Hey my gorgeous friends!

Many, if not most of us, know that serenity blue was named one of this year's colors of the year by Pantone and because of that, we've seen such a huge influx of clothing and accessories appear everywhere in the color. If you're one who is either into trendy fashion or just happen to love blue in its many shades, then chances are you've added a piece (or two) in the color to your wardrobe at some point. 

Since the color of the year isn't announced until January, we don't have much inspiration shown for just how to style pieces in the acclaimed color for fall because it's announced afterwards. We've seen plenty of inspiration, I'm sure, on how to wear and style the color for winter and spring, which is pretty easy given it's a light blue shade, so it's very springy and can transition easily into summer, but what about fall? How can we get the most wear out of our favorite pieces in this shade this quickly approaching season? 

Well, hopefully, after leaving the blog, you'll have a few ideas for how you can wear your beloved piece this season.

Now, you'll notice that I've created looks centered around a blue leather jacket and that's because it's kind of giving you an idea for how I'll be wearing one that I have that's quite similar. If you don't happen to have a jacket, feel free to use this as a general color pairing guide, even if it's a purse or pair of shoes you'd be working with. The point is to help give you ideas on how you can continue to wear your pieces in this color throughout the season! 










What are your thoughts on the looks I've created? Let me know which one(s) is most reflective of your style or what you'd love to wear, which I hope you do! Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope your day is as amazing as YOU!



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