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Happy Saturday loves!

What a busy week it's been and I'm so glad that it has finally come to an end! For me, the best way to end a long week, is with my husband on our date night. This is when we finally have the chance to chat about our week in detail and laugh about the things that weren't all that funny at the time! 

This week, we decided to try an Incan restaurant since we've never been to one. We had something different in mind though, the restaurant featured more Peruvian style food, which makes sense, since the country does have a strong Inca influence. However, I would have liked to see dishes from other Incan influenced countries offered as well. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed our food and time together. As for my outfit, since I knew we were going to an Incan restaurant, I thought this top from Caché worked well with the theme. The color combination, pattern, and overall design of the top gave off a very Incan/Mayan vibe.

A REAL cow! I don't really know I feel about it though, lol!

Traditional Incan articles

APPETIZERS: spinach and chicken empanadas



TOP: Caché

JEANS: Local boutique

NECKLACE: Charming Charlie

SHOES: Nine West Garisono shoes (Nine West Outlet)

CLUTCH: Michael Kors (Marshall's)



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