Posted by Jalisa on Jul 24, 2013

Hello all my hard working women!

This week we will be discussing printed blazers. Depending on your work environment and position, you may be able to experiment with fun and interesting pieces. That being said, you want to balance out the piece that you choose to use as your focal point, with neutral pieces. The office is generally not the place to experiment with most trends, unless you work in a very causal and creative setting. However, there are ways that you can incorporate your love for fashion into your work attire. What I love about this look, is even though the blazer is printed and has a pop of color, the rest of the look features neutral elements, which helps the entire look appear polished and wearable for the office. The satin finish to the collar area maintains that dressy feel. I chose this dress, since it is a fit and flare style, which compliments every body shape, but the flare isn't at all intense, which would otherwise make you appear childish at the office. You want to be careful with those types of dresses, especially if you have your eyes set on a promotion! You want to always appear polished and put together and sometimes the way our clothing fits, can exude a different unwanted vibe to those who matter most in our work environment. If you are in a higher position and are able to wear a printed blazer, like the one shown below, this will demonstrate to your employees or team that you mean business, but you're still approachable, which of course is very important. You want your employees and staff to feel as though they can approach you with important questions and or concerns.

As for jewelry, I wanted to keep it minimal, since the blazer is printed, so I decided to choose turquoise stud earrings, since they tie into the blazer, which will bring out the color a bit more. I wouldn't suggest chunky bracelets because it'll be too much going on for your upper body, so you can keep it basic with a nice thin watch, or leave your wrists bare.

It's amazing that the way we dress can say a lot about us to others. You always want to somehow tie in a piece that is interesting and a conversation starter, it breaks tension and permits for a more relaxed environment, surprisingly. But, again, I will stress the importance of balance, because if you go over board, it can falsely demonstrate that you don't take your position seriously and are a bit too approachable. You always want to maintain that professional boundary with your employees and staff :)



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