Happy Friday my gorgeous friends!

In case you missed it, yesterday we talked all about the blue striped trend, aka the banker stripes. I shared some of my favorite pieces, as well as explained just how figure flattering they are and why. Well, today is a visual example of how they can be just so flattering. If you're new to The Style Contour (welcome!) I'm 34 weeks pregnant and I'm sure at first glance some of you may have not realized, well at least in some of these shots or perhaps I look smaller. It's all due to the effects of the stripes I can assure you because this mama's belly is HUGE, haha, just see this recent blog post and those side shots. 


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Happy Thursday my friends!

If you've scrolled through Instagram, flipped through at least one magazine, or just walked into a couple of stores, chances are you've seen an array of clothing and accessories in a stripe pattern and not just any stripe, light blue and white stripes, better known as banker stripes. This particular combination is quite different than nautical stripes, which feature a navy blue and white combination. Also, banker stripes aren't horizontal, they're vertical, which are more universally figure flattering and as a result, it takes less effort to style. 


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Happy Hump Day my dear friends!

Yesterday we talked about pink, today is all about red! You know, when I was in high school red was my favorite color, I literally had everything in the color. You know how some are with black, often asking, "does it come in black?" Well, I always asked, "does it come in red?" I loved it. Then I hit college and out went all my red clothing, as my style began to change. Fast forward to now and would you believe that I've only have a few pieces in the vibrant color in my wardrobe?! Yup! That's certainly going to change though as time goes on. I think the reason for my limited selection is that I'm quite picky with the pieces that are in this vibrant color because well, it's vibrant! When I know something has the potential to be eye catching in either color or design, I tend to be very particular. 


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