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Happy Friday! 

One of my weekend outfit formulas is not only a pair of jeans and an oversized sweater during the winter months, but a pair of black denim and I tend to wear these boots 8/10 times. In fact, they're kept on the shoe rack at my front door. That is how much I wear them. What I love about them are the buckle details which add a nice, edgy touch, but also the small heel that makes me feel a bit dressed. The fact that they're suede makes it even better because I feel like suede adds a different spin on things on its  own. They literally go perfectly with everything: plaid denim, black denim, leather jeans; they're a winter staple for me. 


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Happy Wednesday my beautiful friends! 

I hope you're having a great week so far! 

Okay, so you need this turtleneck. It's not often that I highly suggest you purchase something, but let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE this turtleneck and have worn it so many times since purchasing it in the fall. It comes in a few other colors, too. What I love about it is how soft and stretchy it is. The only downside is that it's not a bodysuit, which I like because you don't have to worry about the bunching, but the feel of this compensates for that. I'm also a sucker for ribbed fitted tops. They're a bit nostalgic, throwing it back to the 90s. Plus, I love this light brown shade. It's one that I feel would look great on every skin tone and pairs well with nearly every color. I love the way it looks worn with these velvet green jeans and the pop of red in the heels, which as you know, are one of my favorite pairs. 


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Happy Monday friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! We had our first snowfall this year, which was exciting because my sister-in-law gifted the girls some snow toys for Christmas. One of which was a snow mold, which is pretty cool and makes for something different to do other than making plain snowballs. These photos were taken before it snowed and is the kind of outfit I like to wear when I'm out and about after a snowfall or when it's just plain cold! The goal is always to be practical first, while keeping a cute, put together look in mind. 


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Happy Friday my beautiful friends!

Would you believe that I've owned these pink pants for about 7 years? Though it hasn't been until recently that I've been wanting to wear them more because out of nowhere, I've gotten ideas on how to wear them in ways that allows them to serve as the start of the show, while still looking polished and not uber playful. I think that's what hindered me from wearing them more; I was somewhat intimidated. Yes, me. If you've been following this blog over the past few years, you'd know that I've had a bold and adventurous style, never really steering away from graphics, prints and color. My style has shifted and become more refined as I've gotten older and have had kids, but I still love color. 


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Happy Wednesday beauties!

So, you all know that I love to see what colors are trending each season because I just simply love color! This year, lavender and pastel purple shades seem to be what's in and understandably so, it's so beautiful and in my opinion, looks great on everyone! I love the idea of wearing these shades during the winter months because they have that winter frosty feel and look great paired with neutrals, such as brown.


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Happy New Year my beautiful friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are off to a great start to 2020! I can't believe we're in the start of a brand new decade as well! My life has changed tremendously over the course of the past ten years (21-31). In fact, my life is anything but what I'd thought it would be, but for the BETTER! Have you ever made goals for what you wanted to achieve in a year or two only to look back and think it didn't necessarily go as planned, but you're glad it played out the way it did?


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Happy Wednesday my beautiful friends!

Plaid has always been a print I love to wear, particularly around fall and winter. I have quite a few plaid blanket scarves, but when it comes to clothing, I tend to be a bit pickier. I'm more inclined to go for more colorful plaids when it's in accessories, but I like black and white when it comes to tops and jackets. In addition to black and red. The reason is because it's more versatile, especially when it's in a jacket. You can either create a monochromatic look or add in the color of your choice. When it's in accessories, you're essentially adding the pop into the outfit.


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Happy Monday friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Mine was pretty relaxed. It was too cold to go to the park, which I've still been trying to go to even though we're pretty much in winter, as far as weather is concerned. As long as it's not below 38°, I try to get Aviah out and and active. Even if we don't make it to the park, I let her play outside with some of the kids in the neighborhood. If we're home all day, she gets very hyper because she's so board. Sounds a little counterintuitive, but that's how toddlers are. If you're also a mom, you know you know this to be true, ha! 


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Happy Friday friends!

You guys....I have a problem. Well, honestly, I don't know how much of a problem it really is ;) 

I'm slightly obsessed with Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Ok, ok. I know it's no real secret that I'm a huge fan of the brand (read here). I recently added yet another pair to my ever growing collection (we're now on #4). When I saw this all black version of the tweed loafers I'd hunted down for nearly two months and there were only two left in my size, I had to get them. I'm keeping myself in check and holding off on these, but man are they gorgeous!


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Happy Wednesday, friends! 

I've pretty much always been a fan of the denim on denim look. I've styled numerous denim on denim outfits throughout the years here on the blog, but today I'm styling it a bit differently! 


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