Hi all my gorgeous friends!

I hope you're all enjoying the first week of the new year so far! We've been talking a lot about winter fashion around here, mostly about coats and the various ways we can up our game (see here & here).

Today, we'll be discussing what's under those coats, our actual outfit. Though I'm all for having a coat serving as part of an outfit (it can really tie a whole look together while keeping warm).

When it's cold, many of us find it hard to skip out of bed at the first sound of our alarm, am I right or am I right!? This often leaves us with little time to do all that needs to get done in the morning, which includes putting together that perfect stylish, yet warm and cozy outfit. It's definitely best to prep your outfit the night before, but if for whatever reason you aren't able to, an easy no fuss outfit that will always look stylish is one that's monochrome (wearing an outfit entirely or mostly comprised of one color, including various shades or hues of the same color). You will look fashionable and put together even though you didn't have much time to put yourself together ;) 

Plus, it makes us appear taller and leaner, too! 

Monochrome can certainly be worn all year long, but I feel it's most fun and exciting when done during the fall and winter months because we're able to play around with more textures and layers, which brings the outfit to life. However, we do want to be mindful that if we fail at mixing up hues, textures, and/or skip layering, the outfit can appear one dimensional or flat. 

A great way to avoid a boring outfit, even when incorporating a bold color, is to add a chunky knit to a pair of leather pants or ripped jeans. By creating a contrast on the top and bottom, you're essentially dividing and distinguishing your body shape, which would otherwise get lost and overwhelmed when wearing one color entirely. Other great options include: fur, fringe, velvet, sequins, and metallics (THINK silver metallic pumps with an all grey outfit or rose gold with various shades of pink!). 

I have a deep appreciation for color, so I just can't help myself and often have to add in some sort of color to the mix, while keeping the majority or my my main pieces the same shade; what can I say! 

^This last look is one I wore this past summer and the top is actually a dress tucked into the trousers! Don't limit your options, if you have a fitted or shift style sweater dress, simply tuck it into a pair of pants to have it serve as a knit ;)


I hope this post gave you some ideas for putting some easy, no fuss outfits together on those busier winter mornings, as well as ways you can play around with monochrome! It really is such a figure flattering strategy, that looks great on everyone, when done right! Thanks so much for stopping by, my dear friends, and I hope you're having a wonderful week so far!



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