Happy Humpday, friends!

As I've mentioned, I'll be hosting Thanksgiving at my place this year, which means I'll most likely be wearing a cute oversized sweater and leggings because it's cute, comfy, and practical for the chef, haha. But, if you'll be visiting someone's home for the holiday, you of course want to be a little more dressed up. I've been to family member's houses for the occasion and one thing I've learned is that it's imperative to wear clothing  that's both stylish and comfortable. 

The easiest thing to wear and style would be a dress and one that's oversized or more of a shirtdress style is best because it'll help prevent attention being focused in on your food baby. Girl, if you ain't hungry, I'll gladly take your plate, okaaay! haha


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Happy Monday, my sweet friends!

I'm sporting my favorite color this season, burgundy. I'm sure you haven't seen it enough here, huh!? Lol. I love the way black and burgundy look paired together, I feel it gives off a chic and somewhat glamorous feel, especially when there's a bit of gold thrown into the mix, like I did with this gold waist belt. Most of the time, I like adding a waist belt to my faux fur vests, unless I'm going for an extremely casual outfit, like the one I wore last month (check it out here). 


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Happy Friday, friends!

I decided to pair the orange dress with a pair of burgundy ankle boots and a matching purse. You may have noticed that I often match my shoes and purse. Not only is this a classic styling method, but it really helps to add a cohesive element to your outfit, making it appear thought out and polished. I love the way the this shade of orange looks paired with burgundy; I feel it's perfect for this time of year! 


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