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Hey Babes,

If you're a subscriber to my YouTube channel, then you most likely watched my video "How to Select the Right Nude Shoe for Your Skin Tone: The Perfect Match." In the video, I explained and demonstrated that there are more than one shade of nude, as it pertained to shoes. I felt the need to address this topic because often times when nude is mentioned, it's often in a lighter shade, leaving women of color wondering what their options are, if any. Well, this morning I came across an article on Who What Wear that discussed a new lingerie and underwear line, Nubian Skin. The line was created last year by Ade Hassan based in the U.K. In such a short time, the brand exploded in popularity by women of color feeling as though their prayers were finally answered on this issue. I mean, there is more than one "nude" shade and many underwear brands have not considered this. Word spread to the women of color in the U.S, where they've waited up to three weeks for their orders! Here's some good news ladies, the brand has now been officially introduced to the U.S. and has hit Nordstrom shelves (can be found here)! Although the entire collection is not currently sold at Nordstrom, there is definitely talks of expanding the product line. 

I'm so glad to see that someone saw a need and took action in this area because every woman of size and color should have options and many for that matter! 

SHOP NUBIAN SKIN (if you are a Nordstrom card holder, you get early access to the pre-sale today!)

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