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Happy Thursday my gorgeous friends!

As I'm typing this, we're bracing ourselves for a supposedly major snowstorm set to hit the northeast and our furnace blew conveniently. Luckily we have a fire place, send all the positive (and cozy) vibes our way. 

Anyway, you all know how much I love my outerwear. From fur coats to leather jackets and vest, I'm all for them. Why? They're not only practically in keeping you warm, but can make an entire outfit. In fact, during the winter, it can be an entire outfit, since we're so bundled up that not many get to witness the great amount of (stylish) effort we've put into what's underneath. That said, when there's an outerwear trend, my ears and eyes perk up. This winter, it's all about the puffer coat. It's a bit nostalgic for me having grown up in the '90s and owning so many different colors and styles. I'm glad they've made a comeback and though some of the colors and finishes (hello, metallic!) are very reminiscent, there are some more contemporary styles that have been added, such as velvet and the teddy fabrics, can you say ultra cozy!?

Now, the question at hand is, is it flattering on all body shapes? My answer is yes, if you know what to look for. I personally love puffers done in cropped bold colors, but this may not be the best option for some when it comes to creating a flattering look. It's bad enough that we have no choice but to bulk about when it's cold, we want it to be less bulk, but not comprise on the warm factor; I get it.

In that case, I'd suggest if you're an apple shape, who has a larger bust and mid-section, to opt for styles that are a bit longer, that rest along the hips and that have smaller lines, even better when you can find one in a chevron pattern, as it narrows in at the center. If you're bottom curvy (pear & hourglass), I'd suggest avoiding styles that rest at the hips, as it can make them appear that much more wider with the added fabric. You can go for cropped styles or those that hit above the hip bone. Though this particular style may not always be practical, depending on how cold it is, it's one that's more flattering, so you can decide if it'll fit the climate in your area. They're also great options for those who wish to create the illusion of curves, too, since they draw an emphasis to the waistline (rectangular shapes). 

I hope you found this post helpful in knowing if this trend and style would be an ideal fit for you, both figuratively and literally ;) Are there any specific trends you're loving this winter season? Do share in the comments! 

Thanks so much for stopping by, my beautiful friends, and I hope you're having a great day!



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