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Happy Tuesday my gorgeous friends!

As I hinted in yesterday's post, today we're talking about two colors that have been extremely popular these past few weeks and show no signs of stopping as we transition into both spring and summer and that's pink and red. Though all shades of pink seem to be trending, blush really seems to be the top pick of most and rightfully so, it's beautiful, romantic, and uber feminine. Plus, it's perfect for a smooth transition into spring. Yesterday, I paired my blush pink jacket with a pair of burgundy boots for a more seasonal feel, which is still in the trending red color category. At least in my book and pink looks so good paired with red when going the bold route in creating a color block effect, so good! 


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Happy Monday my sweet friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

You guys, I think this is it, this is as far as I can go with wearing non-maternity jeans. I made it to 22 weeks with my favorite NY&Co style that've I've been raving about non stop because they truly impressed me with the amount of stretch they have. Since they still fit well overall, I'm thinking I'll just get the belly bands so I can still get some use. What's starting to bother me slightly is the button area under the belly. With the belly bands, I just won't be able to wear my tops tucked in anymore with them, which I love to do because it looks so chic and polished that way. If you happen to know of any great, affordable, comfy maternity jeans do let me know! 


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 Happy Friday my beautiful friends! 

I think sneakers are a great way to add a stylish kick (pun intended) to an otherwise simple casual outfit. I love the idea of teaming the colors found within the sneaker, if there are any, with bold outerwear for a more stylish impact. I think it makes for a nice cohesive look, one that appears to have been thought through, rather than throwing on a pair of random sneakers on the way out the door. 


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