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Happy Monday, my gorgeous friends!

Anyway, I'll be sharing some outfit inspirations this week to hopefully give you some ideas on what you can wear for your gathering(s). Today's look is definitely more suitable for a dressier setting. I personally think that a fedora and faux fur coat duo is the epitome of winter chic. The two can be a bit over the top when worn together, but this IS the season of over the top, so go for it, girlie! You'll most likely remove the hat anyway when you're indoors, but at least you can make a grand, fashionable entrance, while keeping your head warm ;)


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Happy Friday, friends!

Yesterday was 22° degrees, but felt like 11°! So it seems as though winter is here, which makes a warm coat an absolute necessity. Last week, I shared some tips on creating different looks with one coat, assuming you already own one your happy with and that's sit functional. If, however, you're in the market for a new coat, there are a number of things to consider when shopping for one to ensure it's warm, practical, and flattering; today we'll be briefly discussing the latter. 


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Happy Wednesday, my friends!

I love distressed jeans, particularly the ones I'm wearing here, they're definitely one of my most worn pair and the style that has the most distressing (is that even a word?) in my denim collection. I know this style, distressed knees, is quite popular and the thought of not being able to wear them can come to mind as the temps continue to plummet. I'm here to showcase how they can be worn all winter long and with the number one technique we all use come fall and winter and that, my friends, is layering! 



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