Happy Tuesday & Happy September friends!

I've recently shared a post on some of my recent purchases. In that post, I mentioned adding a pair of leopard boots to my shoe collection. Now, I must admit, these are not my first pair of leopard boots. In fact, they are pair number two! You may be wondering why I need two pairs of leopard boots and the answer is quite simple. The first pair, which you'll see in the outfits below, have a chunkier heel and are therefore a comfier and more casual option when I'll be with the girls. When I'm out on my own or for a date night, I wanted a sleeker pair and my recent purchase has a pointed toe and heel, which fit the bill. I felt inspired with this new addition and seeing how animal print, including leopard, is trending heavily (no surprise there!) this fall, and wanted to showcase some outfit inspiration on how you could wear a pair of leopard printed shoes. They are so versatile! When styling, I consider them a neutral and add them in as I would a black or nude shoe. The only (major) difference is that they add a bit more to an outfit than those sold options would. I've featured some outfits that are both adventurous (pattern mixing) and simple. I couldn't help but smile seeing some of these past outfits of when I was pregnant with Aviah and Ariah. Time flies! Ok, let's get started...



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Happy Monday friends!

Even though fall is right around the corner, we're still in the midst of summer and so, I'm trying to get the most out of my summer wardrobe by mixing and remixing different pieces in my closet. Regardles if I'm a personal style blogger, I do re-wear many of the outfits I share here and those that haven't made it to the blog yet. However, I often tweak those outfits to make them look and feel new and different and there's a couple of details and specific pieces I've been reaching for to help do just that.



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Happy Thursday lovelies!

We're continuing our discussion on fall fashion this week in discussing boots that every woman must own. As we begin to take advantage of the sales happening right now, many of us are taking inventory of our wardrobes, filling in the gaps with what we need and let's face it...want as well ;) If you've asked yourself, "what boots do I need?" hopefully this post will serve as a guide. Here are the 5 boot styles I believe are essential....


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