Posted by Jalisa on Aug 28, 2013

Hello all my hard working women!

As many of you know, emerald was named color of the year and is a huge fall trend this upcoming season. Jewel tones in general have been spotted all over the runways, but I wanted to focus on emerald, since it is the color of the year. I know all you fashionistas love to incorporate your love for fashion and trends in your work wear and I wanted to give you some visuals of pieces you can work with, regardless of your position or work environment. If you are able to work with color, I know many offices or work places require either a uniform or uniform color, you can always choose to accessorize your love for this fall's emerald trend. 

I love emerald because it has a very rich, royal, and sophisticated feel to it and it goes with every skin and hair tone, especially blondes and red heads! If you work in a creative environment or you're just free to wear whatever color pairings you choose, then I suggest pairing this beautiful color with yellow, purple, orange, black, and pink. Remember, you don't have to dive head on into anything you're just getting used to, you can always start off by accessorizing and work your way up to clothing items.



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