Hey Beauties,

I'm sure many of you saw the gorgeous pieces that graced the Dior runway for the Dior Couture show yesterday. My Instagram feed was flooded with such gorgeous shots of colorful and statement pieces, which had me swooning! I'm such a huge fan of Dior, their pieces are always so beautiful and are a perfect balance of classy-chic and modern. To celebrate the success of their show and because Dior has been on my mind more than usual as a result, haha, I put together a collage of my favorite Dior purses at the moment (I adore their bags). I have yet to add a Dior purse to my collection, but I'm certainly planning on it and as indecisive as I am, I have a lot to choose from! 

What did you all think of the show and the pieces showcased? How about that awesome splatter paint glass room the show took place in?! So whimsical! 

As always, thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow for another post :)



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