Hello Loves!

It's finally Friday! I honestly cannot believe how time is flying by. I mean it's already the end of October and before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here. Is anyone else feeling this way or am I the only one?! I'm sure you'd agree!

I don't generally post anything on Fridays, since I post my date night outfit and dinner pics on Saturday, as a re-cap, but since I wasn't able to post the video I worked so hard on last weekend on Monday, I figured that I'd make up for the day lost. So the topic for today is the oh so versatile white tee. What I love about this piece is it's ability to be worn with so many different pieces and with so many different looks, making it a wardrobe essential. Basic pieces are essential because they allow you to play up your look in various ways, specifically for fall, with leather jackets/vests, printed leggings, skirts and shorts paired with tights, and so much more! It's like having a bare canvas and a ton of colors to paint with to create your own masterpiece! And of course, it's flattering for all the body shapes, which is great because then it allows you to play up with different pieces in your look to enhance the areas needed to balance out your shape!

I created these three looks in hopes of inspiring you to play around with some pieces you may already have in your closet for a night out this weekend. I hope you like them!

Don't forget to check back tomorrow to see photos from tonight's date!  



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