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Hey gorgeous girlies! 

One of my fall must have layering pieces is a faux fur vest or as my UK babes call it, a gilet! Since I'm from the States, I love when I interact with all of you outside the U.S. and learn the different names you have for clothing. I've learnt for example, whenever I got to the UK, not to compliment someone on their pants, instead they're trousers, otherwise they may give me a look and think you pervert you, haha! Though I'm sure they'd know what I'm talking about, right?


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Happy Hump Day friends!

How's your week going so far? 

Today I'm demonstrating what I mentioned in the Make Your Monochrome Outfit Come to Life This Fall with Velvet post. If you remember, I stated that velvet (a huge trend this season) is a great way to add texture to a look, specifically a monochrome pairing, while still flattering your curves. 


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Hey my gorgeous friends!

Many, if not most of us, know that serenity blue was named one of this year's colors of the year by Pantone and because of that, we've seen such a huge influx of clothing and accessories appear everywhere in the color. If you're one who is either into trendy fashion or just happen to love blue in its many shades, then chances are you've added a piece (or two) in the color to your wardrobe at some point...


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