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Hello beauties!

This week, Eddie and I came back to Brooklyn and this time my mom and step-daughter accompanied us for date night, since this whole week has been a family vacation. I didn't take photos of the food this time, since we were having so much fun as a family, I figured I'd only post my outfit. After dinner, we headed over to Coney Island on the board walk to watch the fire works. Every Friday night there is a show that lasts about 20 minutes of beautiful fire works. We tried to get some good shots, but the camera was acting up, so we chose the best out of the bunch, which I know is not much, so sorry. 

I purchased this top from Marshall's a couple of months back and have been wanting to where it ever since. When I purchased it, I imagined a look exactly what I wore last night. This look would be perfect for all body shapes, since the blouse is very flowy, which would otherwise bring too much attention to the apple shape because of the print/pattern. I love flowy tops in general because it gives me the option to cinch it at the waist, if I wanted something a bit more fitted. 

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Have a wonderful weekend beauties!


If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw the photo of my luggage bag that had kiss marks, which I didn't even notice matched my top, until my husband mentioned it.


TOP: Marshall's



BRACELETS: BCBG (Marshall's)



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