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Today's post is a continuation of the color pairing series and the color we're working with is yellow! I have to be honest, in the past, there were times I kind of stood clear of yellow because I just didn't think it went well with much. I think the main reason I felt this way was because only one shade or tone of yellow was coming to my mind and that was canary yellow. Now, I've opened my mind to the various shades, which are very pretty, and that will also include canary yellow, haha. Also, it's important to remember that when we're creating these color combinations, we don't have to just focus on two colors, one of which would be yellow and the other. We should certainly consider working with patterns and various pieces that have yellow; it doesn't necessarily have to be a top or bottom, which you'll notice in the sets I've created. You could most definitely opt for a coat, blazer, cardigan, pair of shoes, or accessories to add the touch of yellow to your look. 

I hope this post opens your mind to the various color combinations that can be achieved when working with yellow as the starter! Especially if you are like I was and just couldn't stand the color! 



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