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Happy Wednesday my beautiful friends!

It's been a week since my last post and since then, i've been trying to figure out a posting schedule that works, as well as finding the time to respond to comments and just carve out time for blogging in general; it's felt nearly impossible. I've decided to breastfeed and it was going great initially, but after the first week, things started to get super overwhelming; I'm producing a lot. Now, this is certainly a great thing and one I'm very thankful for, but it's so much that Aviah gets overwhelmed and finds it hard to feed because it just is too much for her to manage, making feeding all together stressful. I'm not going to give up and have been seeking advice from lactation specialist and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to send them my way on how to manage over production. I've heard pumping can make it worse, so anything other than that, lol. Since I've been having this challenge, I haven't been able to sleep much. Not only is breastfeeding itself very time consuming, but having this issue makes it even more. Right now, introducing a bottle can cause what they say nipple confusion, which would make her feeding on me challenging, so I can't have Eddie help me. Yeah, it's been stressful to say the least, but this too shall pass. 

I'm not going to lie, on days that I would get extremely stressed and overwhelmed, I considered giving up on the blog altogether, but then I would read your comments filled with so much love and support and it would encourage me to get started again when I found the time. That said, if I haven't or didn't respond to any of your comments or visited your blog, if you're a fellow blogger, please bear with me. I know I keep saying this, but interacting with all of you in the comments is something I truly enjoy and I feel that's how we truly connect, so when I'm not able to do so, it just feels weird, ya know?! 

Anyway, I'm off to go feed Aviah and then hopefully get some rest, haha. She has a doctor's appointment at 9am and I'd like to think I can get some sleep between now and then. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and having so much patience, it really means so much to me and just shows how much support and friendship I have in all of you :) 



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Dress Sunglasses Necklace c/o  Bag c/o Shoes c/o

Happy Wednesday my sweet friends!

I'm going to keep this post short and sweet because well, I've been pretty much sleep deprived these days, haha. I will say that I love this dress, which I purchased over the fall when I was pregnant, which I wore here with the bump. I also have it in black and I'm thinking about getting it in pretty much all the colors it comes in, it's so comfy and perfect for everyday, as it can be easily dressed up or down. What I love most, aside from that, is that it has ruching details all along the waist, which is super flattering, especially since I just had a baby and I have a little pooch. I also love the v-hem, which creates the illusion of curvier hips and longer legs! 

Thanks so much for stopping my dear friends and thanks again for your patience as I ease back into blogging and responding to comments and messages. I hope you're having the best week so far and let me know, what's YOUR favorite everyday piece you can always count on?



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Happy Monday my dear friends!

It seems like forever since my last post, which was over a week ago and you can say a lot has happened since then, haha, like finally giving birth! I delivered on Sunday, July 2 at 9:06 pm on my 40th week to the day to a healthy baby girl, Aviah (pronounced Ah-vee-ah) Liora! Leading up to this day, which is the most amazing and beautiful day of my life, I had an intense weekend, here's how it went...


On Friday, I was sent to the hospital, once again for high blood pressure. If you've been following along my pregnancy, then you'd know that I've been dealing with this for about half my pregnancy, which my doctor later explained it's a result of me being thin prior to pertinency and gaining the 26lbs I gained throughout the 9mths. After being sent home the same day, the following Saturday, I started spotting red. I, of course, freaked out and yelled to my mom, who was staying with me at the time, and we headed to the hospital. It was explained to us that this was a normal sign of the beginning stages of labor; I hadn't had any contractions up to this point, so to me this was odd. They, of course, sent me home. 

Later that night, I was in excruciating pain, with contractions that felt nearly unbearable as the day and night progressed, so we headed back to the hospital. This time, it was somewhere around 10 pm. I was told that since my contractions weren't at least 2-3 minutes apart and I was only dilated 2cm that I can either go home and wait until my contractions were about 1 minute apart to come back or induce my labor; I chose to go home. Guess what? Yup, we went back to the hospital at around 8 am Sunday morning because I felt like I was dying! My contractions felt extremely sharp and were about 2 minutes apart. I couldn't even lay or sit down. Eddie and I moved from our bed upstairs to our living room downstairs in hopes of me getting a better sleep, which didn't happen. Could you imagine my emotions as I stared at him knocked out enjoying his sleep while I was in labor and sleep deprived, let's just say I wasn't happy, haha. When we headed back to the hospital that morning, I hadn't dilated since the night before (you deliver at 10cm). I was given the option, once again, to induce my labor and this time I agreed because I just couldn't go another day with those contractions. I had an amazing nurse who was heaven sent because she had patience that only an angel could have because I'm not going to lie, I was a bit of a drama queen, lol. With that, I made her laugh her entire shift because apparently the comments and suggestions I was making were comical according to my family, who were in the room with me the entire time. 


My labor lasted at total of 15hrs. Yup, 15 excruciating hours that were all so worth it. For my first 6hrs at the hospital, I toughed it out and dealt with the pain as best as I could because my birth plan was to go all natural (no epidural and vaginal delivery). The more I dilated, the more I just couldn't take no matter the exercises I did to help with the pain, so I went with the epidural. When it finally kicked in, I felt so relaxed and was surprised when the nurse came in an said, "okay, we're having a baby!" I was like, "what? how?" as if that wasn't the reason I was in the hospital to begin with, lol. 20 minutes later, I gave birth to Aviah Liora and from that moment on my life changed forever. 



I've heard many mothers say that all the pain that comes along with labor and delivery all vanishes after you lay eyes on your child and to be honest, I never really considered it true. I felt it was a bit of cliché, until I experienced that moment myself. The moment they laid her on my chest, my world transformed. From that moment on, my priorities sifted and to see Eddie by my side and share this moment of welcoming our daughter into the world is something that's so unexplainable. I've never gone a week of not blogging or sharing on social media. Her very existence is teaching me to slow down and keep things in perspective and so, I enjoyed every single minute and second of last week getting familiar with my new life as a mom, which I absolutely adore even though I'm changing diapers every other second and I'm also breast feeding, so I hardly sleep, since she eats every 2-3hrs around the clock, but again, it's so worth it. 

I want to thank all of you who've reached out to me personally to check in and see how I was doing, since I didn't announce I had given birth until a few days later, it mean more to me than you'd ever know. Thank you to those of you who've been leaving me comments both here and Instagram wishing me and my pregnancy well, it really touched me. 

As of now, I'll continue to post Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays until I form a set schedule that will allow me more time to create more content. In the meantime, I'll be doing my best to catch up on comments in a timely matter; I appreciate your understanding and patience in advance. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends; I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! 



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Dress c/o Bag: Similar Sandals 






Happy Friday my gorgeous friends!

As many of you know, the 4th of July is my due date, which is this upcoming Tuesday! So, at this point, Baby A can arrive at this very moment (which I'm hoping for) or extend her stay in my belly, haha. To be honest, I'm at the point where I'm just so tired of being pregnant, which I feel like I've been forever, and I know she's tired of being tucked in my belly too because she frequently stretches and so far, the doctor is saying she's about 7.7oz, she's a big girl (I was over 8lbs). I've been very tired, so as I've mentioned these past couple of days, simplicity for me is key when it comes to getting dressed. Of course I want to look stylish, too, and that's where Séraphine, a maternity line I've recently been introduced to comes in. 

Founded in 2002, Séraphine, is one of the most trendy and stylish maternity brands that have become favorites amongst celebrities and royalty, yes, royalty...The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, herself loves and wears the brand, as does Jessica Alba, Anne Hathaway, and Gwen Stefani to name a few! So, when I was presented with the opportunity to collaborate with this sought after and esteemed brand, I was more than intrigued! 

The quality of this dress is absolutely amazing and I say this with no exaggeration. One thing you may not know about me is that I hate ironing with an ultimate passion. I often bribe Eddie to iron my clothing because I just can't stand to do it. I think burning my favorite pair of pants years ago has something to do with it, lol. After he was so kind to iron dress, he kept raving about the material and how great it felt, which says something because he usually says nothing, lol.

I love the knotted detail in the front coupled with the ruching, which I feel creates a nice flattering effect to the bump and hip area. If you've been pregnant or are pregnant, then you'd know your hips get wider and so when not mindful, certain pieces can make them appear even more wide, which with in conjunction with a (growing) bump, you don't want. What I also love about this dress is that it can be easily dressed up or down, making it a great option for a summer wedding or event. Depending on the stage of your pregnancy, you can style it with a pair of cute wedge sandals or a pair of slides or espadrilles for a more casual feel, as I've done here. 

If you're expecting, I definitely suggest you check out Sérpahine, or if you know someone who is, perhaps you can introduce them to the brand! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends! Perhaps the next time you'll here from me, I'll be a mommy ;) Stay connected with me on Twitter and Instagram, which is where I'll most likely be making the announcement if and when it happens! 



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Happy Wednesday my beautiful friends!

I will be keeping today's post short and sweet because I'll be honest and say I don't have much brain power right now, haha; I'm tired! I will say this, when the weather doesn't demand for a dress, I've been opting for a basic tank, jeans, and some sort of interesting footwear, such as these neon sandals. I'm a huge fan of neon come summer, especially when combined with denim. I love the contrast and impact they give off, adding the perfect punch to an otherwise extremely basic outfit. When coupled with sort of hardware, like gold, it dresses it up a bit more, which is even better! It was a little humid, so I had no choice but to put my hair up. Instead of the typical top knot or low bun I'd go for, I decided to try something different and went with this cute ponytail. Whenever I do a plain ponytail on humid days, my hair just poofs out, so this style was a great way to prevent that. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you're having a great week so far!



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Dress Bracelet: Alexis Bittar (similarRings c/o (here & hereBag: Coach c/o Sandals (similar







Happy Monday my gorgeous friends!

I'm officially 39 weeks, you guys! I'm not going to get into specifics or TMI, but I think I'm a few short days from giving birth; if you've been pregnant, then I'm sure you can figure out what signaled that for me, lol. On top of that, I've been having more contractions, so it's all a waiting game at this point. I've been hearing that when it's your first baby, you tend to go past your due date, but I've also been hearing from some moms that they were quite early, we shall see!

I love tropical prints come summer, I feel they create a nice seasonal vibe, much like florals during the summer, would you agree?! So, I couldn't pass on this super cute maxi dress from Boohoo, which is non-maternity by the way. All of the dresses I've purchased from them are non-maternity and in my pre-pregnancy, they have such a great stretch to them. I decided to order them in my usual size because I wanted to not only wear them while pregnant, but for the remainder of the summer after I deliver, too. 

In the next upcoming weeks, I plan on sharing some tips on what I did throughout my pregnancy to help make styling and managing my weight gain much easier for any of you interested, so keep an eye out for that, if you're interested!

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have a great start to your week ahead!



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Happy Friday my dear friends!

One pieces are such summer essentials because they really take the guess work out of getting ready, especially when it's too hot to think. I'm talking dresses of all lengths, rompers, and jumpsuits. They're all so effortless, creating a complete outfit with very little effort and most can be dressed up or down, depending on how you style them, considering the accessories, bag, and shoes you add. 

Though they all can be dressed up, I feel jumpsuits can have more of a dressier vibe because they include pants, making them a great option for your next summer special occasion if you're not one to favor dresses. I have an entire blog post dedicated to selecting the most figure flattering styles for your particular body shape, which you can check out here

You all know how much I love my color, so come summertime, I'm all in favor of a bold one piece, either in pattern or a vibrant solid color; I love the impact they give. They're also great ways to achieve the effects that monochrome pairings provide, as we discussed in last week's post, which you can check out here in case you've missed it. 


Fabrics that are a bit stretchy, such as modal or jersey are perfect for wearing if you're expecting, like myself. This jumpsuit is not maternity, I've actually had it for a number of years and it fit very comfortably over the bump and everywhere else, which is awesome! 

Speaking of pregnancy...

I told you all I'd update you in Wednesday's post regarding that little episode I experienced on Tuesday. Well, I went back to the doctor's as mentioned on Wednesday and I still had high pressure! It wasn't nearly as high as Tuesday's, but it was still relatively high, though Baby A's heart rate was perfectly normal (on both occasions). So, at this point, the doctor has encouraged me to take it easy. I must admit, it's really hard for me to just relax all day; I'm one of those people who loves to be on the go or constantly doing something, so when i'm still for a long period of time, I feel as though I'm not being productive. I know this is ridiculous, but it's so very true. I have no choice now, I have to do it for the sake of my health and Baby A, who will be here in no time! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead!



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Happy Wednesday my gorgeous friends!

So, I had a bit of a false alarm yesterday. I went in for my weekly OB exam and my blood pressure was quite high. My doctor took a few times and the number wasn't going down and so she sent me off to the hospital to have some blood work and tests done. This actually happened to me when I was around 20 weeks and all ended up being good. What got me a little nervous was when she said if anything we'll induce you and you can have her today or perhaps Friday. Wait, what?! No! I'm not ready, lol! I don't know if any of you ever been in a situation like this where you've gone into a doctors office and had some unexpected news, it definitely throws you for a loop! I mean, I did mention on Monday that we have nearly everything ready for, car seat installed, bags packed an all, but still

You see, when this happened to me when I was 20 weeks, I was a bit stressed, so the high pressure made sense to me. Yesterday, however, I was SO confused because I was calm, stress-free, and I don't have a diet rich in salt, so this was really unexpected and confusing. Thankfully, I was not admitted nor did I have Baby A, though the good thing is that I was able to have one last ultra sound to see her little face :) Everything came back normal and I was sent on my way, but boy was that alarming! What's so funny is that baby girl does NOT like when anything is touching or resting on my stomach for a period of time. They had two monitors strapped onto my stomach, one to monitor contractions and the other for her heart rate. She was trying to kick them off so hard that they nurse had to readjust everything and asked if she's always so active, haha. 

I have another doctor's appointment today, so I'll keep you updated in Friday's post in case you're curious :) 

As for this outfit, it features one of my favorite tops I love to wear come summer. It's so light and airy and I absolutely adore the aqua-like color, it's perfect for those summer, breezy days or nights, which I adore! 

Thanks so much for stopping by my dear friends and I hope you're having a great week so far!



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Dress: Similar Jeans (non-maternity versionNecklace c/o | Rings (here & herec/o Clutch: Similar Wedges Nail Color





Happy Monday my gorgeous friends!

How was your weekend?! We had a very productive day yesterday, we practiced setting up Baby A's car seat in and out of the car and attaching it to the stroller, which felt like a major project, until we finally got the hang of it on the hundredth try, haha. We also packed our hospital bags because I now only have two weeks to go, which I still can't believe to be honest with you. Part of me feels like I've been pregnant forever and part of me feels like it all just flew by, it's so weird! 

So with only a couple of weeks left, there's of course very limited pieces I can still fit into; I've been forced to get even more creative than I have been throughout this pregnancy, keeping in mind that I've only purchased about 5 maxi dress and 2 maternity jeans. Other than that, I've been working with my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. I actually won this dress (yes, can you believe this is supposed to be a dress?! lol) at a blogger event I attended a couple of years in a raffle. Fun Fact: Every time I would go to a blogger even, I'd always win at least two raffle prices, don't ask me how, lol! Though this isn't technically a top and was classified as a dress, I'd call it more of a tunic. 

I believe tunics and flowy tops are the best pieces to work with pre and post pregnancy because they look super chic (most tops that have a flowy, light, and airy fit, have a chic feel to it) when worn pre/post pregnancy, as they can be tucked into bottoms or worn loosely and can fit and flatter a growing bump. If you have a closet filled with pieces like this, I'm letting you know right now, you've illuminated a lot of future frustration in dressing your baby bump in the future, they're just that easy. 

I've worn these maternity jeans a number of times on the blog. I initially wasn't a fan of the fit because they felt quite stiff, but it seems that after a number of uses, they've softened and have become quite comfortable, so I can now say I recommend them, though they're not nearly as comfy as the ASOS ones love! Like many, I've had a hard time finding the perfect white denim jeans, but I've come to love these so much that I'm considering the non-maternity version

With just two weeks left, I have to say that one of the many things I've had fun with is creating outfits. It has sometimes been quite challenging and there were times I felt quite frustrated, but it really allowed me for me to think outside of the box and experiment with different styles and pairings. Pinterest was a huge source of inspiration for me as well. So, if you're in the beginning stages of pregnancy or plan on becoming pregnant in the future, just know that it is possible to look cute and stylish throughout your entire pregnancy without having to buy a whole new wardrobe :)

Thanks so much for stopping by, my beautiful friends, and I hope you have the most amazing start to your week! I'm still catching up on comments; I swear, I move like a turtle these days, but I'm getting there, haha. 


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Happy Friday my sweet friends!

I hope you all had a great week; I'm beyond ready for the weekend. As I mentioned in Wednesday's post, Eddie hasn't been feeling well and neither has my mom. With two of the people that would typically be helping me out the most at this time in my pregnancy not feeling well, it's been a bit of an overwhelming week to say the least. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love to cook and I typically make vegan meals during the week, but sometimes they're not all that quick and easy. That said, it's been one of those pasta and whatever else that requires as little time as possible kinda weeks, yup! 

Anyway, today, I'm sharing a few reasons why you should try a bold monochromatic outfit. It doesn't take much convincing to wear an all black or even an all grey outfit because the colors are known to be safe and flattering, but what about a full on hot pink or blue outfit? I'm sure you're nodding or tilting your head thinking, girl, I don't think so, it's a bit much for me or I don't think I can pull that off. Well, you can my friend, you most certainly can and here are some reasons why you should consider it:

1. It Makes You Appear Taller 

As many of you may already know, when you wear a color, any color, from head-to-toe, it makes you appear taller because there isn't anything visually to "break up" or distinguish where exactly your torso ends and legs begin, thus making you appear much taller. With this styling method, you can easily ditch the heels and opt for pointed toe flats instead to create the same visual effect. Of course it won't give you the physical height that heels would, but it's a great alternative, especially if you don't like to wear heels or can't. 


2. It Highlights Your Curves

Though wearing all black can create the same effect as mentioned above, it also has the tendency to visually slim you, which many of us love and appreciate. But what if you want to showcase all your efforts in the gym this past winter? A head-to-toe bold monochrome outfit will do just that. If you're proud of those toned legs, opt for shorts in the same color as your top, that way you're still getting that lengthening effect while showing some leg. If you've been working those squats, opt for a pair of fitted pants with welted pockets or a pencil skirt. 



3. It Makes You Appear More Confident/Powerful

You know how we all think a red lip is bold and powerful? Well, it's simply because it's such a vivid color. The fact of the matter is that when you wear any bright color, it creates the same effect and ignites that same emotion. When you're feeling less than confident, wear color and why not wear head-to-toe outfit? I can guarantee you'll feel very different once you look in the mirror ;) 

I hope this post inspired you to step outside of your comfort zone this summer and opt for a full on bold monochromatic outfit. I'd say the easiest way to experiment would be a solid colored maxi dress. It's easy and creates the same effects mentioned above. Plus, did I mention it's easy?! Lol! Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you have a great weekend ahead!



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