haha. 

So, what does this mean for The Style Contour?! 

I will of course be sharing updates on everything as time goes on, as well as my fashion/style journey. As you all know, this is a blog dedicated to providing fashion advice for dressing our unique and individual body shapes; I'm not at all familiar with pregnancy style, so it's going to be interesting! I will be sharing what I learn to be flattering to the bump, as well as my changing body (hello, boobies, you've finally decided to show up!). 

Although I will be sharing all of the above, the blog won't entirely transition into a full on mom blog because I understand that not all of my readers are moms (yet) and may find some of that boring. However, I'd suggest bookmarking and pinning anything you find that I share interesting, even if you're not pregnant right now because before, I would read blog posts written by moms to be sharing tips and tricks that I wish I would've saved. 

I look forward to having you all on this journey with me and please feel free to make any recommendations or advice at any time if you're pregnant or have been, or if you have any questions about what I'm experiencing! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have the most amazing start to your week! 




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Hi all my gorgeous friends!

I hope you're all enjoying the first week of the new year so far! We've been talking a lot about winter fashion around here, mostly about coats and the various ways we can up our game (see here & here). 

Today, we'll be discussing what's under those coats, our actual outfit. Though I'm all for having a coat serving as part of an outfit (it can really tie a whole look together while keeping warm).

When it's cold, many of us find it hard to skip out of bed at the first sound of our alarm, am I right or am I right!? This often leaves us with little time to do all that needs to get done in the morning, which includes putting together that perfect stylish, yet warm and cozy outfit. It's definitely best to prep your outfit the night before, but if for whatever reason you aren't able to, an easy no fuss outfit that will always look stylish is one that's monochrome (wearing an outfit entirely or mostly comprised of one color, including various shades or hues of the same color). You will look fashionable and put together even though you didn't have much time to put yourself together ;) 

Plus, it makes us appear taller and leaner, too! 

Monochrome can certainly be worn all year long, but I feel it's most fun and exciting when done during the fall and winter months because we're able to play around with more textures and layers, which brings the outfit to life. However, we do want to be mindful that if we fail at mixing up hues, textures, and/or skip layering, the outfit can appear one dimensional or flat. 

A great way to avoid a boring outfit, even when incorporating a bold color, is to add a chunky knit to a pair of leather pants or ripped jeans. By creating a contrast on the top and bottom, you're essentially dividing and distinguishing your body shape, which would otherwise get lost and overwhelmed when wearing one color entirely. Other great options include: fur, fringe, velvet, sequins, and metallics (THINK silver metallic pumps with an all grey outfit or rose gold with various shades of pink!). 

I have a deep appreciation for color, so I just can't help myself and often have to add in some sort of color to the mix, while keeping the majority or my my main pieces the same shade; what can I say! 

^This last look is one I wore this past summer and the top is actually a dress tucked into the trousers! Don't limit your options, if you have a fitted or shift style sweater dress, simply tuck it into a pair of pants to have it serve as a knit ;)


I hope this post gave you some ideas for putting some easy, no fuss outfits together on those busier winter mornings, as well as ways you can play around with monochrome! It really is such a figure flattering strategy, that looks great on everyone, when done right! Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you're having a wonderful week so far!



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Jacket: Marshalls (similar style here) | Sweater: c/o Mooncats | Jeans: 7 for all mankind (similar style here) | Bag: Ash | Boots: Hunter | Lips: Hazard by TopShop 



Happy Monday and Happy New Year, my gorgeous friends!

How was your NYE's celebrations? We headed to Brooklyn to spend the night at my mom's, where she hosted her first NYE's party, which was so much fun! 

Within recent years, I've really come to embrace plaid and have found ways to incorporate the pattern into my looks in a way that's reflective of my style or the vibe I'm going for that day. Having spoken with other women over the years, either here on the blog or in person, I've noticed that it's either loved or hated. Though it's often linked to preppier styles, plaid is indeed a versatile pattern that can work for not only your personal style, but for your figure too, it's all a matter of keeping a few things in mind when shopping and creating an outfit.

First, I'd suggest you consider your personal style or vibe you wish to achieve with your look. If you're more of a minimalist, then look for colors that are more in the neutral family to optimize your wear, such as black and navy. If you have more of a grunge or edgier style, the classic black and red would be a perfect fit, as well as black and purple. For preppier vibes, I'd suggest brighter shades, such as pink, light blue, and purples. If you have a bold, adventurous style, plaid is a staple pattern you'd have so much fun mixing and matching with other patterns in your wardrobe, i.e. leopard, gingham, and stripes!

Since we're discussing a pattern, which is sure to make a statement, either bold or subtle (depending on how you style it) it will also bring attention to the area(s) you're wearing it, which could be why some avoid it all costs. If that's the case with you, there are specific pieces you can wear that are more flattering and will have you feeling more confident as a result. 

A more universally flattering option would be a plaid shirt because it's the most versatile, allowing you to layer, tuck, tie, or knot to create many effects and styles. If you've avoided plaid tops because you feel they make your bust appear larger, for example, you can layer a solid colored sweater(dress) over it and you've instantly slimmed your bust and midsection, while creating a nice stylish outfit with a cool contrast! You could also leave it opened over a solid colored top, wearing it more as a either a cardigan or jacket (like I've done here). Lastly, you could add a blazer on top, which would refine the look a bit more and not over exaggerate a larger bust. 

If you're bottom curvy and feel as though you can't wear plaid dresses or skirts because they make you appear larger, you most certainly can! How about a pattern mix to balance out proportions, like I did in this outfit post? With a dress, it's super easy because you can always add a chunky knit on top to transform the dress into a skirt, while creating more dimension to your upper body. 

What are YOUR thoughts on plaid, do you currently wear it? If not, I hope you found this post helpful and that inspired you to give it a try. If you're still not entirely convinced, you can always opt for plaid accessories ;) Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have the most amazing start to your New Year!


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Happy Thursday, my dear friends!

NYE is only a couple of days away and I'm sure there are many of you who have yet to find the perfect outfit to ring in the new year, it can certainly be stressful and overwhelming! I've compiled some of my previous blog posts that will guarantee to help you find that perfect outfit by keeping a few key things in mind, such as finding a flattering dress or jumpsuit for your body shape or metallics to wear that will flatter your skin tone and have you glowing all night; let's get started shall we!? 



Tips to Find the Best LBD for Your Body Shape is my most popular blog post to date! I believe it's because the suggestions I made are practical enough to understand and achieve. Take a look at the suggestions I made for the other three body shapes in the original post, which I've linked, to see what you may want to consider when shopping for the perfect dress. As a side note: The tips can be applied to all dresses, not just the LBD!



Dresses not quite your thing? Well, jumpsuits can be just as versatile and appropriate in much of the same contexts as the classic LBD, including a NYE celebration! Since it's a one piece that's divided into sections, there are a few things you may want to consider to ensure a flattering fit on both the top and bottom, all of which I discussed in my Jump Start Your Style with the Perfect Little Black Jumpsuit (LBJ) post.



Tis the season of metallics, it's almost synonymous with New Years, isn't it? In my Know the Basics of Metallics: Learn Which One Works Best for Your Skin Tone!, post I not only explain how to determine your skin tone, but I also provide suggestions based on your undertones for the metallic(s) that would be the most flattering for you, providing that natural and effortless glow we all crave, especially during the winter months and when ushering in the new year, duh! 



Lastly, in my How to Style Sequins Now & Later post, I provide three visual examples (consisting of six outfits) featuring a sequin number that you can wear on NYE and later. Many of us will reserve our sequin or metallic pieces just for this season, but we can certainly get more use out of them all year long! 


I hope you found this post helpful in putting together your perfect NYE outfit and working with those pieces well after the celebrations are over! Thanks so much for stopping by my gorgeous friends and I hope you're having a great week so far!



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Cool Tone Mix: Burgundy & Pink

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Coat: Vince Camuto (similar ON SALE HERE// Sweater: Banana Republic (similar HERE// Pants: Marshalls // Boots: Choies (HERE// Bag: Louis Vuitton 





Happy Wednesday, my gorgeous friends!

One of my favorite color combinations when the temperatures begin to dip is burgundy and light pink. I love the intensity the burgundy has an how it pops so beautifully against the softer pink shade, creating a nice contrast that's perfectly balanced. What makes these two colors so appealing together is that they both have cool undertones, which allow them to compliment each other perfectly. As you know, this is a strategy I often use when creating color combinations because it almost always ensures that the colors I'm considering will work well together. 

Now is the time that many of us experience dull looking skin due to the cold temps that tend dry our skin, taking away the moisture that provides that beautiful glow. If you have cool undertones, meaning your veins on your wrist appear more blue or you tend to reach most for silver jewelry, then cool tones such as the ones I'm wearing today and shown in my post Your Guide to the 12 Best Colors for Winter would really enhance your natural skin tone, creating a more luminescent and beautiful glow! If you're on the warmer side, this doesn't mean these colors won't work for you, so no need to fret! By adding in some brighter neutrals (think white and camel) and hints of gold, especially around the face (earrings and/or necklace) it will help to counteract the contrast of the cool toned colors and enhance your skin warmer tone, too! 

In case you're wondering how you can tell if a color is warm or cool, when you look at a color if it has a slight grey or bluish tint to it, then it's cool, if it has an orange or golden hue, then it's warm.

What are some of YOUR favorite color combinations come winter!? Do you tend to embrace bold colors or neutrals most?

Thanks so much for sharing, my dear friends, and I hope you're having a wonderful week so far!



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Let's Determine Your Body Shape