Happy Thursday my lovely friends!

Today's post is on a piece that's perfect for light layering for those chilly spring and summer nights or for times you want to add a little extra coverage to your outfit, i.e. you're wearing a shorter dress, skirt, or shorts and don't feel comfortable exposing much in the back. What I love about kimonos is that everyBODY can wear them, they're so versatile and are flattering for every body shape and height.

Yes, even if you're petite, you can still wear them. Kimonos come in various lengths, so to prevent you from appearing much shorter than you are, you can always opt for styles that hit around the upper to mid thigh. If you have a larger bust or midsection, belting your kimono is a great way to add a flattering effect, as it will re-establish your waistline and conceal a food baby ;) Speaking of babies, they're uber flattering on fellow expecting mamas like myself, too! 

You can also reach for a kimono to add some additional details or wow factors to your outfit. As mentioned in the set above, satin creates some nice dimension as it has a fluid look to it, especially when moving, plus it adds a touch of luxurious vibes! If you wish to add some texture, you can opt for styles that have some embroidered details, like this one I'm loving. 

Lastly, not only do kimonos flatter everyBODY and height, but they also work well with every style aesthetic there is. Of course there are some minor things to consider, such as patterns and colors, but there's truly a style to meet every preference and you can always great a bit of a juxtaposed look to create your signature style. 

So, what are YOUR thoughts on kimonos, are you loving them?! Are there any faves in the set above? I'm personally swooning over 2, 3, 7, and 8 the most! Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends; I can't wait to see you all back here again tomorrow!



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