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A few months ago, one of my followers requested that I do something on matching colors. She mentioned how she sometimes struggled when creating outfits because she wasn't sure as to what colors worked best together. I thought this would be a great idea, but wasn't quite sure as to how I would present it. I mean, there are so many colors out there and so I knew that I would need to create a series that would include at least the main colors we're all familiar with, remember ROYGBIV from science class in elementary school? Well, I still use this acronym to help remind myself of all the colors in the rainbow, thanks Mrs. Mitchell! So, I will be starting a series on the blog that will discuss the different colors that work best together and I'll provide visual pairing examples. I felt it would be easier to present this information in the form of a blog post, because I feel it's just easier. However, in the future, I may just provide this information in the form of a video, we'll have to wait and see! But for now, let's start the series off with the first in the rainbow and that's the color red.  

One thing that's very important to know before we begin discussing pairing possibilities, is that there are various shades, tints, and hues of red; you will see examples of those in some of the outfit sets I've created. 



Neutrals have a tendency to go with everything because they're rather bland on their own, but when combined with other colors, can truly act as enhancer to the color featured, in this case red. Creating a pairing that features the combination of red and a neutral, would be a great option if you want your red piece to truly stand out. 



These colors tend to be synonymous with the summer and sun, typically orange and yellow. I created two looks for each color group, both of which have different tones. The first look in the set to the left, features a warmer hue of red, which is burgundy, as well as the terracotta, a deeper hue for the color orange. I featured the same method for the yellow pairing, in which I included a true yellow and a deeper hue of the color, mustard yellow. This will hopefully broaden your creative mindset when it comes to selecting these colors to create a look. You don't necessarily need to work with the true color, you can work with various shades of the color, which sometimes blend better with colors you wouldn't typically think would. 



These colors tend to exude the opposite of warmer colors; they tend to denote winter and the colors associated with the season, or those of aquatic sceneries. 



Monochrome is simply the use of the same or similar shades of the same color. As many of you know, pink is a hue of red. Pink is not a color of it's own. Therefore, it's safe to pair it with a true red or various shades of red and pink.



I hope you all found this post helpful and that it gave you some pairing ideas when working with the color red. The next color in the series will be orange, so stay tuned for that one, it ought to be fun!

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