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Jacket: Blank NYC (old, similar hereScarf: Jones New York (similar hereTurtleneck Jeans: New York & Company Sneakers: Nike  


Happy Friday my beautiful friends!

How was everyone's week? Hopefully it went by fast, since it was a short one! Today, I'm sharing an outfit I actually wore last week on one of those busy days I told you about. I knew I'd be running around all over the place, in and out of the car, so I wanted to look cute, yet practical for the day. Thankfully, the athleisure trend is showing no signs of stopping, which makes wearing sneakers fashionable and trendy.

When I was in high school, I was a sneaker junkie. I had all kinds, from Jordans to Huaraches and Timberland boots in every color. When I started college, I wanted to change my style and that's when I started to wear heels. I didn't wear flats at all throughout my 4yrs of undergraduate and I was known by my classmates who forgot my name (I know, Jalisa isn't an easy name to remember, pronounced Ja-lee-sah in case you've every wondered :) by the girl with the heels. I preface this to say that I haven't really worn and embraced sneakers in a really long time, other than working out. Even after completing my degree and working in hospitals and labs, I still loved my heels. These, aside from a couple of Coach tennis shoes, are my only real pair and having worn this outfit, I'm beginning to want to add more to my small collection. 

I think sneakers are a great way to add a stylish kick (pun intended) to an otherwise simple casual outfit. I love the idea of teaming the colors found within the sneaker, if there are any, with bold outerwear for a more stylish impact. I think it makes for a nice cohesive look, one that appears to have been thought through, rather than throwing on a pair of random sneakers on the way out the door. 

If you're a petite babe and don't like wearing flats because you want to look taller, you can accomplish a visual lengthening effect by wearing all black with a few pops of color. Though it won't physically make you taller as heels would, you will still look long and lean and at least give your feet a rest after a long, hectic week ;)

What are YOUR thoughts on sneakers, do you love them or hate them? Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!



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Happy Thursday my sweet friends!

It's been a while since I've written a post on a Thursday, around the time of the holidays actually. It was such a busy time and I was experiencing such chronic fatigue, due to the pregnancy that I just wasn't able to keep up. It seems as though my energy is back or at least more consistent, so I'm hoping to get back to my Mon-Fri schedule. Let's see how that goes! 

We're officially at the point of the winter season where we're just tired of winter and ready for spring. This is also the time of year that the weather tends to be a little all over the place, warmer spring-like temps one day, a blizzard the next, true story. Since we can't control the elements, unfortunately, we can, however, control our styling! Today, I'll be sharing some outfit ideas that I feel are perfect for this time of year, as well as some tips on creating the spring vibe effect with winter clothing. Some of these outfits are pre-baby belly in case you're wondering where the bump went, haha. Okay, so let's get started, shall we?! 




love leather pants, be it leggings or coated jeans, I just love them! I feel they're incredibly versatile and can keep you warm during the winter. My favorite way to wear them transitioning into spring is with spring-like colors, such as softer hues and pastels, like the periwinkle jumper I'm wearing in the outfit above. The jumper will of course keep you warm, but the color itself exudes spring. For some added warmth, I layered a blouse underneath in a fun print. If you don't have a jumper in a lighter color, feel free to do the exact opposite. Try layering one of your sheer flowy longer blouses you typically wear during the spring and summer underneath a darker colored sweater. The contrast is so pretty and will give you the perfect spring vibe. 

Body Shape Style Tip: The longer the blouse peeks through underneath, the longer you will make your torso appear. It's a great slimming strategy when wanting to avoid attention being placed on the midsection or balancing out a chunkier knit piece. 



Monochrome. If you've been a longtime reader of The Style Contour, then you surely know how much I love monochrome and boast of it's flattering benefits. It instantly makes one appear longer and leaner, while look so chic all at the same time. There are a few ways to do monochrome. One way would be to work with one solid shade of a color, but mix up the textures to make it appear less one dimensional and bring it to life. The next would be to mix up various shades of the color you're working with. Depending on your personal style and taste, you may opt for a mix of neutrals or brights, the effect can really be achieved with any and all colors on the spectrum. For winter, I think grey is perfect because it has a nice calming affect. You can simply mix up darker shades of the color. Light blue accents in either your jewelry, shoes, or purse will blend perfect with the shades, since it has a blue undertone, as does grey, and it exudes spring! 



Lastly, add white. Be it white pants or a white coat (off white works, too) it will instantly brighten up your look. Add in winter essentials in colorful or neutral shades, again, depending on your comfort level. If you do choose to add a dab of color, the white will make it pop even more, so you don't need to feel the pressure to go overboard with the color, a simple lip color or purse will do. If you're scared of wearing white jeans because you think they make you appear larger, pair them with OTK boots! The boots will not only keep you warm, but they have a slimming and lengthening effect, since they cover most of your leg drawing the eye up. 


I hope you found these outfit ideas and style tips helpful for creating a lively, spring-like, yet warm outfit this time of year! Whether you love and embrace bold colors or prefer neutrals, the effects can be created either way and I hope you learned that in today's post! Thanks so much for stopping by my dear friends and tell me, how's the weather right now where YOU live?! 



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Coat: Michael Kors Turtleneck: Halogen Jeans: New York & Company Long Necklace: c/o Gorjana (similar hereShort Necklace: c/o Athra Luxe Bag: Gucci (different style, same collection HEREShoes: Sam Edelman (similar HERE)


TGIF my sweet friends!

Oh what a week it's been, I'm so glad it's nearly over, haha! This has got to be one of the most busiest weeks I've had in a really long time, even more than the holiday season. We've been doing so much running around trying to find a place for our baby shower in May that will host around 70 people. We've decided to not restrict it to just women because so many of our friends and family want to be apart of it. We have narrowed things down a bit, but still haven't determined where exactly. I want to do a tea party theme with an English breakfast. We've found a great place that will cater that has phenomenal reviews, but we just need to find a location. It's been fun, but oh SO tiring. 

We've also been shopping for baby A's furniture because we think it's best we get the crib and changing table ourselves, so we've omit it from the registry. We've got our mind set on one we both fell in love with from RH Baby & Child that converts into a toddler bed, so we get more for our money in the long run. Aside from those two pieces, we've been adding as we go. I'm thinking to do a garden theme with floral pieces and butterflies. The color palette will be soft pinks, grey, white, and pops of light green...I want it to be a calming and soothing environment for both baby A and I. As promised, I will be sharing a haul of the clothing I've picked up (which is A LOT!!) next week, either Tuesday or Thursday, so keep an eye out for that, if you're interested! 

Now that we've gotten baby talk out of the way, let's talk about today's outfit! I love winter whites, specifically ivory and all shades of off white. I think they look so sophisticated paired with any color and create a nice soothing vibe, perfect for winter. I also love how it looks paired with gold accents. Turtlenecks that have a nice stretch to them have quickly become a favorite of mine as my bump is growing. They look so chic and can be worn with anything and everything, so easy and so good. I love to tuck them into jeans to polish off a casual outfit, while dressing them up with pumps or cute boots. Today, to add some pizazz, I added in the classic and harmonious duo, red and leopard to the cream and I love how it came together and I hope you do, too!

Do you have any fun plans this weekend? I hope you found some inspiration in this post, my dear friends, and thank so much for stopping by!



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Happy Wednesday my dear friends!

Most of us are aware of the fact that ruffles have been trending hard this season. It started during this past summer and transitioned into both fall and winter, and it shows no signs of stopping after seeing some of the f/w 18 collections that have hit the runways this week for NYFW. So, it's safe to say that ruffles are here to stay! What I've been noticing is that so many different variations have been showcased as a result, allowing for everyone, regardless of size or body shape, to embrace the uber feminine and flirty trend. In preparation for spring, which honestly can't come fast enough (shrug) I wanted to make your life easier (I hope) by suggesting styles that are most flattering for your body shape, so you know what will work with your body's features, since the extra fabric and overwhelm certain features, which you may or may not want. 


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 


If you wish to enhance or add some dimension (aka make your bust appear fuller) opt for ultra voluminous ruffle tops specifically around the bust area. If you're bottom curvy and want to visually maintain those curves with the tops you choose, I'd suggest an OTS or bordot style (like #3) that will help to (visually) widen the chest, which will maintain your lower curves. Some styles can make the hips appear wider or smaller by the way they're designed. 




A common insecurity many of us women have are our arms. Many wish to avoid attention being placed on the arms and though I can and do suggest that you love and embrace your body for what it is because you're beautiful, which is very much true, at the same time, I know I'd also get a blank stare, like girl, are you serious?! Easier said than done and I get it. So, I suggest you pay close attention to the placement of the ruffles, as well as overall detail. Right now, teared ruffle sleeves are what's happening and this doesn't exclude you from being able to pull them off because you feel they make your arms appear larger. Opt for styles like the one shown above (#1) that combine a effect that can counteract the fullness and make your arms appear slimmer. In addition to the tips mentioned in the set above, when in doubt go black or navy. The dark colors will slim the entire upper body, allowing for you to freely play and experiment with the texture on the arms without feeling self-conscious. 

I hope you found my tips helpful, my dear friends, and decide to experiment with the trend this spring and summer. As mentioned, there are so many different styles to choose from that you're sure to find something that works for you and your features in a way that will make you feel and look good. Not only are ruffles a great way to add a feminine element to your look, it's also a great texture mix to add to a monochrome outfit to add depth and dimension to your overall look, the possibilities of styling are endless! 

Are YOU loving the ruffle trend? If so, what's your favorite style (one shoulder, OTS, cold shoulder, etc)?! Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope your day is as fabulous as YOU!


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Happy Monday, my dear friends!

How was your weekend?! Mine was full of online shopping for baby girl...a little too much shopping, but hey, you can never have enough cute baby clothes, am I right!? I'm thinking of sharing a haul either on IG Stories or here on the blog, feel free to let me know if you have a preference; I know you guys will LOVE the pieces! 

This week, I'm officially 20 weeks, I'm half way there, can you believe it!? I can't. Time is going by way too fast! I feel her kicking and she's developing a bit of a pattern with her kicks. She'll begin as soon as I wake up in the morning, after I eat, whenever I say, "baby girl", "little girl" or "princess" and when I play Baby Mozart, she loves it! She also does it when she hears Eddie's voice, how cute!? 

Since I'm at the halfway mark, I've been noticing some clothing no longer fitting comfortably. At the same time, I've noticed that there's one particular brand of denim that I own that has surprised me and surpassed all expectations in terms of quality and durability and that's New York & Company. If you're a longtime reader of The Style Contour, then you've most likely realized that they're one of my most worn denim brands. I'm particularly fond of their Soho collection with the 'curve creator' design, but all of the entire is amazing. I've been wearing their jeans for years now (about 5-6) and all I can say is that for the price, they surpass the stretch and comfort of some of my higher end denim brands. 

When you're pregnant, your hips begin to widen out in preparation for birth, you gain weight, and of course, your belly grows, which can prevent you from fully buttoning up your jeans, that hasn't been my experience with these jeans (the ones I wear aren't high waisted). This is not to say that it may not eventually happen, but I've come across a few articles in which women stated they were having a hard time at 16 weeks with their clothing. 

That said, I highly suggest New York & Company jeans in general, pregnant or not. If you want to make your booty look good (who doesn't, right!?) they're curve creator is the way to go. The seams are designed in way that contours your figure and creates the illusion of a firm and toned butt, whether you naturally have one or not; they make you look and feel good. They're soft and move with you, they don't have that stiff denim feel. What's even better is that they often have B1G1 50% off or free, which is when I had stocked up on the pairs that I have; they run large, so size down (they also carry tall & petites, sizes 0-20!).  

What's YOUR favorite denim brand (both maternity and non maternity suggestions welcomed)? Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you're having the best start to your week so far!




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Happy Friday, friends!

Since we're quickly approaching Valentine's Day, I thought It'd be nice to start sharing some outfits that exude romantic feels with a pink themed outfit. I personally love all shades of pink and think it's a great way to wear an entire outfit comprised of the color in a way that's not as bold, yet creates that monochromatic feel. I often like to throw a little burgundy into the mix because why not!? Burgundy pairs so well with any shade of pink, creating more of a romantic feel, adding some intensity, to balance out the girly-ness that some pink shades have (hot and pastels).


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Happy Monday, my friends!

Moving right along to today's outfit, which consists of two colors I typically think of and wear most during the winter and that's blue and grey. No matter the shade of the two, I just love the way they look together, creating a nice frosty vibe perfect for winter.


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TGIF, my dear friends

Today I'm wearing a sweater I wish I would've worn sooner because it has since sold out and I can't find anything that's quite similar to suggest. It's a one size fits all, so you know what that stretches a lot and conforms to the body and that's exactly what I need right now with my growing bump. 


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Happy Wednesday, my beautiful friends!

I hope you're all having a great week so far, I can't believe it's already Wednesday and that we've only got a week left of January, crazy! 

Today, I wanted to share with you an alternative jacket you can wear during the winter months, a leather jacket. This may not be first style that would come to most people's minds when thinking of winter outerwear because they can often be a bit too light weight, especially if they're faux. This is not the case with the one I'm wearing today however. I purchased this jacket a couple of years ago from Dorothy Perkins' site, before I was used to European sizing and understanding the conversion charts, lol. 


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Happy Monday, friends!

How was your weekend?! I hope you all enjoyed it, though it always comes and goes way too fast, right?! 

Today, I want to share a few tips on styling the hip area. As someone who is bottom curvy, I've learned what's worked and what hasn't and since my body is changing, I've noticed that certain features are becoming more exaggerated as a result. Now, I can either get frustrated and feel self-conscious about these changes or I can work around those areas by using specific styling strategies that will allow me to wear the pieces that still fit, I love, but that may not necessarily be the most flattering without some extra thought. I choose the latter and I encourage you do the same.


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Let's Determine Your Body Shape