Happy Thursday lovelies!

We're continuing our discussion on fall fashion this week in discussing boots that every woman must own. As we begin to take advantage of the sales happening right now, many of us are taking inventory of our wardrobes, filling in the gaps with what we need and let's face it...want as well ;) If you've asked yourself, "what boots do I need?" hopefully this post will serve as a guide. Here are the 5 boot styles I believe are essential....


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Happy Tuesday ladies!

Even though we're still very much amidst the social (and let us not forget mental!) affects of Covid-19, we should need to remain optimistic in all areas of our lives, which includes remaining excited about getting up and getting dressed. Regardless of what's going on around us, it's nice to mentally and physically escape into the realm of styling and creativity and this very much includes pulling inspiration from what's trending. Yes, trends are still happening, haha! 


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Happy Friday everyone! 

I've been doing quite a bit of online shopping lately. Even though my birthday isn't until the end of September, I typically do some shopping leading up to it because this is the time when there's a lot of really good sales going on. I purchased way more than I typically do this time around though and my reason is I had two pregnancies nearly back to back, so I'm in dire need of some new (non-maternity) pieces. Reason enough to shop, right?! Ha! 


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