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PLAID SHIRT: Marshalls // TUNIC: Marshalls // LEGGINGS: Victoria's Secret // BOOTS: Michael Kors (Marshalls) // 1st NECKLACE: c/o Athra Luxe 2nd NECKLACE: Gorjana (c/o Reward Style) // BEADED BRACELETS: c/o Satya 


Hey Girlies!

Can you believe it's snowing, once again, here in the Northeast?! I'm so sick of it by now! This time, there isn't too much accumulating, but with the low temperatures, the ice is freezing, causing the roads to be extremely dangerous. For the very first winter, I'm just wishing for spring to come fast. I'm usually one of those people who loves to get the most out of every season, but this is ridiculous already, lol! Anyway, Eddie and I stayed over Saturday night with my mom and had an amazing time, as we always do. We ate great food, walked around, and just lounged. This is the outfit that I wore yesterday. It's very casual, yet interesting at the same time. I love wearing flannel and leggings together, but of course with a longer top underneath. I'm one of the those people who feels that leggings aren't pants, unless it's a leather like material. I decided to knot the shirt to enhance the laid back feel, yet add some interest to the look. It also places attention to the midsection, something I'd suggest doing if you're rectangular; it'll look fantastic on you, you'll definitely notice a difference. 

I'm thinking of doing a video soon on some basic things we can do to our outfits to make them look more polished or interesting. I'd show one side without using the method and the other side with it, so you can see the difference it makes. Let me know if that sounds interesting to you! 

Thanks so much for stopping by and check back tomorrow for the continuation of the color pairing series, the next color up is yellow!


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