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Hi Gorgeous Ladies!

I absolutely love wearing leggings and a nice comfy sweater during the fall and winter months. They're simple, yet with the help of the right accessories, can be transformed into a look that is well put together, while maintaining the relaxed feel. I was originally going to pair the sweater and leggings with an animal printed shoe, but I wanted to try a single pop of color that would create a fall vibe. I, once again, was inspired by the leaves changing for this color combination, since we see a ton of red leaves during this time of year, I felt it was a nice and seasonably appropriate color combo, what do you think?

When it comes to sporting a look similar to this one for the various body shapes, I'd suggest going with something that is oversized, yet has some sort of structure, for the apple shape. The reason is because when you work with big chunky sweaters, you can actually appear much larger than what you are, especially if you're very busty! So when I suggest structure, I'm referring to sweaters that have a band on the bottom of the sleeves and bottom hem of the sweaters; this often creates volume and you want that, especially where your hips and tush are, since you're narrow in these areas. I would not suggest this, however, for the pear shape because it adds the unnecessary volume in areas where you already got something goin' on ;) Both the rectangular and hourglass shapes can sport the same or similar type of sweater I'm wearing or the one I suggested for the apple shape, it all comes down to preference in either case. 

Pops of color always work, when styled in universally flattering places, such as the sunnies (face) and/or shoes (bottom), in which I chose red. 


SWEATER: c/o of RD Style

LEGGINGS: c/o of RD Style

SHOES: Nine West's Pandanto shoes in hot cher (OUTLET)

SUNNIES: Salvatore Ferragamo (OUTLET)

PURSE: Tory Burch 



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