Happy Thursday, beautiful friends!

Fashion is the clothing and style is what we do with the clothing. It can certainly be challenging to discover and develop our unique style, but there is one way, among many, to help narrow down and define our style and that's finding a muse. The best way I'd suggest to discover your muse, or fashion "icon" would be to take to Pinterest. Keep an eye out for individuals who have similar tastes in clothing, body shape, skin-tone, height, etc. I also suggest you create a couple of boards, one that you'd pin all the looks you see and are inspired by and another catered to your fashion muse(s). My main muse is Olivia Palermo (I also love Jessica Alba and Solange Knowles). She's got a love for pattern mixing, bold colors, and '60s and '70s fashion, like myself, so I definitely look to her as a source for some major #outfitinspo, when I don't know what to wear and even when I do, hehe, #loveher! Finding a muse(s) that you relate to will help give you ideas on outfit pairings and help establish your wardrobe capsule because you'll have an idea on what pieces you'd wear frequently, as well as those you may want to add into your wardrobe that speak your style's language. I touched upon this and more in my YouTube video on "How to Make Shopping for Clothes Less Stressful!"

I hope this gave you an idea on getting your creative juices flowing to develop and identify your personal style! Have you discovered your fashion muse? If so, who is it and why?!

Have an amazing day, my beautiful friends, and thanks so much for stopping by!



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