Summer is quickly approaching, woohoo! That means we'll be spending plenty of time having fun in the sun and in doing so we must make sure we're protecting our eyes and skin from the harmful UVA & UVB rays. While sunscreen is great and is certainly a must, wearing sunglasses are also important. It's a normal reaction for us to squint when it's bright outside and it can lead to the development of "crows feet" or wrinkles around the eyes. So let's be sure to protect our vision and skin with some of the most stylish selection of sunglasses. The more we like them, the more likely we are to wear them! 

I strongly suggest investing in a good pair because they'll last a lot longer than the much cheaper versions. You can still purchase a cute pair from Forever 21, but make sure to at least have one pair that are of amazing quality so that you can wear and have them for years to come. My first pair of investment sunglasses are by Salvatore Ferragamo and they've held up for 4 years so far and they've been everywhere with me (I wear them practically everyday). Plus, I feel that if you invest and spend a bit more, you'll be less likely to keep them in the case on your desk and more on your face where they belong! 

Here are some of my personal favorites for summer according to the different face shapes. I hope this will make the process for selecting that perfect pair that much easier! Also, if you haven't watched my YouTube video on selecting the best sunglasses for your face shape, I strongly suggest you do! I give an explanation as to why I selected the frames I did in this set for your face shape, check it out here!

Cheers to looking fab with NO wrinkles! 

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