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Shirt (so comfy!): RDI (Nordstrom Rack// Pants: New York & Company // Sunglasses: Christian Dior (Saks 5th Avenue// Loafers: Sperry's (TjMaxxPurse: Marc Jacobs (Nordstrom Rack// Bracelet: Alexis Bitar (TjMaxx)

Growing up, I never was fond of the color green. In fact, I hated it! Anytime the teachers were giving anything out to the class, I would avoid the color and would get so upset, to say the least, if I was stuck with it. Fast forward some years later and the color has really grown on me. I actually feel very happy and inspired when wearing it. Perhaps it's because I love the outdoors so much and wearing it makes me feel how nature makes me feel, happy! One of my favorite colors to pair it with during the spring is pink, actually bubblegum pink is my favorite shade to mix it with. I just feel that it's very springy and fun. To add some spice to the look, I added these Sperry loafers that have a leopard accent; a print I absolutely love with the color.

When it comes to body shapes, I feel that every shape would look great wearing the exact look I'm wearing. You could of course mix up the color arrangement, in case you don't have the exact pieces. Below are some options I created for your shape, I hope you like! 

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