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Happy Wednesday!

...and on Wednesdays we wear orange! Yes, orange! I haven't heard many express their love for this color and I can somewhat understand why. I wouldn't necessarily say it's my favorite, but I do love to wear it in the summer. It's fun, energetic and vibrant. It doesn't get much summer than that! This is a time to step outside of our style comfort zones because it's a season that's more relaxed and whimsical, so fashion isn't taken too seriously. So why don't a lot of people wear? is the question I ask.


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Happy Tuesday ladies!

Even though we're still very much amidst the social (and let us not forget mental!) affects of Covid-19, we should need to remain optimistic in all areas of our lives, which includes remaining excited about getting up and getting dressed. Regardless of what's going on around us, it's nice to mentally and physically escape into the realm of styling and creativity and this very much includes pulling inspiration from what's trending. Yes, trends are still happening, haha! 


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Happy Monday my beautiful friends!

We are well into August, which is known to be the hottest month of the year and it's been really holding up to its reputation lately. If you've been taking advantage of restaurants opening up to enjoy a bit of normalcy (with masks in tow of course!) perhaps you simply enjoy getting dressed up for walks or to boost your mood staying inside, then a detail/fabric I urge you to consider wearing is eyelet. It's perfect for keeping comfortable and stylish with a feminine flare, making it a suitable option on days when it's especially hot and you just don't know what to wear! I've been there. I believe we've all been there! 


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