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Bodysuit: c/o Les Lunes (similar style hereSkirt: Sans Souci from Marshalls (similar style on sale here) | Clutch: Steve Madden from Marshalls (similar style here) | Shoes: Missguided (on sale here) and (similar style on sale here

Happy Hump Day ladies,

As many of you know, especially if you follow me on Instagram, I love nature! I love to be surrounded by all sorts of flowers and plants, so I do tend to gravitate a lot towards floral prints. I didn't realize how many florals I had until recently and this skirt is by far my favorite because it features roses and has a very Dolce & Gabbana feel to it. The rose is often tied to romance and love and because of that, it would be perfect for a date night. I decided to pair it with this cut out body suit because it also has a bit of feminine touch and because it's black, it allows for the red roses to truly pop. As for the shoes, I decided to wear my summer favorite at the moment, these green iridescent pair. They helped to pull out the green stems on the skirt a bit more. To finish off the look, I decided to ditch the basic black clutch and wear this red hot piece that has a bit of spikes. I feel it accurately depicts nature, a rose among thorns.  It also tells the story of love that even though it can be beautiful to be in love, it can also be a little painful (not necessarily in a bad way). In a way that love challenges us to be less self-centered and more on the other person's needs and support their passions as much as ours, which in the beginning can be a bit painful to our nature. 

As this look pertains to body shapes, I feel it would work for all shapes and heights. The reason is that the body suit is black, yet has enough detail to balance out the attention of the skirt, which is high waisted and can conceal a larger midsection. It can also emphasize or create attention to the waistline. Plus, it makes the legs appear longer. 

I hope you loved the look and perhaps it gave you an idea on what to wear if you have a date lined up this weekend. If not the print, at least consider the color pairing, red and black are timeless and ultra feminine and chic ;)



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