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Hello all my hard working ladies!

This week's topic is animal print. I personally think that every woman should own something animal print because they're basic neutrals that offer interest in pattern. I love this skirt, which I purchased a few years ago from Caché, of course on sale ;) Scroll to the bottom to read how I'd suggest you wear this look for YOUR body shape! 

So here's how you can wear it for your body shape:

Pear: I'm a pear shape myself and I was able to pull this look off because I paired it with a cardigan that offered interest on top, so the focus wasn't primarily on my hips and skirt. My cardigan had faux pearls all around the neckline, plus I added a statement necklace to add even more interest, but it wasn't so much that it clashed with the pearls. Also, since the main colors of the outfit are different shades of brown, the cream colored cardigan added a nice contrast, which also re-focuses the eye. 

Apple: For this shape, the only thing that I would change is the statement necklace. The reason is because you don't want to add too much attention to your upper body, since you most likely have a larger bust and the detailing would be more around the bust area, which would cause the eye to focus there. In this case, you want the main focus to be the skirt to distract from the upper body. 

Rectangular: I would suggest you work with a fitted blazer, so that your shape doesn't get lost in the cardigan. This cardigan has a boxy shape of it's own and something similar to this will only enhance the square shape of your waistline. So you want to go with something that has a cinched in effect, so that it gives the appearance of a more defined waistline. That way, you're bringing focus to both your upper and lower body (the skirt).

Hourglass: You'd be able to wear the outfit as I paired it because there is detailing going on in the upper and lower portions of the body, which will cause the eye to maintain your equally proportioned frame. 



SKIRT: Caché

SHOES: Nine West (Marshall's)

PURSE: Louis Vuitton




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