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Happy Wednesday my gorgeous friends!

When this time of year rolls around, a combination I always think of and put together is red and houndstooth. It's not only a classic duo, but one that can be festive, too! Red has been the color this fall (as discussed in this post) and even more so as we're in the holiday season. It's one that's festive and looks great on everyone. There are a couple ways you can mix up or recreate the combination to ensure a flattering outfit.


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Happy Monday my dear friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are off to a great start to your week so far! Mine was a bit more relaxed than last, since we had our first snow! It wasn't much, so I was quite happy. Don't get me wrong, I love the snow, I just don't like the aftermath of having to navigate the roads. Did it snow where you live?


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Happy Friday my gorgeous friends!

I hope you all had a great week and are ready for the weekend! These past few seasons, the trends have been so good. What I've loved about most of them is that they've been bold in their colors and details, yet so practical for the every day woman like you and me to embrace. Many of them allow for us to wear them at work or on a more casual day, justifying each addition to the wardrobe. Or so I've been telling myself, haha. 


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