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Hello Loves,

I hope you're all having an amazing start to your week! I'm back from Florida and New York has given me a warm welcome home with some amazing weather, so I can't complain, as the transition was easy. Anyway, I receive a lot of feedback, mainly on my videos, from ladies that have wider hips and feel that some of the suggestions for bottoms I make can't apply to them. If you're one of those who've left a comment like, "great tips, but won't work for me..." then you'll most likely remember me telling you that one strategy to help balance out the shoulders and upper body with your wider hips are wide necked tops, like a boatneck for example. I felt it would be a great idea to post some of my top picks that I'm loving this season to help your shopping experience that much easier! Feel free to let me know if there are any other examples you'd like for me to provide in a post. In the meantime, I hope you like my selection! 

PS: These tops will not make your hips disappear, they will help add to and enhance your natural curves ;)

Thanks for stopping by!



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