Posted by Jalisa on Jan 20, 2013

Hello all you fab ladies out there!

This video is on what to wear to the gym! I actually was really excited about this video, since the gym is major part of my life and has been for several years now. The reason why I wanted to record this video is because I know that many of you have made New Year's resolutions, which included going to the gym and making fitness a part of your lifestyle and many of you may not know what you should wear when going to the gym, or would even consider what to wear. I strongly feel that you should put effort into your workout attire as you would in going to any other place because it will definitely effect your motivation and consistency in attending the gym and eventually obtaining your work out goals! Although you may feel insecure about what your body looks like, at least if you have a couple of nice outfits, it will help encourage you to continue with your workout regimen. 

I hope you find this video helpful and if you have a YouTube account and enjoy my videos, then definitely subscribe to my channel (click on the link on the tab section of this site). If you don't, feel free to comment here on what you think and if you found the video helpful/insightful!




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