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Hello fabulous darlings!

Last night, Eddie and I went to an amazing Portuguese restaurant. It was our first time and honestly, it won't be our last! The food was superb! First, they start off as many restaurants do, with bread. But, their bread is grilled with olive oil drizzled on top, so that it soaks into the bread, making it absolutely delicious! For appetizers, we had a sampler, which they call T.O.P. It contained 2 empanadas stuffed with chicken (best empanadas I EVER had, including my own!), chorizo, and 2 potato fritters. We also had the portobello mushroom topped with cheese and shrimp. For entree, we both had the cod fish frittata, which was sooo yummy, but extremely filling, so I had the left overs for breakfast this morning. Lastly, for dessert, we had the chocolate mousse, which had two different types of chocolates, perfect for two, as well as cappuccinos! Overall, it was a wonderful experience and we will definitely recommend this restaurant if you're ever in the Connecticut or Greenwich area. 

Now, on to what I wore. To be honest with you, although I'm a fashion blogger, I to run into road blocks on what to wear. Which I think is absolutely funny because us women will say we have nothing to wear, as we gaze into a closet packed to the max with clothes! Haha, even clothes with tags still on! Well, at first I wasn't quite shore what I was going to wear. But after much gazing into my closet, I decided to go with this beautiful greenish/blue top and pair it with my purple Gucci's. I thought that the color combination would be appropriate for a night out and blended very well together. I opted for a pair of skin's, which are my absolute favorite, to showcase the beautiful white heel. In the end, I was very content with the entire look...after much deliberating, haha :)

The Details:

Express blouse

Epic skinny jeans (my fav)

Gucci belt

Gucci Guccissma Soft Florentia shoes

Ann Taylor Loft clutch 


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