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Hello all my hard working women!

This week's outfit is for all of my women who work in a more casual setting. I understand that not every single one of you work in a formal setting, so I like to of course provide you with outfit pairing ideas as well. What I love about this look is that it's simple, yet trendy at the same time. The green and navy blue color combination, I feel, is great for the very beginning weeks of fall. When paired with cheetah (I'm always calling them leopard print!) print, it adds a bit of interest and contrast in pattern, as well as a fall element. If you don't have cheetah/leopard print shoes (flats or heels) then I'd also suggest brown shoes, since it still ties in with the color. 


PEAR & HOURGLASS: Cropped blazers, like the one I'm wearing, are great for both of these shapes because they don't fall around the hip area, which would cause the eye to stop there at the end of the blazer, but rather where the hip bones are. This brings more attention to your waist area, which is great since these two shapes have a defined waistline. If however you don't have a cropped blazer, one that falls a little higher or longer than the widest part of your hips would also work!

APPLE: I wouldn't suggest you wear cropped blazers, since they cause more attention to be placed on your stomach and bust area, which in your case, may be larger. Not every apple shaped woman has a large stomach, but many have larger busts. You don't want the eye to focus on your larger bust, especially at work, so I'd suggest wearing a blazer that stops around the hip area. This will visually lengthen your torso, which in turn will visually slim your mid section. You will also notice that the blazer I'm wearing is double breasted. I don't suggest you wear those types of blazers, since it can add some volume to your bust, which again, you don't want! 

RECTANGULAR: You can wear either a cropped or longer blazer, it all comes down to what you have and feel comfortable wearing. However, I strongly suggest the cropped, since it will bring more attention to your waistline. I do want to stress the importance of wearing double breasted blazers, like the one I'm wearing, since they have the extra material folded on the bust area, it will cause it to puff out a bit, making it appear that it's because you have a larger bust ;) 


BLAZER: Ann Taylor Loft

PANTS: New York & Company

SHOES: Torry Burch Cheetah Coconut/Gold shoes (Tory Burch Outlet)

PURSE: Michael Kors (Marshall's)




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