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Hello darlings!

It is so incredibly cold here in New York, 24 degrees, and I wanted to show you guys my full outfit without a coat, so I decided to take the pics inside today. The lighting may not be all that great, but please bare with me :)

I purchased this top from Marshall's and when I first saw it, I instantly fell in love with the color and of course the studs. I'm typically a size small, but the small for this top was ruined, so I decided to get the next size up. What I love about flowy button up tops is that you're able to wear a size or two larger than what you typically wear and get away with it. I love how it flows and covers my..ah (rear). It gives a very relaxed feel to the look, while the studs give it a more dressed yet edgy vibe. I absolutely love blending different looks, patterns, and off a more eclectic style, which is how I would define my personal style. So, remember when you're shopping and you come across a button up top and you can't find your size, but they have a size or two larger, don't worry, you can def. get away with wearing the larger size with leggings :)

I chose to pair the top with these spiked shoes because I feel that it enhanced the edginess of the top mixed with the leggings, allowing for the details on both the blouse and shoes to be the star of the look :) I hope you like it!!!










The Details:

Blouse from Marshall's

Express crackle leggings

Steve Madden shoes from Marshall's




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