Hello beautiful ladies!

It has been requested that I do a blog post on how to select the best fitting leather jackets for each of the body shapes. I thought it was a phenomenal idea, since fall is quickly on it's way and leather jackets are a must have fall staple. Now remember, these are only tips for enhancing your shape by minimizing the focus of certain areas to balance out the eye. In the end, it comes down to what you like and feel most confident and comfortable in. 

I will be doing a video on different ways to wear a leather jacket soon, so when you get your new leather jacket or if you're working with one you've had for a while, you'll have some ideas on how to style it to achieve different looks and vibes! 

RECTANGULAR/BOY SHAPE (option 1)- You want to look for a jacket the offers a lot of detailing, everywhere! You don't need to avoid placing too much attention or focus in any particular area of your body, which is why you can go with as much details as you like. What I highly suggest is that you go for a jacket that has a peplum flare, if possible. The reason why I suggest this is because it will create some waist and hip definition, especially if it has a belt, which will cinch you in even more, creating curves. 


PEAR SHAPE (options 2 & 3)- Your main objective is to avoid anything that will fall around the hip area, which will cause the eye to focus on your widest part. Since you have a small and defined waistline, which is noticeably smaller than your hips, cropped leather pieces will draw the eye upwards to the smallest part of your waistline, your greatest asset! Choosing a leather piece that has a vibrant eye catching color will also maintain focus on your upper portion, as shown in option 2. If you are one who doesn't care for the cropped look, then I suggest you go with a jacket that offers some sort of contrast, like the one shown in option 3. The color contrast with the sleeves causes the eye to focus on the color-block combination. As you will notice, this jacket also has a pocket place on the smallest part of the waist, which again, emphasizes your small waistline. 


APPLE SHAPE (option 4)- Less is more for this body shape. You want to avoid a leather piece that has a lot of zipper and detailing because it will bring too much attention to your upper region and can make your bust and stomach area appear larger. Go for a basic piece that has a belt that can be tied. This will allow you to have the ability to adjust how tight you want the jacket, as opposed to working with belts that have holes where you are confined to inserting them in the amount of holes provided. The belt will also allow you to create a cinched effect which will add some waist and hip definition, which you generally lack. It will also make your stomach appear smaller! So since you won't be going for a piece that has a lot of detailing, try going for a nice rich fall color like the one shown above. 


HOURGLASS (option 5)- Since you are equally proportioned in both your upper and lower regions, you want to create an emphasis in your waist area, which is the eye catching factor that causes the body to appear as an hourglass. Go for a jacket that vertical zippers and/or detailing to bring and maintain focus there. 


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