Posted by Jalisa on Oct 23, 2013

Hello Ladies!

This week's outfit inspiration for the office is centered around the popular fall color, burgundy. I personally love this color and I never miss a fall season without wearing it! Whether it's on my lips, blouse, shoes, purse, or in this case, dress, I always create a look each fall season with this color. Now for this look, I want to point out that every body shape can wear it. The reason is because we're working with a nice sheath dress, which is extremely versatile in terms of styling and adjusting. The reason why is because they tend to not have a shape of their own, allowing YOU to adjust where you want your focal points, instead of the dress telling you where those focal points must be! In terms of the styling, WE created a great focal point, which is the waistline. I've stressed the importance of establishing and redirecting attention to this area all the time, but repetition does no harm, right?! I will state again, if you are an apple shape, you just want to place the belt a bit higher, that way your stomach won't fold over, especially when you sit down! 

In regards to pairing other colors with burgundy, other than black (technically not a color!), I'd suggest you try grey, darker shades of emerald, and royal purples. Mixing up your color combinations will help you create more looks with a single burgundy piece, making it appear new each time you wear it! But when it comes to tights, I'd suggest you stick with black opaque or a pair of black that has some subtle designs, which are more appropriate for the office.


I'll see you guys next week for another W3 post! In the meantime, don't forget to stop by tomorrow of an everyday outfit inspiration!




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