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Happy Tuesday!

Today is a bit gloomy, the sun is trying to peak through, but those stubborn clouds keep getting in the way! It's been a bit milder, which I greatly appreciate, since we were experiencing such an intense heat wave, which claimed some lives, unfortunately. A reminder of how fragile our lives really are, here for one moment and gone another, so enjoy it while you have the breathe in you, live with no regrets, just lessons learned :)

As for my outfit, since it's a bit cloudy, I decided to brighten things up a bit, with pops of color, as you all know I love! I've noticed that white and neons truly bring out my tan, so I suggest you try out those colors more often this season, to get the most out of your tan! I am planning on doing a video on styling/wearing neons and bright colors, so keep an eye out for that! I decided to wear a plain white tank because I wanted the colored pants and accessories to pop and not be lost with the combination of even more color. These pants tend to make me look much skinnier than I actually am, so I appreciate in this case, the button detailing around the hip area, which brings focus to my curves, so I don't get lost in them! You often hear me talking about minimizing certain areas of the body, to create visual balance, but in some cases, depending on the fabric and fit of the clothing, you may want to maintain the focus in certain areas.

If you notice, I have a life theme within my look, which I didn't even notice until after I put the look together. My necklace has a star fish with some beads that represent coral reefs and my bracelet has floral and animal figurines. It's so true that what we love and what's in our minds ends up coming out of us somehow, either by our words, actions, or simply by the way we dress. I love life and everything it represents in nature. I love sitting in the park and beach, observing the animals and people in my surroundings. There is such a tranquility about those surroundings that keep me at ease and remind me how life is truly a gift to be cherished. I'm sure many of you have noticed that lately more and more people are dying and experiencing tragedy, from plane and train crashes to shootings and stabbings. What I'm trying to say is, I want you to cherish your life. Don't focus on what others may think of you, I got news for you, people often develop their thoughts about you without even speaking to you, so don't sweat it. Focus on pursuing what makes you happy and not on perfecting the goals of someone else...don't let life pass you by, beauties...


TANK: Forever 21

PANTS: Forever 21

NECKLACE: Charming Charlie

EARRINGS: Charming Charlie

RINGS: Gifted (orange) & Charming Charlie (green)

BRACELET: Lucky Brand

SANDALS: Snakeskin sandals from Marshall's 



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